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V 1-15 Attendance to a Hearing at the Court of Yama of a Deceased Disciple who broke his Vows

Disclaimer: My translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

Journey to Heaven and Hell Volume 1 Chapter 15

问: 2018 年 11 月 1 日,弟子今天拜佛结束眼见关平菩萨 圣像闪闪发光,关帝菩萨一脸威严,嘱咐弟子把卷轴交 给地府。此事有关一个被押在地狱受刑罚的心灵法门弟 子。


On the 1st of November 2018, after I finished paying respects to the Buddha, the image of Guanping Bodhisattva suddenly glowed in a golden colour. Guandi Bodhisattva, while looking majestic, asked me to pass a scroll to the Underworld courts. It was a case that involved a disciple of Guan Yin Citta who’s currently being punished in the Hell Realm.

弟子返家休息时,魂体被带到地府见阎王。殿前跪 着一个男子亡灵,满身伤痕。微微行礼后,弟子把卷轴 交给阎王就立在一旁。阎王打开卷轴过目片刻,也是一 脸严肃:“天上现在对心灵法门修道者(尤其是弟子) 违愿吃荤、邪淫、谤佛之事极为重视,在世阳人还不好 好忏悔违愿以及对法门诽谤之事,心灵法门的大护法菩 萨——关帝菩萨会叫座下护法给予严惩,届时地府也会 按天上指令捉拿犯佛门戒律的修道者。”

When I returned home and asleep, my spirit was taken to the Underworld courts to meet with Yama. A male sinner was kneeling in the centre, and he was covered in scars. After I paid my respects, I handed over the scroll to Yama and stood at the side. Yama opened up the scroll and read its contents. Then he said, “Currently, Heaven is paying great attention to cultivators of Guan Yin Citta (especially disciples) who broke their vows of being a vegetarian or commit sexual misconduct or slandering the Buddha. If they don’t properly repent for the breaking of their vows, then the highest-ranking Dharma protector of Guan Yin Citta, Guandi Bodhisattva, will order his subordinates to inflict punishment. On the occasion, the courts of the Underworld will act according to Heaven’s instructions to arrest the cultivators who had violated the disciplinary rules of the Buddha-Dharma.

阎王指了指在地上跪着的亡灵:“这个亡灵生前拜 你师父卢军宏台长为师,在观世音菩萨面前许下终生吃 素、夫妻清修。奈何修习佛道才几年光景,就不把戒律 当一回事,违愿吃荤,甚至逼迫与他许愿清修的妻子行 淫道,不修佛法还要造法门口业,你可知道条条大罪, 在病发临死前不思忏悔,被押下来审判还要怪罪妻子为 什么度他入佛门,导致他犯下种种佛门戒律,还怪天地 不公。

Yama pointed at the sinner who was kneeling on the ground, “When this sinner was alive, he was a disciple of your master Mr Lu Hun Hong. He vowed to be a permanent vegetarian in front of Guan Yin Citta and practise celibacy with his wife. Yet after cultivating Buddhism for just a few years, he no longer took the precepts seriously. He broke his vow and ate meat again, and even go as far as forcing his wife, who had vowed to be a celibate to have sex. Soon he didn’t cultivate the Buddha-Dharma any longer and even badmouthed about the Buddhist practice. You must know that these are all grave sins. When his illness came suddenly and he was about to die, he didn’t bother to introspect himself and repent. When he was taken to the court to be judged, he even blamed his wife for bringing him into Buddhism and caused him to break many Buddhist precepts. He even said that the Heavens treated him unfairly.

“你知不知观世音菩萨怜悯你们阳世无明而恶业缠身之人,你师父慈悲救度你们还要被你造口业讲佛法不 好!你还未念佛前,邪淫恶习、杀生、吃荤、喝酒、恶 口骂人,早就恶果缠身,自身黑气重重,你本就善果不 足,若不是你妻子度你入佛门念佛,让你念佛吃素放生, 早命丧黄泉。观世音菩萨慈悲怜悯你,书写公文让地府 网开一面,让你死后入地狱受刑完毕,念在你生前念佛 及度人功德还可得人身,投胎到一贫苦人家。要不然, 对阳世这种欺师忘祖、忘恩负义之人,是入地狱受刑后 判投畜生道,不闻佛法。”

Do you know how merciful Guan Yin Bodhisattva is towards you ignorant people who are plagued by negative karma? Your master is trying to mercifully save and spiritually awaken you, yet he’s been verbally attacked in all directions, and you go on talking about how the Buddha-Dharma is bad! Before you practised Buddhism, you had a bad lustful habit, you killed, you ate meat, you get drunk and you verbally offend others. Originally you were plagued by negative karma, and your body was completely enshrouded in a black aura. Your positive karma was insufficient. If it wasn’t for your wife who brought you into Buddhism so you recited sutras, and you vowed to be a permanent vegetarian and you performed life liberations, then you would’ve died much sooner. Guan Yin Bodhisattva pities you, that’s why she sent a letter to the courts to be lenient towards you so that after your punishment in the Hell Realm is over, you can still be reborn in the Human realm in a poor family. This is due to the meritorious deeds you did when you were still alive by reciting sutras and propagating Buddhism. Otherwise, to those who betray their masters and devoid of gratitude, normally they are transferred to the Animal Realm after their punishment in hell is over, and they wouldn’t encounter the Buddha-Dharma.”

罪灵在地上哀哀哭泣,向阎王求情:“我已知错, 在地狱时时忏悔,可地狱之刑罚太苦,我先后入拔舌地 狱、粪池地狱、火热地狱受刑,实在不能忍受,求观世 音菩萨怜悯,护法慈悲,阎王网开一面,念我在世功德, 让这篇文章转发网络告诫心灵法门弟子及修习佛法的众 人,不要犯与我一样之罪,求护法菩萨恩慈,让我早出 地狱啊!太痛了!太疼了!呜呜……求观世音菩萨怜悯 我,慈悲我!呜呜呜……”(亡灵哭泣声不断) 阎王叹了口气,让我回阳世,一道金光包围我全身, 我被带回阳世。

The sinner cried loudly on the ground on his knees and pleaded to Yama, “I was wrong, I’m constantly repenting in hell. The punishments are so excruciatingly painful. I was first transferred to the Hell of Tongue Ripping, then to the Hell of Excrement and to the Burning Hell to be punished. It was unbearable, and I pleaded Guan Yin Bodhisattva and the Dharma protectors for their mercy. I hope Yama can be lenient, and in light of the meritorious deeds I did when I was alive, I hope that this article could be shared online to tell all Guan Yin Citta’s disciples and fellow Buddhists not to repeat the same mistakes I did. I beg for the Dharma protectors’ mercy and release me from hell sooner! It’s too painful! I beg Guan Yin Bodhisattva to have mercy!” The sinner was constantly crying. Yama sighed, then he allowed me to return to the world of the living. A wave of golden light enveloped my whole body, and I was sent back to the world of the living.

答:刚刚讲的时候,我已经知道是谁了。不要开玩笑, 学佛不是开玩笑的,真的要尊师重道。

Master’s reply:

When she first mentioned the sinner, I already know who he is. Don’t joke around, practising Buddhism is not a joke. You must respect the Master and the way.

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