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V 1-40 Perceive The Three Realms as Illusionary; Wisdom arises from Affliction 三界视为虚幻,烦恼即为菩提

Disclaimer: The translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation. The Buddha-Dharma is profound. No matter how you convey it, it won’t be completely perfect. Because the Buddha-Dharma is an experience, it’s an awakening 【佛法深奥无比,怎么写,都不会是究竟圆满。佛法是一种悟】. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.


The three realms are Wayplaceswhere you should not form attachments to. The three realms are the desire realm, the form realm, and the formless realm. You should regard the three realms as Wayplacesthat are pure and tranquil within the mind, but we mustn’t be absorbed to it, we mustn’t treat it as a desirable place to stay. You must look beyond the superficial nature of the three realms, comprehend that life is impermanent, the three realms are only states of emptiness. Once you consider the three realms as something illusionary, then you won’t be absorbed into it. Take an example of drinking alcohol, it can be seen as enjoyment, but if you overdrink, you’ll become drunk and might become addicted to it. Things that are sensually pleasurable can make a person entrapped to it by addiction. Wisdom arises from affliction; the three realms are Wayplaces. When affliction approaches, it will develop your wisdom. Why do afflictions cause you to gain wisdom? That is because you want to take advantage of afflictions to inspire your inherent wisdom to resolve it. The inherent nature of all sentient beings is selfless. That’s why you must give rise to a Bodhi and pure mind. Bodhi is wisdom. Once you possess it, you won’t develop afflictions. Please take note that the three realms are our Wayplaces.

师父常和你们讲凡是不能长久的物质皆属虚幻,三界轮回是境界,三界轮回均属虚幻,一念善,会上去,一念恶,会下去,菩萨是无碍的,所以菩萨不会趣入,也就是菩萨不会加入其中,什么境界都会得到解脱。就是只有当你不趣入, 不对这三界存有想法,你才会什么样的境界都能解脱。见解是一切无碍,如果每人在见解上对某一事情认知没有障碍,就会事事顺利无碍,也就无对立故。要做到无滞无碍,当你脑子里真正破除了这些杂念,就不会有障碍了。

Master often tells you that anything that does not last long is regarded as an illusion. The three realms of samsara change according to your level of spirituality, therefore they are illusionary. When you have a benevolent thought, you will ascend. When you have a malicious thought, you will descend. Bodhisattvas have no hindrances, that’s why they won’t be absorbed into it. In other words, they won’t involve themselves, and they can attain liberation from whatever they encounter. Only when one is detached from the cycles of the three realms, will they attain freedom in whatever situation they face. If one’s understanding of a given subject is unobstructed, then they will be smooth-sailing at whatever they do, they will not encounter opposition. Therefore, you should get rid of any attachments. Only when you get rid of distracting thoughts, would you be free of obstacles.

缘由愿来,缘分是由你的愿力所来的,愿力大,你的善缘就自然具足了,所以能觉他人之障,不行于言。如能受人之辱,无动于色,佛道成近矣。如果知道人家在骗你,不要有反应,笑一笑,受人侮辱要不动于色,忍辱精进,做人如果能够守住这几个字,你学佛接近成功了。境界来了不惧怕,来去不留,一切随缘, 你就很自在了,就不会难过,放下即得解脱,你把这个缘分放下了,你就解脱了。

Affinity arises from vows. The greater the vow, the more sufficient your positive karmic affinities will naturally be. As such, you are mindful of your demeanour when you see others make mistakes. You remain composed when you are humiliated. Then you become closer to attaining Buddhahood. If you know that people are lying to you, just smile and don't respond. When you are insulted, keep your composure. You must be able to endure humiliation and cultivate diligently. If you can hold on to these practices, you'll be close to success. When the trials and tribulations come, you won't be fearful. You watch things come and go and not be attached to them; you act in accordance with karmic conditions. This way, you 'll be at ease and won't get upset. Only by letting go, could you be liberated. You let go of your karmic affinity, and then you are liberated.

如果你是一个有智慧的人,永远不会指责别人,检查人家不如先检查自己, 师父让你们知道聪明难,糊涂更难,在人间学聪明已经很难了,要学糊涂更难, 所以有句话叫:难得糊涂,这个糊涂是聪明的,有智慧的糊涂,真正的放下就不会糊涂了,真正糊涂的人就会放不下。

If you are a wise person, you would never accuse others. It is better to examine yourself rather than point the finger at others. Master wants you to know that although being smart isn't easy, it's even harder to learn not to be smart. As the saying goes, "Ignorance is bliss." The ignorance here refers to a smart kind of ignorance, a wise kind of ignorance. When you can truly let go, then you aren't ignorant. Only truly ignorant people aren't able to let go.

总之,失意时要用忍耐的方法克制自己的失意。快意时,治之以淡,就是开心了,有好事情来时尽量淡化,经常不要让自己的心有增减感,是名入道之人, 即为修为之人。

In short, when you are disappointed, you must use forbearance to restrain your frustrations. When you are happy, you must take it lightly. When fortunate events happen, you must take it lightly. Regularly control your mind so that it stays composed and not feel a sense of fluctuation. If you can do so, then you are deemed a refined and cultivated person.

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