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V 1-0a Depictions of the Guan Yin Citta Pure Lands 心灵净土圣境(一)

Disclaimer: My translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

Depictions of Guan Yin Citta Pure Lands

问:同修分享关于心灵净土。 2018 年 10 月 21 日,我在观音堂拜佛念经时见到佛 台后方整个山水画栩栩如生,山水好像整个显现在我前 方,整个人感觉轻飘飘的。

Enquiry: I would like to share my experience in the Guan Yin Citta Pure Lands. On the 21st of October 2018, when I was praying to the Buddhas and reciting sutras, the landscape painting behind the Buddhist altar suddenly came alive. It seems the whole imagery slowly expanded out of the painting and dragging me inwards; I began to have a fluttery feeling.

心灵净土世界:The realm of the Guan Yin Citta Pure Lands

从高空望下去,这个世界群山环绕,宫殿楼阁林立 在其中,建筑风格有点像明朝的设计,古色古香,中间 也穿插现代设计的建筑楼宇(有点像现在的大学城), 全部建筑物都会发出金光闪闪,七彩颜色,有点像以前 我在视频上看到的西方极乐世界圣境,但是又不像是西 方极乐世界。

When I looked down from the sky, this world was covered in mountains. Palaces and pavilions stood proudly around it; the architecture resembles the designs that existed during the Ming dynasty in China; it has a traditional and antique charm to it. But there were also some modern-looking buildings that interspersed around the sites. All of the buildings were radiating a golden glow that also occasionally changed into different colours of the rainbow. It looked like the depictions of the Western Pure Lands that I saw in Chinese dramas but there were also some noticeable differences.

有一片很大的空地广场,地上和栏杆全是白玉所铺 成,空地上竖立一幢很大的圆形楼阁,楼阁的屋顶边上 有铃铛点缀在其中,随风飘动就会发出阵阵悦耳音声, 仔细一听,是一阵阵的念佛声传来,不久又换成师父的 法音,就这样念佛声和师父的法音声交替传来,有菩萨 随着念佛声时而轻声诵经,时而念诵师父的佛言佛语。 整个环境、空气都清净无比,心灵境界都是处于空无中, 世间种种烦恼皆不得扰。

There was a huge empty space, where the floor and railings were all made from solid white jade. At the centre of it, a tall circular tower was built, of which there were bell ornaments hanging at the side of the rooftop. The bell ornaments would ring a pleasant sound when it gets blown by the wind. When you listen attentively to the noise around the realm, you could hear murmuring recitations of the Buddha’s holy name. Not long after, it changed into Master’s voice, and the two different voices continue to alternate between each other. There were Bodhisattvas reciting sutras lightly in the background, while some were reciting Master’s book ‘Buddhism in Plain Terms’. The whole environment and the air I breathed felt incredibly pure. The entire realm felt like a serene, peaceful void that’s impossible to be disturbed by any kinds of affliction.

这里就是心灵净土,将来修成观世音菩萨心灵法门 的众人都会被接往此处,念佛、诵经、听法。 在空中看时,净土实在很大。有菩萨往空地不远的 池边走去,里面已经有几十朵莲花盛开了,有些已经大 如车轮,这些都是在人间修得很精进、勤做功德的菩萨, 虽然在人间还未入涅槃,天上的莲花已经大如车轮。有 些莲花已经盛开,有些莲花还是含苞待放,颜色各异, 靠近一些,有阵阵的莲花香味传来,好闻极了,非人间 任何语言能形容。

This is the Guan Yin Citta Pure Lands; it is where cultivators of Guan Yin Citta who have attained fruition will be taken to, where they can continue to recite sutras and listen to the Dharma. When looking down from the sky, the Pure Lands are truly enormous. In a place not far from where the Bodhisattvas are meditating is a pool. Inside the pool, there were dozens of divine lotuses that bloomed luxuriantly. Some were already as big as a wheel of the car. They all belonged to people who are cultivating and performing meritorious deeds diligently. Although they have not yet attained nirvana, their divine lotus is already as big as a car’s wheel. Some of them have bloomed luxuriantly, while some were still budding, and their colours looked different. When I went closer, the floral scent coming out from the divine lotuses were incredibly fragrant; it’s not something I could describe with a few words.

菩萨们在空地时而念佛,时而观看极乐净土的景象, 只要菩萨一闪神,不能专心念佛,空中就有音声响起, 菩萨们就会入定,低头诵经。阁楼里有菩萨在给童子讲 法,童子双手合十礼拜菩萨。净土世界每天都会有曼陀 罗花撒落,空气中满是清香。菩萨们就在阵阵清香里念 佛、诵经、听法。 在这里,所有菩萨都具足神通,足下生莲,想去哪 里就能去哪里。

The Bodhisattvas were reciting and observing the scenery around at the empty space. When a Bodhisattva lost focus slightly and couldn’t concentrate in reciting, then the bells would ring, which alerted the Bodhisattvas to immerse themselves into the state of concentration again. I went inside one of the buildings, and a Bodhisattva there gave me a Dharma talk. Afterwards, I paid my respects to him and left. Every day in the Pure Lands, Datura flowers would be scattered across the sky, and the air would be completely fragrant. The Bodhisattvas here would be reciting and listening to the Dharma in such an aromatic place. There, all of the Bodhisattvas possess supranormal powers and they could create a divine lotus below their feet so they could go wherever they wanted.

答:我们现在是不是能想到哪里就到哪里?思维和菩萨 走路一样,想到哪里脑子就到哪里。这个地方和西方极 乐净土世界都差不多,撒曼陀罗花、诵经……一个人以后 到了天上,没有烦恼了,天天修心养性,念念经,磕磕 头,到处走走,就是踩着莲花走的。你们梦里去哪里也 是直接能去的。

Master’s reply:

Currently, are we able to go wherever we think of? Our thoughts are just like how Bodhisattvas travel; when we think of a place or image, our mind is already there. That place and the Western Pure Lands are very similar, where Datura flowers are scattered across the sky, and the beings there are immersed in recitations, etc. When a person ascends to Heaven, they don’t have any afflictions. They cultivate their mind and nurture their nature every day, recite sutras, pay respects, and go wherever they please. It’s just that they travel on their Divine lotuses. When you dream, you could also directly go there.

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