V 10-8 The Practice of Buddhism relies on Courage; The Mind must possess the Three Treasures

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Disclaimer: The translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation. The Buddha-Dharma is profound. No matter how you convey it, it won’t be completely perfect. Because the Buddha-Dharma is an experience, it’s an awakening 【佛法深奥无比,怎么写,都不会是究竟圆满。佛法是一种悟】. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

要懂得以平常心来处理世界上的一切事情。平常心 是什么?就是无所谓,今天有就有,明天没有就没有, 可以了,我已经够了。保持平常心,有了是自然的,没 有也是必然的。多把自己看得渺小一点,经常想,就像 我这种人,我能得到这么多吗?我现在已经得到这么多 了,感恩啊。就像那个患小儿麻痹症的小姑娘一样,看 到自己拥有了,我拥有了一个家,我拥有了一个工作, 我还拥有头发,我还拥有一双看得见的眼睛,哎呀,我 很满足了,永远不要去看人家有而我没有的东西,她就 永远不会痛苦,这种理念是非常好的。

One must know how to use their equitable mind to deal with everything in this world. What is the equitable mind? It means to be indifferent. Today, you may possess something, but you may lose it the day after. That’s fine; I already have enough. One must maintain an equitable mind – if you have something, it’s meant to be, if it’s gone, it is inevitable. Get into a habit of seeing yourself less significant. Regularly have thoughts like, “For someone like me, what could I hope to achieve? I already have enough, and I’m grateful for everything I have now.” Just like that young lady who suffers from Pediatric Bell’s Palsy, she reminds herself what she possesses, “I have a family, I have a job, I still have hair, I still have eyes that can see, I’m already content.” If you don’t go looking at the things that other people have, but you don’t, then you will never suffer. This kind of concept is very good.

人的心中有三个宝藏,第一是慈悲,每个人心中都 有慈悲。第二是智慧,一定要把智慧挖出来,你们说现 在谁笨啊?不要以为别人好骗,只是你没有接触到有智 慧的人。第三个宝贝就是惭愧心,一定要挖掘出来,当 一个人觉得自己很惭愧的时候,他就进步了。你们知道 惭愧相当于什么吗?相当于一条小船在河里停着的时 候,突然之间伸出个桨想向前,必须先向后再往前,因 为惭愧的意思就是说,我做错了,我不行,我要好好努 力,就好比往后划桨了,你这条船就往前开了。

Hidden within the mind are three treasures. The first treasure is compassion; everybody has it. The second one is wisdom; you must excavate out your wisdom from within. Who’s a fool these days? Don’t think that it’s easy to cheat others, it’s just that you haven’t encountered a wise person yet. The third treasure is one’s sense of shame; you must excavate it out. When a person feels shameful, then they will make progress. Do you what shame is like? It’s like a boat remaining still on the river, and suddenly the paddles are extended out and wanting to move forward, the boat is moved backwards slightly first and then propelled forward. It’s because shame is an admittance of one’s wrongdoing and knowing that they can’t continue to be that way and must make efforts to reform. And so like when one uses a paddle, you must push the water back for the boat to move forward.

我惭愧 啊,我不要得到这么多,谢谢啊,感恩。我今天没有多 大的能力,感谢菩萨让我天天在人间好好地活着,全部 都要有感恩心,我有何德何能我能娶这么好的老婆,实 际上我连老婆养都养不起的,惭愧啊,你就会对老婆越 来越好了。慈悲、智慧和惭愧心是人生的三个宝贝啊, 有了这三个宝贝,你什么病都会没有了,你碰到什么问 题都能解决。

“I’m ashamed; I don’t need that much. Thank you, I’m already grateful. I lack in many areas, but to be able to live comfortably, I’m deeply grateful to the Bodhisattvas.” You must harbour gratitude towards everything. “What capabilities do I have to have married with such a great wife. I couldn’t even give her the best living conditions, I’m ashamed.” Then you will treat your wife better. Compassion, wisdom and one’s sense of shame is the three treasures in a person’s life. If you use these three treasures, you won’t get ill, and you could resolve all the problems that you face.

