Journey to Heaven and Hell V 1-8 Hell of Oil Pots

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

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Guan Yin Citta Journey to Heaven and Hell V1-8




On the 7th of October 2018, it was like any other ordinary day, after I paid my respects to the Buddhas and reciting sutras in the Guan Yin Temple, a whirl of mist appeared and encircled around inside the room. Not long after, my consciousness entered into a deep slumber, and through the haziness, I arrived at the inner sanctums of hell.



Hell of oil pots – it’s used to execute sinned spirits who committed acts of extreme evil and atrocities. After they have been punished in the other hells, they will be transferred here to the hell of oil pots where their spirit will be deep fried until nothing is left, and their consciousness is dispersed without a trace.

There were approximately 7-8 rows of enormous oil pots. Each row were ten evenly distributed black lacquered oil pots. Each oil pot can contain a lot of sinned spirits. There was a label handing at the side of the oil pot that had the names of the different countries written on it. So these pots were used to contain sinned spirits from any countries. Anybody who had committed acts of extreme evil and atrocities when they were alive would be transferred there after they had experienced their punishment in the other hells so that their consciousness is completely dispersed. The oil pots there were gigantic, the executioners there were also a lot larger and more powerful than the ones in the Hell of Avici. One of the executioners said to me, “I am the executioner in charge of this hell. In the past, this hell didn’t have that many oil pots, and they were a lot smaller. With the development and progress of human civilisation and technology, the rate of people committing unwholesome deeds has also risen significantly.

以前的人不敢做壞事,現在的人為錢、為名、為利,什麼都敢去賺、去偷、去搶,壞事做盡。所以油鍋不斷在增加。我們只要接到告示,宣告完這個亡靈所有的罪業後,靈體就會被投下油鍋,炸到魂飛魄散,從此天地沒有這個靈體了。現在很多人在人間表面風光,有錢有勢有地位,暗地裡卻又做盡壞事。這些人中很多都是前世有修為的,下到人間迷惑在塵世,罪業滔天。地府現在正在列出這些在世陽人所犯罪業,只等他們福德漏盡,元壽終時,即命鬼差前往捉拿,帶到殿前審判,入各大地獄受完懲戒再轉送這裡入油鍋。在人間有名有利有權勢又如何,又帶不走,唯有業隨身,It 。”

The humans in the past didn’t dare to commit unwholesome deeds. But in modern times, for the sake of pursuing more wealth, fame and power, humans would do whatever it takes to obtain it, even if it means stealing, making unreasonable profits, hurting others etc. When we receive the notice that announces all the sins that the spirit had committed, the spirit will then be dropped into the frying oil and their spirit will be completely dispersed. From then onwards, their consciousness completely disappears and no longer exists permanently. Nowadays, many people only look good on the surface, like looking wealthy, powerful or reputable, but behind the scenes, they have committed a lot of evil deeds. Most of these people had cultivated to a very high level in their previous lives, but when they returned to the human realm, they became deluded and defiled and began to commit a lot of atrocious acts. The courts of the underworld are currently listing out all those in the human realm who are committing severe sins and are just waiting until their worldly blessings and merits are completely depleted, so when they die, we will order the executioners to drag their spirit to the court of the underworld to be sentenced. Then they will be transferred to different hells to be punished, and afterwards, they will be sent here to be fried to ash and smoke in the oil pot. In the human realm, even if you’re rich, famous and powerful, so what? You can’t take any of it with you when you die, only karma follows you. It is so sad.”



An executioner escorted a male sinned spirit. It read from a scroll and said, “Sinned spirit [Name], from [Name of the country], as a person in a position of leadership, you engaged in acts of corruption and the abuse of the law. You also hired somebody to murder anybody who threatened your political power and framed those who were upright and just. You committed a countless number of deeds of sexual misconduct and even abused your power to threaten and rape other women. Although in the human realm, nobody knew about it, the Heavens do not tolerate it. You were sentenced to be punished for a certain period in the other hells, and ultimately transferred here to the hell of oil pots.” After it finished reading, it threw the sinned spirit into the frying oil where it sank to the bottom and making a lot of deep-frying sounds. The whole body and bones instantly turned to ash, only leaving a black slag-like residue floating inside the oil pot that was releasing a trail of black smoke. The executioner took a sieve to remove the black residue from the oil and poured it to the drainage system in front of the oil pot.


Another sinned spirit underwent the same process. From a scroll, the executioner read out, “Sinned spirit [Name], from [Name of the country], your influence in other countries couldn’t be underestimated. Your social status was sublime, but you colluded with other unscrupulous businesspeople, oppressed ordinary citizens, embezzled national funds, and was involved in several deaths. Although in the human realm, nobody knew about what you did, but after death, you were transferred to the other hells to receive punishment, and then after it was over, you were transferred here to the hell of iron pots.” Then it read out another scroll, “Sinned spirit [Name], from [Name of country], you helped both police institutions and underground institutions to conduct money laundering, and you colluded with both government officials and businessmen and dealing in munitions and providing prostitutes to upper echelons and profiting from it, and you committed in sexual misconduct. After death, you were transferred to the other hells to receive punishment, and then after it was over, you were transferred here to the hell of iron pots.”




“Sinned spirit [Name], from [Name of the country], a member of an underground institution, involved in drug trafficking and helped other powerful members in the group to assassinate others. Also was involved in the sex industry and caused numerous young women to become depraved. Also, you colluded with other senior government officials and helped them cause chaos. Like the others, after death, you were transferred to the other hells to receive punishment, and then after it was over, you were transferred here to the hell of iron pots.”

After it was over, my consciousness began to return to me, and I’m back in the human realm.

May I ask Master to share your wisdom mercifully, is it real?


Master’s reply:

They are all real. When the black residue that’s created after their spirit has been deep fried in the oil pot are thrown away into the drainage system, it is carried to the human realm’s cesspit, and are gradually reborn into different small insects and bugs. From then onwards, they have lost their consciousness, and they don’t know who they were. Their consciousness no longer exists. I’ve said it before, that’s why never commit any unwholesome deeds. You can’t deceive the Bodhisattvas nor gods nor spirits. Those who commit evil and receive negative karmic retribution. They are very pitiful.

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