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V 1-13 My Observation of how Little Houses purify the Negative Karma of the Spirit

Disclaimer: My translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

Journey to Heaven and Hell Volume 1 Chapter 13

2018 年 10 月 29 日,迷迷糊糊中弟子陷入昏睡,关 平菩萨吩咐弟子拿好通信器,今天有公文要拿给地府的 高级官员——阎王。弟子领了卷轴,魂体被一阵金光带 去地府的办公处。

On the night of the 29th of October 2018, I was in a daze and gradually entered into a deep slumber. Guanping Bodhisattva instructed me to equip the communicator. I was to deliver some documents to the high-ranking official – Yama. I took the scrolls, and my spirit was enveloped in a golden light and was taken to the head office inside the court of Yama.

阎王坐在案堂上,弟子向阎王讲明来意,把卷轴交 给阎王,阎王打开看后,示意我站在一旁。不久,阎王 看完公文,告诉我,天上有圣旨下来,要把一些地府的 事情转告阳间。

Yama was sitting at his desk, and I paid my respects. I told him my intention of visiting and handed over the scrolls. He opened it up and told me to stand at the side. After he finished reading the contents, he told me that Heaven had given him an order to reveal a few matters regarding the court of Yama to the world of the living.

“天地之间因为法门的不同,在天与地之间各有相 应的道场显化在人间救度众生,其中的门路非道行高深 者无从得知。修心灵法门的修道者,本官可以告诉你们, 一旦犯戒律或违愿欺骗佛菩萨,不尊师道,又犯恶口, 一律由法门大护法——关帝菩萨下旨叫座下护法神惩戒 (尤其是弟子),在世向佛菩萨行大忏悔者看事情大小酌情处理,如果恶果累累者,天上会书写公文交到地府, 地府负责执法。

“Regarding the relationship between the spiritual worlds and the Human Realm, because of the different varieties of Dharma doors (cultivational practices) that exist and of which possesses a varying level of affinity, unique Wayplaces are manifested in the human realm with the aim of spiritually awakening sentient beings of that era. To comprehend the level of the profoundness of the Dharma doors is impossible. Cultivators of Guan Yin Citta, I can tell you now, if anyone of you violate the precepts, break your vows, cheat the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, show disrespect to your master, or commit serious deeds of verbal misconduct, then the greatest Dharma protector of your Dharma door, Guandi Bodhisattva, will order the other Dharma protectors under his banner to punish you severely (especially the disciples). Those who have initiated sincere repentance towards the Buddha and Bodhisattva will have their case dealt with according to the unwholesome deeds they had committed and their sincere repentance. If their negative karma is significant, Heaven will assign us to deal with their case, and the court will enforce the law.

“你们法门菩萨为了避免佛子们不懂地狱果报而犯 下种种恶罪,才领你魂体多次下地狱观看,告知阳世众 人。 “接下来告诉你,小房子(经文的能量)在地府如 何能超度及净化灵体恶业。小房子是由你们佛教的四种 经文能量组合而成。在世阳人是因为犯了种种恶业才形 成黑气附于灵体(就是师父每次看图腾讲的黑气、业障),根据自身所造恶业,灵体大致分成几种——灰白色、灰 黑色、深黑色,深黑色是极重恶业者的灵体,多数下地 狱(上次游地府阎王向我讲解了灵体的重量)。

To avoid the situation where Buddhists commit sins due to ignorance of the karmic retribution of hell, the Bodhisattvas of your Dharma door had let your spiritual body to journey into Hell many times, so that you could share what you witnessed with the world of the living. Next, let me tell you how your Little Houses (the energy of the sutra combinations) help spirits ascend and purify their negative karma. The Little House is formed from the energy of four different Buddhist sutras combined. When mortals sin, the negative karma from it forms into a dark aura that enshrouds their spiritual body (that’s the dark aura and karmic obstructions that Master mentions in his Totem readings). According to the level of negative karma created by the person, the aura of their spiritual body generally has the following colours: light grey, dark grey, or black. The colour black is only found on people who had committed grave sins, and usually, they would descend into the Hell Realm.” (Last time when I journeyed to the court of Yama, he explained about a spiritual body’s weight).

” 这时阎王给我看银幕:一个灵体领了在世亲人念诵 的小房子,小房子经菩萨加持,闪闪发光,灵体原本是 灰黑色,小房子的四种经文能量化成金光进入灵体内, 灵体的黑气变浅。

Then Yama told me to watch the silver monitor. It showed a spirit receiving a Little House that was offered by their living relatives. With the blessings of the Bodhisattva contained within, it was constantly radiating a gentle light. When the spirit touched it, the energy of the four sutras from within the Little House turned into a golden light which entered into its spiritual body. Afterwards, the dark grey coloured aura surrounding the spirit became a shade lighter.

“这个灵体在世没犯什么恶业,所以所需经文能量 并不需要太多张。有些灵体在世没有行善道,死后会堕 落恶鬼道,这时如果在世亲人学习心灵法门念小房子超 度,他们会拿小房子去换成地府的冥钞让自己在地府生 活环境变好。不愿意去投胎或者投胎机缘未到的灵体会 住在地府,地府和人间环境一模一样,一个在阴,一个 在阳。

“That spirit didn’t commit many unwholesome deeds when it was still alive, that’s why it doesn’t require too many Little Houses and the energy from within. There are some spirits who hadn’t done any wholesome deeds in their life, and they descended into the Hungry Ghost after they died. At that time, if their living relatives practise Guan Yin Citta and offered Little Houses to help them ascend, then they could use the Little Houses and exchange it with the currency in the Underworld and improve their living conditions. Those who don’t wish to reincarnate or if their karmic affinity to reincarnate hasn’t manifested yet; then they can continue to live in the Underworld. The Underworld and the Human realm looks exactly the same, but one is for the dead, while the other is for the living.

“本王顺带说一说你们在世修道者,口念经文吃荤, 经文的能量会减弱,四种经文组合而成的能量是极弱的 金光;吃荤杀生(活杀生命)还口念经文,可以告诉你, 是一点能量都没有。一些修道者境界不高,断不了荤, 要大量念诵《往生咒》超度身上的动物灵。有杀业者除 了断杀茹素,就算把自己身上的动物灵超度离开,自身 所造杀业会形成黑气附在你们的灵体上,需要在世多行 佛道(多做功德)来补偿所造杀业。”

By the way, I have a few words for you cultivators. If you’re still eating meat when you’re reciting sutras, the power of the sutras is weakened. The energy of the combination of sutras would only emit a weak golden light. For cultivators who still eat meat and continue committing deeds of killing, I can tell you now, the sutras that you recite have absolutely no energy. Some cultivators have a low level of spirituality and can’t abstain from eating meat. They must recite a large number of ‘Amitabha Pure Land Rebirth Mantra’ to help the animal spirits in their body ascend. To those who had committed deeds of killing and have ceased their killing and became a permanent vegetarian, even if they have helped all of the animal spirits in their body ascend, the negative karma created before had already developed a very resilient dark aura that has enveloped their spiritual body. They must do a lot of meritorious deeds and work hard in their cultivation of Buddhism to compensate for the deeds of killing.”

到此,阎王按了一下通信器,我拿了通信器,在金 光护送下回阳世了。

Afterwards, Yama pressed on a button on the communicator. Once I retrieved back, I was enveloped by a golden light and returned to the world of the living.

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