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V 3-21 Sense your Inherent Nature; Awakenment to the Right Way 触摸本性,开悟正道

Disclaimer: The translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation. The Buddha-Dharma is profound. No matter how you convey it, it won’t be completely perfect. Because the Buddha-Dharma is an experience, it’s an awakening 【佛法深奥无比,怎么写,都不会是究竟圆满。佛法是一种悟】. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

任何一个法门,如果这个法门没有一个很好的导师,这个法门就不大兴旺。如果有一个很好的导师,一 个很有名的而且修得很好的,大家都崇拜、敬仰的导 师,这个法门就会很兴旺。师父在学佛当中如履薄冰, 自己知道应该怎么走。我可以把自己对人间的欲望像一 个窗纱一样透过,可以看到真正的菩萨的境界。而你们 这层窗帘比师父这层肯定要厚得多,是看不见前面的, 你们就看见这么一点点。师父希望你们把自己眼前的窗 帘要没有,什么都不要有,那时你就修得很干净了。

Regardless of what Dharma Door, if there's no good tutor there, then it will not prosper. If there's a very good tutor, who's very famous and also cultivated very well, and is someone who everybody reveres, then the Dharma Door will prosper. Master cultivates as if treading on thin ice and is very careful and aware of how to do so. He can allow his desires to pass out of his mind, likened to how light passes out the window, and alleviate his level of spirituality to the same level as a Bodhisattva's. Your mental windows are surely equipped with thick curtains, where light is unable to easily pass through, only slightly. Master hopes that you could throw away your curtains, that way, you could cultivate wholeheartedly.

师 父越讲越舍不得你们,因为看见你们真的很可怜,你们 懂得东西太少了,你们要学的东西太多了,而你们天天 还在为了人间的事在奔忙,你们不如师父舍得掉呀。师 父告诉你们:你们要多懂一点道理,就会少一点麻烦; 你们多修一点心,你们家里就会多得到一点平安;你多 念一点经,你的人生路就会平坦很多。可怜的就是你们 不懂呀,把真的当成假的,把假的当成真的。这个人间 都是假的,你以为是真的,还拼命地在恶海风浪当中翻腾。

The more Master discusses with you, the more he misses you. That's because he sees how pitiful you are and how little you know. What you need to learn is too much, but you are always busy with your worldly pursuits. Master tells you, the more principles you know, the less troubled you become. The more you cultivate your mind, the more peaceful your family becomes. The more sutras you recite, the fewer hardships you would endure in your everyday life. But it's a pity that you don't know. You view what's real as fake and what's fake as real. This whole Human Realm is fake, but you view it as real, and you continue to toil in the sea of suffering.

明明是菩萨的原灵,明明是心灵的本善,把这些好 的东西全部没有了,就剩下恶言恶语、恶气相加,再加 贪瞋痴慢。外面相传师父现在是法力无边。法力无边说 明这是正的,是佛法无边。师父这次乘愿再来你们在电 台里也听到了,很简单,不单单是来弘扬这个法门的, 是来和魔斗争的。首先是把徒弟心中的魔斗掉,再把外 界的魔斗掉。但是师父有慈悲心,一边在与魔作斗争, 一边还是慈悲地规劝他们、帮助超度他们,让他们得到 更高的境界。师父希望跟着修学的人都能得到永生。

It's clear that you possess a Bodhisattva's primordial soul, and your inherent nature is wholesome, but you have thrown these good qualities away. Now all you're left are other people's critique, an unwholesome demeanour, with additional hatred, greed, delusion and doubt. There are rumours of Master's power being boundless. It indicates that it's right because the power of the Buddha-Dharma is boundless. You have already heard from Master's radio programme that he came to the Human Realm due to his power of a vow. It's very simple, it's not just to propagate this Dharma Door, but it's also to fight against demons. Firstly, it's to fight against the inner demons of his disciples and then also fight against external demons. But Master is merciful, while he is fighting against demons, he is also trying to preach to them and helping them to spiritually ascend so that their level of spirituality is alleviated. Master wishes that he could enjoy everlasting life with other cultivators.

