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V 1-14 A Murder Case involving Two Brothers due to an Inheritance Dispute, which the Sinner repents

Disclaimer: My translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

Journey to Heaven and Hell Volume 1 Chapter 14

问: 2018 年 10 月 30 日,弟子今天接到关平菩萨旨意, 阎王有事找我下地府一趟,顺带把一个心灵法门卷轴交 给地府处理。在家中闭目休息时,魂体被一道金光带入 地府。

Enquiry: On the 30th of October 2018, I received Guanping Bodhisattva’s message that Yama has a hearing that he wants me to attend, and also hand a scroll regarding some Guan Yin Citta matters for the Underworld courts to deal with. When I was resting at home, my spirit was enveloped in a golden light and then taken to the Underworld.

阎王打开卷轴看了一遍,用官印在上面盖了章,把 卷轴交回弟子,吩咐弟子交回心灵法门护法菩萨。不久, 阎王告诉我:“今天地府有一个新收的亡灵,生前是一 个心灵法门弟子的亲眷,由于家中有人修习心灵法门, 做了大功德,死后蒙观世音菩萨救度,让他与你见面告 知详情,特将此案例分享于阳世告知心灵法门修道者莫 贪世间名利,荣华富贵转眼成空,子孙积德行善学佛才 是正道,死后留遗产与子孙只会留祸,让他们为自身利 益亲眷相残、纷争不断,亲人之间冤结不断,乃至死后 还在我阎王面前互诉苦情。我阎王也是万般无奈,冤冤相报何时了啊!世间阳人只看到果报来临之苦,可曾想 到此乃你前世所种之果?因缘会遇时,果报还自受。”

Yama gave the scroll a read, then stamped it with an official seal and handed it back to me. He told me to give it to Guan Yin Citta’s Dharma protectors. Not long after, Yama said, “Today, we have received a recently deceased person. He’s a relative of a disciple from Guan Yin Citta. Since one of his family is cultivating Guan Yin Citta and had performed some significant meritorious deeds, when he died, Guan Yin Bodhisattva granted him succour and allowed him to meet with you and share his experience. It will serve as a warning to the cultivators of Guan Yin Citta not to get greedy for wealth and fame. Wealth and glory are nothing but vanity and becomes empty at a blink of an eye. Teaching their descendants to accumulate virtues and practise Buddhism is the right way. If all you left is an inheritance for them, then it will only bring calamities, and they would only engage in ceaseless fratricidal conflicts for their self-interests. Hatred breeds non-stop between family members, then when they die, they complain bitterly in front of me. I’m quite helpless; there is never an end of taking revenge. People of the living only sees the suffering that comes with the consequences, but have you ever thought that these came from the karmic causes sowed in the previous lifetime? People with karmic affinities between them will eventually encounter one another, and they will reap what they had sowed.”

不多时,亡灵被鬼差带到殿前。一个中年亡灵开口: “我生前与兄弟合作生意,不料这个兄弟贪心至极,家中财产生意想自己多瓜分,我在世不识字,在外生意交 由他打理,他却欺我不识字,文件上做了手脚。后来, 大家为了各自利益翻脸,这事我承认我也有错,我们家背着他也拿了公司利益,我向他商议大家各退一步把公 司分了股份,各走各路,他却步步紧逼,用法律把我告 上法庭,法律程序繁复,我又不懂,情况对我极为不利。 无奈之下我找他,求兄弟看我家上下妻儿子女孙辈多人, 放我们一家一条活路,留我一口饭吃。

Not long after, a deceased person was escorted to the court. This middle-aged man said, “When I was alive, I partnered with my brother in business. But I didn’t expect my brother to be so greedy; he wanted a bigger share in the family fortunes and the company. I was illiterate, so I allowed him to take care of the sales. He took advantage of the fact that I was illiterate and doctored some documents. Afterwards, we fell out due to conflicts of self-interest. In this matter, I admit that I was also at fault. My family also embezzled some funds from the company behind his back. I discussed with him that we should all take a step back and split the company shares, and then each go their different ways. But he kept pressing him and threatened to take legal action against me. The legal process is complicated, and I know nothing about it, so the situation was very disadvantageous to me. Helplessly, I looked for him and begged him to spare some mercy for my wife, children and grandchildren.