小陈你老婆现在跟你闹,你用这三个宝贝马上就能 够解决问题,你老婆现在骂你、讲你,你很生气的时候, 你先慈悲她,她替你生孩子,很可怜,好了。第二个宝 贝出来了,就是智慧,你马上就想,如果我是个女人呢, 我也许会吃更多的苦,我是个男的,她生出来的孩子是 我的姓啊,我要感谢她,她是在帮助我啊,你的智慧来 了吧,这样一想,你就会对她好。

Let’s assume that you’re Mr Chen and your wife is arguing with you. If you use the three treasures, then you will immediately resolve this issue. Your wife is scolding at you, and when you’re getting angry, you develop pity for her out of compassion. She suffered a lot of pain when she gave birth to our child; she’s pitiful. Alright. The second treasure is then used, which is wisdom. You’ll immediately think that if you were a woman, you'd probably have to suffer a lot of pain. But I’m a guy, and the child she gives birth to has my surname, I have to be grateful towards her. She’s helping me; then your wisdom comes out. When you think that way, you’ll then treat her better,

第三个宝贝是惭愧, 我小陈有何德何能娶她做老婆啊,我没有荣华富贵给她, 她还跟着我吃了那么多的苦,家里家外都忙,你这么一 想,你还会跟老婆生气吗?这三个宝贝一挖出来,什么 事情都解决了。你们要好好地利用宝藏,一定要常挖宝 藏,就是经常要慈悲,经常要有智慧,经常要感觉到惭 愧,要把宝藏不停地往外挖,明白吗?常慈悲,常智慧, 常惭愧,懂精进修行,要努力啊。

The third treasure is one’s sense of shame. “What capability do I have to marry her as my wife? I don’t have anything to give her, yet she’s willing to go through hardships with me. She’s busy working outside and also for me at home.” When you think this way, would you still get angry with your wife? Once you excavate out your three treasures, then all of your issues would be resolved. You must take advantage of it and use your treasures; in other words, you must regularly use your compassion, wisdom and sense of shame. You must continually excavate it out, you understand? You must diligently cultivate and make proper efforts.

要去除习性,过去我有很多不好的习惯,必须要去 除。就是把一块铁炼成钢,钢里面有好钢,造飞机用的 都是最好的钢,不容易折断。师父跟你们讲,要去除习 性,减少烦恼,每天想一想我有没有烦恼,远离分别执 著,分别心有吗?现在有没有看见谁不开心吗?不愿意 看谁吗?没有,就可以远离分别心。执著,我一定要怎 么样,有没有执著啊?我非要骂他,我实在是恨死他了, 有没有执著?没有。好,远离了。

One must reform their bad habitual behaviours; we must get rid of all the bad habits that we developed in the past. It’s like getting a piece of iron and refine it into high-quality steel that can be used in objects like an aeroplane and wouldn’t break easily. Master tells you, you must eliminate your bad habits and reduce your afflictions. Every day, you must reflect on whether you have afflictions and distance yourself from prejudice and attachments. Do you have a bias? Do you feel unhappy if you don’t see somebody? Who aren’t you willing to see? If your answer is none to these questions, then you have distanced yourself from bias. Attachments are when you must do something, isn’t that a sign of being obsessed? You must scold him because I hate him, is that a sign of attachment? If you don’t, that’s good, you have distanced yourself from it.

用外心开采内心的宝 藏,因为宝藏一般是埋在心底里的,虽然你的外心会恨、 会贪、会愚痴,但是,我往里面挖,挖到后来会发现, 我还是很有良心的,虽然我很恨他,我还是原谅他吧, 明白了吗?外心不舒服,要用内心的宝藏来化解,这就 是师父教你们做人啊。

You must use the external mind to mine for the treasures in your internal mind. It’s because treasures are typically hidden deep inside your mind. Even though your external mind can hate, greed or become foolish, but if you introspect and mine inside your internal mind, you will eventually discover your conscience. Although you may hate a person, you will find it in yourself to give them. If your external mind feels uncomfortable, you must use the treasures within your internal mind to resolve it.