师父接下来给大家讲,菩萨的眼睛为什么看众生是 三分开七分闭?师父曾经给你们也讲过,因为人间都是 假的,所以菩萨的眼睛不要看人间这虚空法界。实际上 这里面还有另外一个原因,你们想象一下,当一个人很 慈悲的时候,他的眼睛绝对不会睁得很大,眼睛也不会 闭起来的。当一个人很慈悲的时候,实际上他的眼睛就 是七分闭、三分开的。

Next, why do Bodhisattvas look at sentient beings with eyes that are 70% closed? It's because everything in the Human Realm is fake, that's why the Bodhisattvas doesn't look too deeply at this illusionary and empty Dharma realm. But there is also another reason. Think, when a person is showing mercy and compassion, their eyes won't be opened too widely, nor would they close their eyes. In reality, their eyes would be 70% closed, 30% opened.

看这个人很可怜的时候,心里在 想: "唉,这个孩子怎么会这样呢?" 这是从心里发出 的慈悲心,这时眼睛绝对不会睁得很大很大,对不对? 因为菩萨看我们就是很慈悲,所以菩萨的眼帘是垂下, 但是又不舍得放弃我们,这三分就是不舍得放下我们, 这个七分有点恨铁不成钢。慈悲呀,这就是菩萨的眼 睛。师父看见观世音菩萨就想哭,看见菩萨就觉得自己 做得太少了。

When you see somebody looking pitiful, and you think, "Oh, why is this child like that?" That's your compassion exuding out, at this moment, your eyes won't be opened wide, isn't that right? The Bodhisattvas watch over us with compassion, and that's why their gaze is downwards. But because they can't abandon us, that's why their gaze has to remain open. Their downward gaze also indicates their regret that we don't live up to their expectations. So merciful, these are the eyes of the Bodhisattva. Master becomes tearful whenever he looks at Guan Yin Bodhisattva as he sees how little he has accomplished in comparison.

有时候真的是那种感受就是像看母亲一样 的。母亲对我们多好,我们想想母亲把我们养大多不容 易,而现在的孩子对母亲还要又打又骂又叫(虐待母 亲)。师父母亲过世较早,是观世音菩萨让我从小就懂 得了你所拥有的东西瞬间就可以没有;是观世音菩萨让 师父看清了在人间所有的东西都不能长久,这就叫无 常。观世音菩萨从小就让师父接受一个考验--舍。要舍 得下。

There were times where he feels as if he's looking at his own mother. Look at how much our mothers have done for us. Think how much hardships your mother had faced with raising you. But some children would hit and shout at their mothers. Master's mother passed away when he was very young. It was Guan Yin Bodhisattva who let him know that what he thinks he possesses could disappear in an instant. It was Guan Yin Bodhisattva who has let him see clearly that everything we own in the Human Realm does not last long, and that's called impermanence. Guan Yin Bodhisattva had taught him a lesson when he was little, and that was how to let go.

当时师父就想:为什么要发生在我的家里?家里 什么都不缺,什么都有,条件这么好,为什么呢?就是 因为这个为什么造成了师父为什么要来弘法、来救度众 生--我跟释迦牟尼佛学。学释迦牟尼佛当年做太子的时 候,因为他看到了人间的苦难,看见了人的生老病死这 么可怜,所以他就要寻找一条路。师父也看到了人这么 苦,所以一直在脑子里想:我最好能够让大家开心,让 大家不要死,让大家活在世界上每一天都很幸福。而这 个幸福只有用佛法才能让你幸福,如果你离开了佛法你 永远得不到幸福。

At the time, Master has thought to himself, "Why is this happening to my family? There's nothing lacking in our family; our conditions were very good; why did it happen?" It is because of this reason that Master has decided to propagate the Buddha-Dharma, and that's to save other sentient beings, and learn from the teachings of Gautama Buddha, and learn how at the time when he was still a prince, he has witnessed the suffering of the Human Realm and could see how pitiful it is to suffer birth, old age, illness and death. That was why he tried to find a path to liberate from it. Master has seen how people suffer, and that's why he has kept thinking about how to bring happiness to others so that others won't have to experience the same pain and could feel blessed to live. If you abandon the Buddha-Dharma, you will never attain happiness.

