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V 2-5 Journey to Maitreya Buddha’s Inner Court; Attendance to the Grand Dharma Convention

Disclaimer: My translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

问:2019 年 1 月 18 日,中午在共修会礼拜完毕坐下 诵经时,关平菩萨传意念嘱咐弟子把 12月魂游弥勒内院, 在天上灵山法会聆听佛陀法音的殊胜情境写出来。


On the 18th of January 2019, I was at the Guan Yin Temple praying to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the afternoon. When I finished doing so and started to recite sutras, I received Guanping Bodhisattva’s thought message telling me to write out the wondrous experiences of my trip to Maitreya Buddha’s Inner Court and the Grand Dharma Convention.

弟子乘坐在金龙身上,龙须随风飘动,龙身鳞片金 光闪闪。金龙带着弟子一时隐没在云层里,一时旋转着 飞舞,弟子坐在龙身上竟然不会感觉晕眩,只觉身心轻 安,妙不可言。一道天门竖立在眼前,匾额上写着“弥 勒院”三个字。穿过天门后是一座又一座古色古香的庙 宇建筑群。金龙带着弟子极速飞过弥勒前院(天上弥勒道场占地辽阔),后院有一个天门是连接六道天外的通 道。穿过后院天门后,远处一座巨大的群山山峰出现(须弥山),金龙顺着山峰盘旋而飞,速度非常快。不时有身形高大的天人、天女、尊者在我身边快速掠过。天上 天人形象各异,有身着金色盔甲、威武肃穆的护法天神, 及体态轻盈、轻纱飘飘的天女。

I rode on the back of a golden dragon, as it flew in the sky. Its scales were shiny gold. One moment, we were hidden among the sea of clouds, then in another moment, we were dancing above it. Throughout the trip, I didn’t feel dizzy at all. Instead, I felt a great sense of inner peace; it was a wonderful feeling that can’t be described with words. A great Heavenly Gate gradually appeared from a distance. Outside the gates was a plaque with the words ‘Court of Maitreya Buddha’ etched into it. After we went through it, we reached an area with many beautiful pagodas built around it. The golden dragon flew quickly passed buildings after buildings inside Maitreya Buddha’s court (Maitreya Buddha’s Wayplace in Heaven covers a vast area) towards another Heavenly Gate at the back. It was a portal that connects with a realm beyond the six realms. After we went past the back Heavenly Gate, a tall and majestic mountain was in view (Mount Sumeru). The golden dragon started to accelerate towards the mountain peak. Occasionally, celestial beings would fly passed us. The celestial beings have varied forms. The males look very strong and they wore a suit of golden armour while the females look light and dainty.

不久,金龙带着弟子飞到高山中一座石台平地上降落。各界的天人、天女都聚集在这里聆听佛陀法音。从宇宙虚空不远处传来阵阵美妙音声,金色凤凰及金龙从 西方极乐世界飞舞前来灵山助缘护持法会,口中一遍又 一遍吟唱着“请诸天圣众迎接,佛陀及尊者抵达灵山”。 金龙身后,佛陀及座下尊者脚踏莲花从宇宙虚空入口处 出现在平地上方。曼陀罗花雨飘洒在空中,前来参与法会的诸天欢喜迎接佛陀及诸位尊者,弟子跟随诸天圣众 礼拜佛陀及西方极乐世界尊者。

Not long after, the golden dragon took me to a landing area high in the mountains. Celestial beings from other Heavenly Realms congregated together there to listen to Gautama Buddha’s words of enlightenment. Then a wondrous voice started to resonate across space, golden phoenixes and golden dragons flew from the direction of the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss towards the Grand Dharma convention to offer support. When they arrived, they declared, “All Heavenly esteemed guests, His Holiness, Gautama Buddha is about to arrive, please welcome him.” Then at a short distance behind the golden dragon, Gautama Buddha appeared. He was standing on top of his Divine lotus and went passed the entrance and appeared above a large plain amidst the mountain. Datura petals drifted across the sky. Many celestials attended the Dharma convention and welcomed Gautama Buddha and other Honourable sages with joy. I followed the Heavenly esteemed guests and paid my respects to Gautama Buddha and the Honourable Sages from the Western Pure Lands of Ultimate Bliss.

佛陀莲花座降落在平台上,法身大放光明,开始给 诸天演说法音。弟子及诸天圣众法喜聆听。佛陀演说完 毕后,有不懂法义的天人用意念请示佛陀,佛陀慈悲一 一给予解答,弟子在旁聆听也受益匪浅。不知不觉,法 会结束,佛陀和座下尊者返回西方极乐世界。金龙带着 弟子穿过弥勒后院,飞过天门,魂体返回阳间。 梦醒,佛陀音声样貌还有法会的圣景在脑海久久不 散。 弟子 2019-01-20

Gautama Buddha’s Divine lotus descended on to the stage; his Dharma-form was shining an overwhelmingly warm light. Then he started to teach the Dharma to the Heavenly beings. The Heavenly esteemed guests and I listened with Dharma-joy. After Gautama Buddha has finished, some Heavenly guests who still had some questions used their thoughts to ask for Gautama Buddha’s enlightenment. He then mercifully answered. I also benefitted a lot from listening. Then, unknown about the time, the Dharma convention ended. Gautama Buddha and his accompanying Honourable Sages returned to the Western Pure Lands of Ultimate Bliss. The golden dragon took me through Maitreya Buddha’s court, and we flew passed the Heavenly Gate. I then returned to my body in the world of the living. When I woke up, Gautama Buddha’s image, his wondrous voice and also the scenes of the Dharma convention were still clear in my mind.

20th of January 2019.

答:如果你们做好梦,一觉睡醒之后就在天上的话, 那你死的时候一点也不恐怖,而且一点也不痛苦,一觉 睡醒就在上面了,所以让你们要修出这个境界。如果你能修出这种境界,你就成功了,你不会插管子,不会痛 苦得不得了,不会舍不得这个、舍不得那个,你一下子 醒过来的时候已经在天上了,你一定很开心。

Master’s reply:

If you had a good dream, and you’re in heaven when you wake up, it indicates that there was no when nor suffering when you died. You’ll find yourself in heaven when you wake up. That’s why you must cultivate yourself to a certain level of spirituality. When you do, you are successful. You won’t be inserted with tubes; you won’t bear any level of pain, you won’t miss anybody. When you wake up, you’ll find yourself already in heaven; you’ll definitely be happy.

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