V 1-25 Attendance to a Hearing at the Court of Yama of a Sinner who oppressed Venerable Monks

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Journey to Heaven and Hell Volume 1 Chapter 25

问: 2018 年 11 月 21 日,弟子被金光带入地府。鬼差领 了几个男罪灵下来阎王殿。阎王看到这几个罪灵,不像 平常审案的样态,变得严肃怒目。阎王告诉弟子,这几 个罪灵不属于马 XXX,在世拥有极大财富及名利权势,在 阳间对他们所在国家有一定的影响力,可是所作所为已 经天地不容。


On the night of the 21st of November 2018, I was enveloped by a golden light and was taken to the court of Yama. There, I saw a few male sinners being dragged to the court by some Underworld officers. When Yama saw those sinners, he wasn’t like his usual self when he delivers judgement, and he looked very serious. Yama told me that these sinners were not Malaysians, but they held tremendous wealth and power when they were still alive. They were very influential in their home country, but the deeds they had committed were intolerable by the Heavens.

他们暗地里对修习佛道的高僧大德、宗教 人士进行打压,表面为国家人民利益,实则只是利用权 势名利利益自己,以为天不知地不知,早已恶果累累。 因为有些事情牵扯到本国,所以天上下圣旨让马 XXX 地 府代为惩戒。地府是分地域管理,除非接到天上的公文 卷轴,地府官员不能私自处理不属于他们国家的罪灵, 所以阎王才说,我们在世阳人对地的事情根本都不能懂 得一个究竟圆满,更何况是天呢?不懂的事情不能随便 说。

In secret, they were very oppressive towards venerable Buddhist monks and other religious people. On the surface, they made it seem as though they did it for the greater good of their nation, but in reality, they were just abusing their power and tried to benefit themselves from it. They thought that everything they did was unknown to even the Heavens, but little do they know was that all of their negative karma had been accumulating over time. Because a few of their crimes were involved in Malaysia, that’s why the Heavenly courts had sent a Divine decree to the Malaysian Underworld courts to judge and sentence their punishment. Different districts of the Underworld are managed by different groups, that’s why unless we have received a Divine decree, we can’t deal with sinners from different nations privately. That’s why Yama said that us people in the world of the living are completely ignorant of the workings of the Underworld, let alone the Heavens. If you don’t know something, you shouldn’t casually speak about it.”

阎王怒喝:“你们属于 XX 国以及 XX 国人民(这个 事情是地府机密,所以弟子不能细写出来公告于世), 前世修得极大福报才有今天的名利地位,你们表面信佛, 拥有宗教信仰,实际上利用宗教为你们的外在做掩饰, 以为天地不知,暗地里却做尽伤天害理之事,天地极为 不容。你们本有使命到人间为民请命,却迷失在人间的荣华富贵、名利权势中不能自拔。

Yama said sternly, “Citizen of country X (because this is a secret of the Underworld, I can’t write it out), you had cultivated immense worldly blessings in your previous life, and that’s why you hold so much wealth and power in this life. On the surface, you seemed like a faithful Buddhist, but in reality, you used Buddhism as a guise. You thought that everything you did would remain unknown to everybody, and you’ve done many heinous crimes in the shadows. The Heavens can’t tolerate it. Originally, you had a mission to serve and benefit the people of the Human realm, but instead, you became lost and intoxicated in the riches and fame, unable to free yourself from it.

现在天庭降旨,把你 们天上元魂打落地府入油锅地狱,散尽你们的果位福报, 你们在天上的灵体不复存在,以后在人间无法接天灵气, 自身运程会转向重重恶气,所害死之冤魂也会回阳世向 你们一一讨债,以后在人间厄运不断、噩梦不断,精神 紧绷忧郁。这是你们自己所作之恶,本王也是依法惩戒。 回阳世还不好好忏悔,再做恶事,本王会书写公文交由 你们所属国家地府记录,将来死后,灵体由各自国家的 地府审判入无间地狱、粪池地狱、火烧地狱、拔舌地狱、 铁山地狱惩戒。这些地狱都是大地狱,是全世界的罪灵 混合在一起惩戒。”