他却放言讽刺, 说让我钱财两空。我气急攻心,在外误听损友,说‘他 不仁,我不义,干脆杀人’。我长久为这事忧郁成疾, 一时想不通,自己准备凶物驾车去兄弟家,打算‘你不 留我一口饭,大家一起抱着死’。在行凶中,侄儿被我 杀死,我兄弟躲过一劫。我被制伏送进警局,死前也觉 得内疚,常常自己内心痛哭忏悔,可是错误已造成,悔 之已晚。我侄儿死后下地府向阎王告状,上来阳间取我 性命报冤死之苦。

Instead, he mocked me sarcastically and said that he wants me to have absolutely nothing. I became furious, and I foolishly listened to a bad friend, who said that since he’s not kind, I should also be merciless, and just kill him. I’ve been pondering about it constantly that I was mentally unstable, and at a moment’s foolishness, I prepared a weapon and drove to my brother’s house. I intended that since he wasn’t willing to let me live, we might as well die together. But when I did try to kill him, I killed my nephew instead and my brother managed to escape. I was then arrested and sent to the police station. I felt guilty before I died, and I silently cried and repented. But the mistake has been made, and it’s too late to regret. When my nephew died and escorted to the Underworld court, he complained in front of Yama; then he went back to the living realm to take my life for revenge for his wrongful death.

我死后转天就被带入地狱惩戒,被折 断手脚受苦(杀人罪业是断手断脚之苦),我在地狱哀嚎,但也甘愿受惩戒。幸好我在世有修习心灵法门的亲 眷,为我之事伤心落泪,祈求菩萨救度我亡灵,菩萨怜 悯我,让我把我的案例公告阳世。不要留遗产给子女, 让兄弟姐妹以后为利益相争,亲眷残杀,我死后还要入 地狱受刑苦。荣华富贵转眼成空,带不下去,唯有恶业 随身。望菩萨慈悲以此功德消我地狱罪业。”

After I died, I was sentenced to the Hell Realm to be punished, and to experience the pain of having my hands and feet cut off. (The sin for killing is punished by suffering the pain of losing one’s hands and feet). In hell, I howled with grief, but I was willing to bear with the punishment. Luckily, I have a relative who is cultivating Guan Yin Citta. She was very upset about my situation and cried and prayed to the Bodhisattva to grant me succour. The Bodhisattva showed mercy towards me and allowed me to share my case with the living world. Don’t leave any inheritance to your children that would induce them to end up in mutual conflict. After I died, I still had to go to hell to be punished. Wealth and vanity become empty at a blink of an eye; you can’t take it away with you, only unwholesome karma follows you. I beg for the Bodhisattvas mercy and let this meritorious deed reduce my sentence in hell.”

阎王叹了口气,“观世音菩萨甚是慈悲,在他死后 曾劝导这位亡灵让他明白自己的因缘果报,都是前世冤 结所为。其实他这位兄弟,我们地府查了,为人贪婪, 做生意没有诚信,以后晚年会得恶果。善有善报,恶有 恶报,这位亡灵生前曾经参加你师父卢军宏台长马 XXX 法会,有此佛缘却不懂珍惜。若这位亡灵在世和他亲眷一样修习心灵法门,也不会如此愚痴,乃至造下恶果。 唉……” 语毕,阎王示意我离开,我拿了卷轴就离开地府了。

Yama sighed and said. “Guan Yin Bodhisattva is very compassionate. When he died, she had once advised him and let him know that it was all his karmic affinities and consequences; it was formed by the negative affinity that he had in the previous lifetime. In fact, we have checked his brother before. He is very greedy, and he is dishonest in business. In his later years, he will receive his karmic retribution. The good will be rewarded, and the evil will be punished. This sinner had once attended to your master Lu Jun Hong’s Dharma convention in Malaysia before when he was alive, but he didn’t cherish his affinity with the Buddha. If only he had cultivated Guan Yin Citta like his relative, then he won't be so foolish and created this unwholesome consequence for himself. Sigh.” When it ended, Yama let me leave. I took back the scroll and left the Underworld.

答:在人间可以暂时得到利益,但是下去之后全部要受 苦。学佛人不造业,不和别人争,你现在拿了,以后就 吃苦。善有善报,恶有恶报,不是不报,时候未到。印 尼一家飞机失事,189 人全部遇难,我们佛友的先生就上 不了这架飞机。念经真的很好。梦里被追打被惩罚,你 们害怕不害怕?像不像真的?死了就是这种感觉,身体 不动,但不停地痛苦。所以不要去作恶。

Master’s reply:

In the Human Realm, you can gain temporarily, but when you descend to hell, what awaits is only suffering. Buddhists shouldn’t create negative karma. Don’t fight with others. If you take now, then you will only suffer later. The good is rewarded; the evil is punished; it’s only a matter of time. There was an aviation accident in Indonesia and all 189 passengers died. The husband of a fellow Buddhist who was supposed to be on board that plane got hindered. Reciting sutras is very good. When you’re being chased and tortured in your dreams, aren’t you afraid? It’s the same feeling when you die. Although you can’t move your body, you constantly suffer. That’s why you shouldn’t do evil.

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