师父告诉你们,念诵《礼佛大忏悔文》非常的重要, 常念《礼佛大忏悔文》,会去除一生中所有的灾难,一 生中有灾难的时候完全靠念诵《礼佛大忏悔文》。很多 人问:“卢台长,我念一遍《礼佛大忏悔文》够了吗?” 还有人跟师父说只念《七佛灭罪真言》,这是不一样的。

Master expounds that it is extremely important to recite the ‘Eighty-Eight Buddhas Great Repentance’. If you regularly recite it, then you will resolve many the calamities you face and also future pre-destined calamities. When experiencing your tribulations, you have to rely on ‘Great Repentance’ to overcome it. Many people ask, “If I just recite the ‘Great Repentance’ once a day, is that enough?” There are also others who say that they only recite the ‘Sapta Atitabuddha Karasaniya Dharani’. That’s different.

师父还要告诉你们一句很重要的话,就是修心是需 要有勇气的。就是说,改毛病是需要有勇气的,要当着 这么多人的面,说“对不起大家,对不起师父,对不起 菩萨,我做错了”。哪怕跪下来也是要有勇气的,你就 是跪在菩萨的面前,你也是要有勇气的。你修心改毛病, 你不要认为自己有面子,就是要有勇气,我要改掉毛病, 下次我就不会被人家笑话,不会被人家看不起了,有什 么难为情的?

Another very important thing that Master must mention is that cultivation of the mind requires courage. In other words, you must have the courage to reform your shortcomings. In front of many people, you must say, “I’m sorry everyone, I’m sorry Master, I’m sorry Bodhisattvas, I made a mistake.” Even kneeling requires courage. When you kneel in front of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, you also require courage. When you cultivate your mind and reform your shortcomings, you must lower yourself and put aside your ego. That requires courage and determination to change. So next time, other people won’t point at your mistakes nor would they despise you. What’s so difficult about it?

过去小沈,师父讲他一下,嘴巴说“对不起”,脸 却红得不得了,现在师父讲他,他说:“对不起,师父, 我真的要改毛病。”脸都不红了,自然了,脸干吗要红? 红脸就是感觉到大家都在看他,等他对周围没有感觉的 时候,他就是觉得自己做错了,其他没有什么,他进步 了,他就成功了。很多人死的时候还要面子,马上判死 刑了,还喊着“二十年之后又是一条好汉”。“砰”, 好汉子倒下去了。你们知道吗,死要面子活受罪,当着 人家的面,就要争两句、顶两句,好像赢了,可是晚上 一想不对劲,又跑去求人家原谅,人就是这么自作自受 啊。

In the past, when Master criticises Xiao Cheng, he would say that he’s sorry, yet his face would flush. Now when Master criticises him, and he says, “I’m sorry, Master, I really will reform my shortcomings.” His face would no longer flush and look natural. Why should his face flush? A flushed face indicates that he is still mindful about how other people see him and he’s embarrassed. When he no longer holds any regards to how people see him, and he simply understands that he’s in the wrong and nothing else mattered, then it shows that he has improved. Then he’s successful. Many people still worry about how others see them when they die. In the past, some people, when they were about to be shot, they would still shout, “In twenty years, I’m still a man.” ‘Bang’, the man fell over. Do you know? Those who can’t let go of their ego live a fate worse than death. When they are in front of a lot of people, they must compete and talk back at you. They look as if they had won, but when it’s over, and they feel that things aren’t right, then they go back to the person and ask for forgiveness. People do like to shoot themselves in the foot.

人活着就是要有勇气啊,修心更要有勇气。一个人 要知道活在世界上就是吃苦,要勇敢地活下来也是需要 有勇气的。所以,勇气在慈心中生长,因为你有慈悲的 心,你就会生长勇气。慈悲的心是什么?年迈的老妈妈 坐在轮椅上,有些人推着自己母亲在轮椅上的时候觉得 别人在看他,觉得很难为情,好像推着自己的妈妈丢了 自己的面子,你想想看,你孝顺地推着自己的妈妈都怕 别人笑话你,你这个人哪有慈悲心啊?

