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V 1-16 Attendance to a Hearing at the Court of Yama about a Sinner who broke the Disciplinary Rules

Disclaimer: My translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

Journey to Heaven and Hell Volume 1 Chapter 16

2018 年 11 月 2 日,今天在观音堂拜佛结束时,观世 音菩萨传意念与弟子:“晚上命护法带你魂体游地府一 趟,有心灵法门公务处理。” 当晚弟子于梦中感觉魂体一轻,被护法护送到地府 阎王办事处。我把卷轴交给阎王就立于一旁,殿前跪着 两个罪灵,黑漆漆的灵体让我不能分辨是男是女。

On the 2nd of November 2018, after I finished praying to the Buddhas at the Guan Yin Temple, Guan Yin Bodhisattva transmitted a thought message to me and said, “I have ordered the Dharma protectors to take you to the Underworld tonight, there are matters regarding Guan Yin Citta to be dealt with.” That night when I slept, I dreamt that my spirit was escorted by the Dharma protectors to Yama’s office in the Underworld. I handed a scroll over to Yama and stood at the side. There were two sinners kneeling on the ground. Both of them were charred black and I couldn’t distinguish whether they were male or female.

今日 的阎王满脸威严,怒目瞪着,指了指一个左边的灵体: “这个罪灵生前剃度出家,修为不到,根本不知天地之 物,我阎王在阴府审阳间生人案件近千年(上次参观地 府,负责马 XXX 心灵法门案件的阎王是从其他殿调动过 来的,执法多年),都不敢妄称对天地之间万物宇宙了 若指掌,你一介出家法师,才修行不过数年光景,能知 天地多少事?

That day, Yama looked majestic and serious. He pointed at the sinner to the left and said, “This sinner was initiated as a monk when he was alive. His character is poor and extremely arrogant. Even I, Yama, who have been dealing with the cases of the Underworld and the world of the living for almost a millennium, don’t dare to say I have a complete grasp of the Heavens and the realms beyond. (Last time when I visited the Underworld court, the Yama responsible for dealing with Guan Yin Citta’s matters was transferred from another court. He had maintained order for many years). How much does a monk who had only cultivated for a few years know?

如此贡高我慢,岂是我佛门中人?心灵法 门乃天上‘正法明如来’观世音菩萨指派她座下弟子到 娑婆国土弘法救度与她法门有缘之众生,她弟子卢军宏 台长传承观音悲愿,你们世间痴迷众生不具慧眼,但也 不可毁人法门,断数千万佛子慧命。观世音菩萨怜悯你 们,可是天地因果还是你们自己承担。你虽有多年修为, 对佛法经藏也钻研不少,可佛法之深广,修行法门之多, 非你们世间阳人能探知。

Such arrogance is unbefitting for a Buddhist. Guan Yin Citta is a cultivation practice that came from ‘Right-Dharma-Clear-Suchness’ Guan Yin Bodhisattva, who had assigned one of her disciples to go to the Saha world to propagate the Dharma, save and spiritually awaken the sentient beings that possess a karmic affinity with this cultivational practice. Her disciple Lu Jun Hong has inherited her vow of compassion. The sentient beings of your world may be blinded by ignorance and delusion, but one shouldn’t go and intend to destroy another cultivational practice and destroy the wisdom-life of millions of fellow Buddhists. Guan Yin Bodhisattva pities you all, but everybody is responsible for their karma. Although you have cultivated for many years, and you have done much research into the Buddhist classics, but the profoundness of the Buddha-Dharma and the magnitude of cultivational practices that exist are beyond what you can imagine.

罢了罢了,本王也不多说,就说你身在佛门,为何不守佛门戒律?表面是佛,背地里做了什么事?汝穿佛门法衣,可是却做出辱佛之事,行非法之道,还收取信众钱财敛财,所犯之律法乃五逆四重罪。死后发放你入火烧之狱,让你日日受焚烧之苦, 也是你心中贪念引来这些罪业之火。本王念在你在世诵 经做超度之功德,待罪业消尽,还投阳世,重生为人。”

Forget it, more words are meaningless. But since you’re already a Buddhist monk, why do you not abide by the disciplinary rules of Buddhism? On the surface, you’re practising Buddhism, but what did you do instead in secret? Although you donned the robes of a Buddhist monk, yet did many shameful things that are contrary to the teachings of the Buddha-Dharma. You even embezzled money that Buddhists donated. The laws you violated are considered as one of the Five Rebellious Acts (patricide, matricide, the killing of an arhat, shedding the Buddha’s blood, and breaking the harmony of the Sangha) and Four Heinous crimes (deeds of killing, stealing, sexual misconduct and lying). When you died, you were sent to the Hell of Burning Flames so that you experience the pain of being burnt thoroughly every day. These flames are created from the desires inside your mind. In light of the merit-virtues that you had accumulated by reciting sutras and performing ascension rituals when your punishment is over, you can reincarnate into the Human Realm again.”

阎王随后再指向右边的罪灵:“你生前同事修习心 灵法门,汝不懂佛门戒律不说,还无明造下口业,阻碍 法门中人弘扬佛法,可知你也是罪业累累?此罪灵生前 不行善道,嫖赌喝酒。你车祸死后立即转投火烧地狱, 念在你生前心地善良、乐于助人,也是无明犯罪,让你 出狱后投身人道。我手上卷轴公文乃天上观世音菩萨慈 悲怜悯你们,派座下童子交予地府,让我们网开一面, 让童子把听审之事告知阳间让众生警惕,莫造恶业,以 此功德消减你们罪业,早日出狱。” 说完,阎王让我回阳世。在金光护送下,弟子返回 阳间。

Following on, Yama pointed at the sinner on the right side, “When you were alive, you had a co-worker who cultivated Guan Yin Citta. Your ignorance of the precepts of Buddhism is self-explanatory, yet you also committed many deeds of verbal misconduct, and you hindered people following Guan Yin Citta from propagating Buddhism. Don’t you know that you’re covered in negative karma? You didn’t perform any benevolent deeds, and you indulged yourself in prostitution, gambling and alcohol. After you died in a fatal car crash, you were also sent to the Hell of Burning Flames. In light of the fact that you were kind-hearted and willing to help others. In addition, your crimes were due to ignorance, you’re permitted to reincarnate in the Human Realm after your punishment is over. The scroll in my hand shows that Guan Yin Bodhisattva pities you, that’s why the Golden child was assigned to deliver it to me so that I’ll be lenient and allow the Golden child to attend the hearing and warn the world of the living not to do any unwholesome deeds. The merit-virtues accumulated from this deed will be used to reduce your punishment so that you’re released from hell sooner.” Afterwards, Yama allowed me to return. I was enveloped in a golden light and I flew back to the world of the living.

弟子醒后,对这个场景感叹良多,地府对诽谤佛法 僧者非常严厉,不像对其他罪灵那么客气,给罪灵讨情 从轻发落。由此事件,弟子不禁对观世音菩萨的大慈大 悲油然起敬,菩萨真的很慈悲,弟子惭愧没修好,还在 为世间小事看不开。

When I woke up, the scenes I experienced gave me a deep impression. The courts of the Underworld is very strict towards monks who defame the Buddha-Dharma. They’re not as pleasant compared to treating other sinners, who they’re more lenient with. From this experience, I can’t help but be in awe with Guan Yin Bodhisattva’s great compassion and mercy. I’m quite embarrassed that I haven’t cultivated well enough, and I still get upset and obstinate over some petty matters.

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