I’ve received the Divine decree to take your primordial soul in Heaven and send it to the Hell of Oil Pots, and remove your original Divine position and all the worldly blessings that came with it. Once your primordial soul in Heaven no longer exists, the spiritual energy link connecting your human spirit and your primordial soul will be removed. Your fortunes will then turn for the worse, and all the innocent souls that you ruined or indirectly killed will look for you in the world of the living and collect karmic debts from you. You will encounter misfortune after misfortune, your nightmares will never cease, and you will feel anxious and depressed. There are all karmic retributions of the unwholesome deeds that you committed; I am just delivering judgement according to the law. If you don’t properly repent when you return to the world of the living, and still continue to do unwholesome deeds, I will write a document and deliver it to the Underworld courts of your nation. So that when you die, the Underworld court of your nation will take your spirit to the Hell of Avici, the Hell of Excrement, the Hell of Burning Flames, the Hell of Tongue Ripping, and the Hell of Iron Mountains to be punished. All of these hells are regarded as the Greater Hells, and it’s where all citizens regardless of which nation they’re from, are punished together.”

阎王说完,让鬼差押下去执法。弟子观看荧幕,看 到他们的灵体(天上的元魂)在油锅翻滚,灵体消散。 阎王过后再给弟子看他们在世的样子,原本额头光洁, 上面有一层层的光亮气场罩着脑门,灵体一下油锅炸到 魂飞魄散后,这些灵气就从他们脑门散去,接着他们所 做的累累恶业浮现黑气罩在脑门顶上。看到这里,弟子 终于明白为什么倒霉的人额头是没有光彩的。 阎王告诉弟子:“世间之人愚昧无知,修了佛道还 要知法犯法,真的以为天地不知。自古以来善有善报, 恶有恶报,不是不报,时候未到。修习佛道之人不管有 无来历,都要好好奉守佛法戒律,你以为因果报应是给 普通百姓吗?所有众生,在本王面前一律平等看待,本 王都是按律一一惩戒。” 说完,弟子被送回阳世。

After Yama finished, he allowed the Underworld officer to take them away. I looked at the monitor and saw his primordial soul (the one that was in Heaven) being thrown into the iron pots, and it boiled, sizzled and disintegrated. Then Yama allowed me to look at his face in the Human realm. Originally his forehead was bright and clean, and there seemed to be a protective layer of glowing spiritual energy that surrounded his head. But after his primordial soul disintegrated, that glowing spiritual energy around his head gradually dispersed. Afterwards, a cloud of black aura gradually appeared and enshrouded his head. The black aura was his negative karma. When I looked at this image, I finally realised why an unlucky person’s forehead is usually dark. Yama said, “Ordinary people are foolish and ignorant; they cultivate Buddhism, yet they still dare to violate the law after knowing. Do they really think that nobody knows about their deeds? From ancient times, there’s a saying that good and evil will have their karmic retribution when their time comes. Regardless of what background the cultivators of Buddhism have, they must properly adhere to the laws and precepts of the Buddha-Dharma. Did you think that karmic retribution is only served to ordinary people? All sentient beings in my eyes are treated equally. I am only acting in accordance with the laws when I pass my judgement.” When he finished speaking, I was sent back to the world of the living.

答:一个有运气的人额头有光,额头就是天庭,天庭要 饱满。做官的、有钱人的额头都很亮,就是他讲的好的 气场。额头变灰,这个人就要倒霉了。生病的人额头都 没光的。不是擦油擦亮的,是自己泛出来的亮光。

Master’s reply:

When a person possesses good fortunes, their forehead is bright. The forehead, in Chinese face-reading metaphysics is called the ‘Heavenly Court’. It must look full. Those who are government officials or wealthy people have full and bright-looking foreheads; it indicates that they possess a good aura. When one’s forehead looks dull, it means they are unfortunate. People who are ill have a dull-looking forehead. I’m not talking about the shine from an oily forehead, but the skin on their forehead looks vibrant and glowing.

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