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V 1-24 Journey to the Hell of Tongue Carving; Punishment for those who commit severe Verbal Sins

Disclaimer: My translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

Buddhism Hell of Tongue Carving

2018 年 11 月 20 日,弟子接到关平菩萨旨意让弟子 游割舌地狱及到阎王殿听审。不久,意识陷入昏睡,魂 体一轻来到一处古老黝黑的城门前,守门鬼差领着弟子 进去地狱观看。

On the 20th of November 2018, I received Guanping Bodhisattva’s thought message to journey to the Hell of Tongue Carving and also to attend a hearing at the court of Yama. Not long after, my consciousness entered into a deep slumber, and I found myself in front of a tall and ancient-looking dark gate. One of the guards told me to follow it, and we entered into hell.

割舌地狱:惩戒在阳世造恶口、无中生有、挑拨离间、 恶口诽谤修道人(任何宗教法门)者。

Hell of Tongue Carving – The site that punishes those who had committed offensive speech, fabricated rumours, sowed discord, and those who slandered and defamed other cultivators (of any religion).

弟子从城门旁边的阶梯往下走,来到这个地狱的底 部。这个地狱很大,上空都是高大的砖头墙围着(城墙 砌得很高,大约六层楼的高度)。很多罪灵,男男女女, 跪在地上哀嚎。可见阳世很多人造恶口业。弟子向负责 这个地狱的执法鬼差微微行礼。前面两个女罪灵被鬼差 硬把嘴掰开,粗暴地把舌头拉出来,拿着刀片一刀接一 刀割在舌头上,鲜血立刻流满罪灵嘴巴。罪灵睁大双眼, 恐惧、害怕,拼命想往后退,却被鬼差粗暴地抓回来, 不顾罪灵鲜血直流,还是继续割罪灵舌头。被割了数十 刀后,两个鬼差押着这两个女罪灵去见阎王,鬼差示意 弟子跟着一起去阎王殿。

I walked down the stairs near the entrance and reached the lowest level of this hell. This hell is huge, and you can see that the walls built with massive blocks of stone. The ceiling was probably around six stories high. There were many sinners, both male and female, who were kneeling on the ground weeping and crying. You could see that there are so many people who commit deeds of verbal misconduct. I paid my respects to the executioners who were in charge of this hell. In front of me, I saw two female sinners who had their mouths pried open violently and their tongue violently grasped by the hand of their executioners. In their other hand, they held a sharp knife. They then used it to carve on their tongues a line at a time, and fresh blood flowed down the sinners’ chin. The sinners were staring at their executioners filled with fear like prey looking at their predator. They tried to retreat but they couldn’t as the executioners would force them back. They weren’t concerned about the bleeding and just continued to carve lines on their tongue. After the two sinners had their tongue carved ten times, they were taken to be brought to see Yama. The executioner also told me to follow them to the court of Yama.

在地府弯弯曲曲地走了一段时间,终于来到阎王殿。 (地狱的地形真的很复杂,如果没有鬼差带领,弟子真 的不懂阎王殿在哪里。)阎王命令罪灵跪下,弟子站在阎王旁边听审。阎王怒喝:“你们两个都是修心灵法门 的佛门子弟,平时也懂恶口不能说,为何为自己一点的 偏见歪理在亲友间说法门不是?本王查你们记录,数月 前退转不修,现在遇到困难又回来心灵法门求观世音菩 萨救度,回来后还要不知悔改,可知天地都有护法,天 龙鬼神记录你们在世佛弟子的一言一行。

After walking on a narrow and winding path in the Underworld for some time, we finally arrived at the court of Yama. (The landscape inside the Hell Realm was very complex, if I weren’t guided by the executioner, I would’ve got lost). Yama ordered the sinners to kneel. I stood beside Yama and proceeded to listen to the hearing. Yama angrily said, “Both of you were cultivators of Guan Yin Citta and Buddhist practitioners, and you understood that one must not commit deeds of verbal misconduct. Why did you use sophistry and prejudiced views to badmouth the Dharma door in front of your relatives? I checked your records. A few months ago, you have retreated and stopped cultivating. Recently, you have encountered difficulties, and so you have returned to Guan Yin Citta and begged for Guan Yin Bodhisattva’s succour. Now that you have returned, if you don’t reform your ways, then be warned. There are Dharma protectors everywhere, and they will record every word and action that you Buddhists say and do.

你们得佛护佑, 更应该懂得遵守佛门戒律规矩,为何还要无明习气?不 管什么理由,就算是与你们修习佛道的同门师兄有错, 你们也不能到处恶口造心灵法门口业,你们的法门同修 如果做得不对,自有心灵法门护法会依律惩戒,难道天 地会纵容他们?可是你们恶果已造成,本王只能依法惩 戒。现在命你们魂体归阳世,莫再造业,好自为之。回 阳世后,你们两个的舌头会疼痛数日,严重者会生口腔疱疹。”修习佛道的人如果犯错,护法菩萨是直接让我 们现世报。

You are already under the protection of the Buddha; you should be making more effort to observe the Buddhist precepts and understand its rules. Why must you continue your ignorance and bad habits? Regardless of what reason or excuses you have, even if there was some argument between you and your fellow practitioners, you shouldn’t go speaking irresponsibly about Guan Yin Citta. If your fellow practitioner were truly in the wrong, the Dharma protectors would naturally give them a lesson according to the law. Do you think that the Heavens would tolerate them? But your negative karma has been formed; I could only punish you according to the law. Now you may return to your body in the world of the living. Don’t create any more negative karma; look out for yourself. After you two return, your tongue will ache and hurt for some days. Serious offenders will develop Herpes Simplex in the mouth.” If practitioners of Buddhism sin, the Dharma protectors will directly trigger their negative karma so that it becomes present-life karmic retribution.

阎王告诉弟子,不管活人还是过世之灵体,如果犯 错,魂体拉下来地府惩戒都被称作“罪灵”。

Yama told me that regardless of whether the person is alive or dead, if they sin, their spirit will be dragged to the Underworld to be punished. They would be deemed as a ‘sinner’.

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