Living requires courage, to cultivate one’s mind requires even more so. One must know that as long as they live, they must go through hardships, so they require the courage to continue to live on. That’s why courage stems from compassion. It’s because you are compassionate; that’s why you develop courage. What is compassion? When one’s mother is very old and has to move around in a wheelchair, there are some people who constantly feel that others are watching them as they move their mother and feels embarrassed. They feel humiliated as they move their mother in their wheelchair. So, if you’re of the same mindset, and you are scared that others make fun of you just because you're just filial. Then how would you possess compassion?

所以勇气是在慈 悲心中生出来的。有乞丐跪在马路边要钱,很多人给钱 的时候都不敢看乞丐,就是把钱扔下去就跑掉了,怕边 上的人看到他,你要知道你是在做善事啊。师父做善事, 怎么不学师父啊?师父就是要给人家看的,让大家看到 这个世界是有温暖、有感情的。

That’s why courage stems from compassion. For example, there are some homeless people begging in the streets, when people give them money, they’re unwilling to look at the homeless person. They directly put the money into the hat or cup and immediately walk away as if they’re afraid that others saw them give money. You must understand that it’s a benevolent deed. Master also do benevolent deeds, why don’t you learn from Master? Master does it openly so that others can see; it’s to let people know that there is still warmth and affection in this world.

一个修行人的一生有时候要像棋盘中的卒子一样, 只能向前,不能退后。你们会下象棋吗?象棋中的卒子 往前走了还可以退吗?只有冲上去,没有回头的,只有 被人家吃掉,或者它吃掉别人。但是士兵如果有勇气, 它一直往前走,它可以把老将吃掉,这不是人生哲理吗? 师父跟你们讲,不能退后,勇气虽然是平凡的,但是勇 气造就了智慧,因为一个人不停地努力,他就会有智慧。

Sometimes, the life of a cultivator is like a pawn in the game of Chinese chess; it can only move forward, not backwards. Do you know how to play Chinese chess? Isn’t it right that pawns can only move forward, not backwards? They can only charge and never retreat, and they either get eliminated or eliminate others. But if the pawn has the courage and keeps charging forwards, there’s a chance that it could eliminate the enemy general. Isn’t that a philosophy? Master re-iterate again that one must not retreat. Although one’s courage can be ordinary, it will create the conditions for one to develop wisdom. That’s because, in the process of putting in a lot of effort, they will develop wisdom.

今天你们学佛跟着观世音菩萨好好地学,念经修行懂道 理,你们就会智慧无穷。你们是怎么有智慧的?因为你 们从来没有放弃,你们就是拼命地学啊学,学到后来, 怎么会没有智慧呢?努力一点,怎么会没有智慧呢?你 今天不来了,不努力了,没有勇气学下去了,你哪里听 得到这些智慧啊?

Since you have decided to practise Buddhism, then properly learn by following the footsteps of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, recite sutras, cultivate and learn more principles. Then there is no limit to your wisdom. How does one possess wisdom? It’s because you have never given up, you keep on learning until eventually, nobody will question you that you have no wisdom. If you put in the effort, how would you not become wise? If today, you decide not to come to class, and you don’t put in the effort anymore, and you lack the courage to continue your learning, then how would you develop wisdom?

要懂得,过去修行人受人尊敬,法师剃度、穿袈裟, 被尊敬得不得了,大家都供养啊。现在的人被五欲六尘 蒙蔽,所以,没有出离心,就像现在的很多明星一样, 企业家老总什么都听不懂的,“某某演员有什么稀奇的, 叫他过来唱。” “老板,他不肯,给他五十万都不行。” “那就给他一百万,明天就叫他过来。”好了,明天过 来了。要记得,用钱买得到的东西就不值钱,买不到的 东西才叫古董、无价之宝。

You must know that in the past, cultivators were highly respected. When monks were ordained and had their hair shaved, and wore their sash, they were revered, and everybody offered things to them as almsgiving. Nowadays, people have become blinded by the five desires and six defilements. That’s why they don’t harbour a sense of renunciation. Just like many celebrities and business people, they won’t understand. “What’s so special about this actor? Tell him to come and sing for us.” “Boss, he’s not willing, he declined my offer of 500,000 RMB.” “Then offer him 1 million, tell him to come over tomorrow.” Alright, the actor does come in the day after. Take note, the things that money can buy is considered valuable. Only the things that money can’t buy are classified as antiques and artefacts and is considered priceless.

