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V 1-26 Yama explains the Importance to vow to be a Permanent Vegetarian and perform Life Liberations

Disclaimer: My translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

Journey to Heaven and Hell Volume 1 Chapter 26

问: 2018 年 11 月 20 日,弟子被金光带进地府见阎王。 阎王在看着一卷闪闪发光的卷轴,弟子微微合掌行礼就 立在一旁等候。阎王看完卷轴后对弟子说:“这是天庭 传下来的圣旨,让我把一些地府的事公告于世。因为地 府规矩极严,如果不是接到圣旨是不能让阳世众生知道 地府事务的。


On the 20th of November 2018, I was enveloped in a golden light and taken to the court of the Yama. When I arrived, I saw Yama reading a scroll that was glowing. I paid my respects to him and stood at the side, waiting for his instructions. After he finished reading, he said, “This is a divine decree passed down from the Heavenly courts. It’s an order to me to reveal a few things about the Underworld to you to share with the world of the living. Because the regulations in the Underworld are very strict, if I don’t receive this divine decree, then I would never reveal the affairs of the Underworld to the living.

“本王先说一说你们在世佛弟子许愿终生吃素一 事。违愿吃荤在天地属于大妄语,地府是记录为大恶, 因为佛前许愿又没有如实完愿,你们心灵法门护法菩萨 对这个事情很重视。其实,只要一个临命终的恶人许愿 吃素、放生(地府会把这个当成大善行),天上地下会 把这个阳人当成善人,能消除他许多恶果,但不是所有 恶果都能消除,还要看这个阳人延命过后是否有如实地 去行他所发下的大愿,以及是否真的断恶修善。你们心 灵法门的众多护法菩萨也会观察你们佛子是否如实行 愿。

I will first talk about those Buddhists who had vowed to be a permanent vegetarian for the rest of their life. If they broke their vow and ate meat again, then that’s considered a great lie to the Heavens, and the clerks will record it as a serious sin. It’s because when you make a vow in front of the Buddha, the Dharma protectors hold that gesture in high regard. In reality, if an evil person could vow to be a permanent vegetarian and perform life liberations (the Underworld record this as a great benevolent deed), the Heavens would treat that person as a benevolent person, and could help eliminate a lot of negative karma, but not all negative karma. They must also observe whether they will persevere with their vow as they promised after their lifespan has extended, to see if they truly have ceased their evil and cultivate benevolence. There are many Dharma protectors in your Dharma door observing you to see if you will truly fulfil the vow.

“我们地府会根据在世阳人在佛前的发愿善行,一 笔一笔地把阳人在世所作之恶慢慢勾销,最重要的还是 看你们在世阳人有无悔改向善之心。所以,佛前发愿要 谨慎,不要当玩笑。我们地府接天指令,会让违愿者接受惩戒。善有善报,恶有恶报,不是不报,时候未到。 每个法门都是以善去恶,叫你们以善行修掉你们的恶念、 恶心。放生、吃素在地府是记录为善行,杀生害命是属 大恶。 “你回阳世代本王书写出来与你师父吧。好好行善 呀,小丫头!” 感恩师父。 弟子 2018-11-20

According to the vows and benevolent deeds that you Buddhists have done, the courts will erase the unwholesome deeds that you did in the past from your records one by one. But most importantly, we check to see if you have truly repented and sincere want to be a kind-hearted person. That’s why one must be vigilant when they make a vow in front of the Buddhas. You must not treat it as a joke. We have already received a divine decree that anybody who breaks their vow will be punished. The good will be rewarded, and the evil will be punished, it’s only a matter of time. Every cultivation practice teaches one to do good and eliminate one’s unwholesome thoughts and intentions. Performing life liberations and becoming a permanent vegetarian is recorded as a benevolent deed in the courts, while killing is recorded as a great sin. When you return to the world of the living, please write everything I said for me and hand it to your master. Properly cultivate benevolence, lass!” Deepest gratitude to Master.

20th of November 2018.

答:怪不得,我们心灵法门的佛友,许愿吃素后又违愿, 很多人生恶病,我都觉得奇怪。我看到这种病人,我问 违愿吃素了吗?他说违愿了,然后癌症复发,走人了。

Master’s reply:

No wonder why many of our fellow Buddhists who practise Guan Yin Citta have all fallen critically ill when they broke their vow of being a permanent vegetarian. I found it strange. When I check these patients, I asked them whether they have broken their vow of being a permanent vegetarian and they said yes. Afterwards, their cancer reoccurred and they passed away.

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