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V 1-31 The Sea Creatures expounded that all Natural Disasters stem from Collective Deeds of Killing

Disclaimer: My translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

2018 年 9 月接到一个画面。 在要发生海难的海边区域,从海面上升起几只非常 巨大的龙虾(大概有七八层楼那么高),龙虾身前有护 甲,螯钳上握着令旗,真的是非常奇特。

In September of 2018, I received an image. In a city where an impending sea disaster was about to occur along the coast, a few gigantic spiritual lobsters arose from the depths of the sea (it was approximately 8 to 9 storey high). The spiritual lobsters were wearing a breastplate, and each held a flag in one of its claws. It looked incredible.

龙虾们看起来气势威武,每只龙虾站立的海面下是 成群成群的海族亡灵(有巨大的深水鱼类、龙虾、螃蟹 等等),怨气很深,都是被人类捕杀的水族亡灵。

The spiritual lobsters looked very powerful. Beneath them, they were supported by countless groups of spirits of deceased sea creatures (there were different kinds of big deepwater fish, lobsters, crabs, etc.). They held an overwhelming amount of resentment towards the humans as they were all killed by them.

龙虾将握着旗似乎在等待指令。不一会儿,龙虾将 们徐徐旋转,慢慢地越来越快,天气转变,一个接一个 的风暴形成,夹带着风雨向海边的城市呼啸而去,海上 风浪四涌,海族亡灵就趁着风浪涌向城市,开始破坏报 复。鱼群亡灵在浪中撞击被水淹没的车辆、渔船、建筑 物。

The commanding spiritual lobster held on to its flag with composure, looking as if it's waiting for some signal. Not long after, the spiritual lobsters swam in a circle while steadily quickening their pace. The weather started to change, and slowly, a storm brewed over the area. Then a thunderous force of rain and wind whipped at the coast of the city, and a chain of waves started to collide with the coastal walls and ultimately breached it. With the aid of the storm, the deceased sea creatures rushed into the city and caused havoc and destruction with the goal of taking revenge. They started to attack any objects and structures that were fully or partially submerged in the water.

另一个要发生海难的海边,很多只大螃蟹(接近十 层楼高)从海面涌出,一字排开,也是握着令旗,下面 也是黑黝黝的成群海族亡灵。两只蟹眼斜视海边城市, 意念传来:“这是一座靠杀害海族生命而繁荣发展的城 市,老天给予人类的土地与庄稼早就足够你们人类饱食, 偏偏你们贪那口欲之快,造成大量海族被人类捕杀残害,我们海族怨气冲天,只要这个地区的恶业形成一个天时, 就会有水族领命前来制造海难。”

Then in another place where another sea disaster was about to occur, many gigantic spiritual crabs (around 10 storeys high) emerged from the sea. They stood in a row, and below them, there were black swarms of the spirits deceased sea creatures. Their eyes glanced at the nearby city. I received a thought message from them, which said, “That is a city that developed and prospered from the slaughter of my brethren. The heavens have already given humankind enough earth to grow a sufficient amount of food to feed them all. But due to their oral desires, they would kill a countless number of my brethren to satisfy it. The fury that we sea creatures hold can no longer be quenched. Whenever the collective negative karma over an area has reached a certain threshold, then the spirits of us sea creatures will unleash our wrath upon you and create sea disasters.

大螃蟹也是等待数分钟后,不约而同地举起蟹钳扑 打海面,地底晃动,瞬间巨大的水墙扑出来,开始以高 速涌向海边的城市。大螃蟹乘着风浪带着水族亡灵涌向 这座城镇,用水的力量大肆破坏建筑物、车辆。 就在我震惊之时,所有画面消失。

After the gigantic spiritual crabs have waited for a few minutes, in a union, they stretched out their claws and started to smash the surface of the sea. The earth beneath started to shake, and suddenly a tsunami appeared that headed towards the city at high speeds. The gigantic spiritual crabs followed the wind and led the spirits of the deceased sea creatures towards the city. They took advantage of the force of the sea to destroy the buildings and cars. Just when I was shocked by it the sight of it, the image disappeared.

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