一个女人如果能够被别人用 钱买去,那有什么值钱的?对不对?过去有一个军阀, 什么都不懂,叫人家篮球队过来给他表演:“听说这个 人很有名气的,让他给我打球看看。”这个军阀不知道 篮球是什么玩意,看见这么多人在抢一个球,忙说:“停 下来,这么多人抢一个球成何体统啊?给他们每个人发 一个球。”想一想,他不懂,但他有钱,他照样叫得动 你,你就不值钱了啊。

If a girl would just follow whoever is more wealthy, then how highly regarded would she be? Is Master correct? In the past, there was a warlord who was ignorant and invited a basketball team to perform for him. “I heard that this team is famous, let them show off their skills and perform for me.” But this warlord doesn’t know what basketball is; he saw so many people chasing a ball and so, in the middle of the performance, he said, “Stop, it doesn’t look orderly if so many of you are chasing a ball. Here, let every person here have a ball.” Think about it, he’s ignorant, yet he has money, so he could still make you follow his orders, then you are not highly regarded anymore.

不要被幻网罩住,幻网就是表面上看一个事情好像 怎么样,好像很迷惑,你就被它罩住了。被人家骗了就 是这样的。“我告诉你啊,我跟你合作啊。” “我告诉 你,我马上要买你十二幢房子,你知道我们公司有多大 吗?”于是你就被他罩住了,他还没有在你身上花钱, 你已经开始在他身上花钱了,骗子都是这样的。什么叫 骗子啊?明明他要骗你的钱,他现在却说,他的钱比你 的钱多得不得了,他们有几十个亿呢,于是大家想在他 那儿弄点钱,请他吃饭,结果真要交易时他连人都不见 了。

Don’t let yourself be entrapped by the web of illusion. This web of illusion makes you think in a way that makes you think you’re right, but in fact, you were deluded, and you become trapped. It’s the same as when you get cheated, “Let me tell you, I’ll cooperate with you.” “Let me tell you; I’m going to make a purchase of twelve buildings of flats from you, do you know how big our company is?” So, you become trapped by their delusion. They haven’t spent a penny on you yet, but you are already spending money on them. All scam artists are like that, otherwise, how do you call it a scam? It’s clear that he wants to scam your money, but he’s saying that he’s richer than you and he’s got millions in his bank account. That’s why everybody wants to earn his business and treat him to fine dining. As a result, when it’s time for the transaction to occur, he disappears.

要记住,这个人间贪会害死自己的,这是幻网。例 如:你相信他吗?他不会这样做,好了,有一丝正念生 起的时候,幻念马上就没有了。过一会儿,不会吧,他 是坏人吗?你自己在骗自己。很多女孩子经常问自己: “他会不要我吗?不可能吧?你看他对我很好的。”你 这就是在骗你自己,明明知道他已经不爱你了。希望你 们要懂啊,学佛人要发出离心,就是说人间所有的东西 对我来说都是无所谓的,好了,没有人可以骗你的了。 一个骗子告诉你:“明天你跟着我去,你会发大财。” “哈哈,我不用。”对不对?不在乎。所以,人要离开 五浊恶世,明白了吗?

Take note; greed will ruin you; it’s just a web of illusion. For example, when somebody says, “Do you believe him?” You then reply with confidence, “He won’t do that kind of thing.” When your positive thoughts arise, it means that you’re unaffected. But after a while, “That can’t be true right? Is he a bad guy?” Then you start lying to yourself. Many girls frequently ask themselves, “Would he break up with me? That can’t be possible? He treats me so well.” You are here lying to yourself, although you clearly know that he doesn’t love you anymore. I hope that you all understand that Buddhists must possess a sense of renunciation. In other words, they must be indifferent to the things in the human realm. Then nobody could scam you. When a scam artist tells you, “Tomorrow, come with me, I’ll make you rich.” You would reply, “No thanks.” Is Master correct? You don’t care. That’s why one must get out of this world of defilements, you understand?

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