这都是师父感受到的。我的一生也经 历了很多坎坷,但是师父是怎么过来的呢?就是一直靠 坚定的信念。我从小就拜佛念经,虽然那个时候念的经 很少,主要是念《心经》,但是师父就是不停地拜佛, 心中有一个伟大的理想:只要拜佛什么都能解决。师父 刚才给你们讲了,每个人都有福分,因为你做恶太多, 你的恶业盖住了你的福,所以让你的福离你而去。但是 我们跟着观世音菩萨好好地修心、修行、念经,我们得 到的是最大的福分。你只要相信观世音菩萨一天,你就 把福分拉在自己身边一天。大家明白了吗?

These are all Master's personal experiences. He has gone through many tribulations and hardships, but how did he overcome it and make it up till this day? It's because he had constantly relied on faith. From a very young age, he had been praying to the Buddhas and reciting sutras. Although at the time, he recited very little, and mainly the Heart Sutra, Master had constantly prayed to the Buddha and had faith that as long as he prays to the Bodhisattvas, everything will be resolved in the end. Earlier, Master discusses that everybody possesses blessings. But if you did too many unwholesome deeds, the negative karma will cover up your blessings, and that's why your blessings remain away from you. But when you follow Guan Yin Bodhisattva and properly cultivate your mind and behaviour, and recite sutras, then you have attained the greatest blessings. As long as you have faith in Guan Yin Bodhisattva, then you are blessed. Do you understand?

修行不是把 佛当成偶像来拜。很多人以为我们修心修行是把菩萨当 成自己的一种偶像,天天来磕磕头,来拜拜菩萨: "菩 萨呀你很伟大,你救救我呀。" 这种是错误的理解。拜 观世音菩萨也好,拜所有的佛菩萨也好,是让你们拜佛 修心念经,是让你们开悟,让你们拜自身佛,让你们皈 依佛法僧。师父曾经给你们讲过:佛在心中,皈依自己 的自性佛;法在行中,你在行为当中就是在守护着佛 法。你皈依谁呀?实际上是皈依你自己呀,因为你的本 性就是佛呀。僧在戒中,懂得戒律的人实际上就是一个 僧人。因为僧人有许多的戒律,如果我们做人能够持戒 守法,我们就是一个好僧人。

Cultivation is not about idolising the Buddha and Bodhisattvas. Many people have the wrong impression that cultivation is about idolising them and kowtow every day, "Oh Bodhisattva, you are so great, please save me." Whether you are praying to Guan Yin Bodhisattva or to other Buddhas and Bodhisattvas or cultivating or reciting sutras, it is all about helping you become enlightened. It's about praying to the Buddha that sleeps within you and taking refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. Master once said that the Buddha is within your mind when you take refuge, you are also taking refuge the inherent Buddha-Nature within you. The Dharma is manifested in action. Your behaviour must be one that's protective of the Buddha-Dharma. Who are you taking refuge in? In reality, it's yourself. It's because your inherent nature is of a Buddha. Sangha is manifested in the precepts. Those who observe the precepts is a Sangha, and that's because the Sangha observes many precepts. If we can discipline ourselves to maintain the precepts and remain as a law-abiding citizen, then we are good Sanghas.

师父继续给大家讲,要用你的心去触摸自己的本性 和良心。什么叫触摸?你去摸一摸你的良心再来讲话, 你去摸一摸你的本性再来做事情。你对得起自己的良心 吗?你们做任何事情对得起菩萨吗?你们今天做的坏事 对得起你们的父母吗?所以学佛要净念。什么叫净念? 净就是干净,念就是念头。要非常干净的念头,你才能 得到正法;你的念头不干净,你所学的法门一定不是正 法。如果这个法门教你不干净的东西,那你就要怀疑它 的真实性了。听得懂吗?

Master continues, you must sincerely try to sense and feel your inherent nature and conscience. How do you do so? It's by introspecting and speaking with your conscience. Do you live up to your own conscience? Do you live up to the Bodhisattva's expectations? Could you face your parents after you committed an unwholesome deed today? That's why you must possess pure thoughts when practising Buddhism to attain the right Dharma. If your thoughts are impure, everything you learnt would definitely not be the right Dharma. If a cultivation method is teaching you impure things, then you must doubt its authenticity. Do you understand?

师父从来不评论任何法门,不 讲任何一个法门好与坏,但是师父可以把道理讲给你们 听,让你们自己去悟、自己去评判。如果一个法门教你 们贪瞋痴,你们说这是个什么法门呢?如果一个法门教 你们怎么样赌博,念什么经可以赚钱,你们敢修吗?你 们听得懂吗?师父不想把这些事情讲得很明,要你们自己来悟道,什么叫正?什么叫偏?所以师父一直给你们 讲要正念和正时来配合,才能得到你真正的正念。什么 叫正念?正念也是要靠时间的。

Master has never criticised any other cultivational method nor talk about whether they are good or bad. But he has told you all the principles, and it's up to you to comprehend it and judge for yourself. If a cultivational method teaches you to develop more greed, hatred and delusion, then what're your views of this cultivational method? If a cultivational method teaches you how to gamble, or how you can make money by reciting what sutras, then do you dare to cultivate it? Do you understand? Master does not wish to spoon-feed you but instead wants you to comprehend by yourself on what's right and what's deviated. That's why Master has constantly taught that you must use the right thoughts with the right time in order to attain the true right thought. Rights thoughts also depend on time.

比如说你过去做这个事 情你是对的,你觉得是正的,而你现在这个时代做这个 事情明明是错的,你还是拿过去的这个事情说我是对 的,实际上你就是错的。很多老人家不就是这样吗?以 为自己过去是不得了的或自己年青的时候怎么样,而现 在自己的工作没有了,经济也没有了,什么都没有了, 跑到儿子媳妇家里还要指手画脚,讲东讲西的。你说这 个老人家做得对不对呀?学佛也是这样,现在的时间要 以现在的概念为准来弘扬佛法,你不能拿过去的来讲现 在的,也不能拿现在的去和过去的比,那才叫真正的开 智慧。师父讲的对不对?没有讲错吧?能比吗?

For example, in the past era, something was considered correct, and you thought that it's right. But in today's modern-day era, that thing is clearly considered wrong, but you keep insisting that it's right. In reality, you're wrong. Aren't there many older people who are like that? They're still stuck in the past where they were great or when they were young, but now they've lost their job, their money and everything. And they stay at their children and their spouse's home, pointing fingers at them and criticising this and that. Do you think that this older person is in the right? Practising Buddhism is the same. We must use ideas that are relevant to modern times to propagate the Buddha-Dharma, you mustn't take what's in the past to talk about the present, nor should you compare the present with the past, as that will take things out of context. Then that's considered true awakenment. Is Master correct? Could you compare the two?

这个天时在转,你怎么可以老拿过去的与现在的比呢?你们小 姑娘的时候随便挑挑,谁都要你,现在还会有那么多人 要你吗?时间不等人,时间不一样了。法门也是这样。 现在的天时因为人的概念全部都在变化、在转化,师父 没有一句话说是让这个佛法在转变,而是方法在变、在 转变。同样在这一所大学里读书,过去用的教学方法和 现在用的教学方法能一样吗?但这并不代表学习的目的 是不一样的。

Times are always changing, could you keep taking the past to talk about the present? When you were still a young and energetic young girl, everybody wants you, but now, is there still that many people who want you? Times waits for no one; things are different now. Cultivation methods are the same. According to the times, people's concepts and ideas keep changing. Although the Buddha-Dharma is the same, the methods used to teach it changes accordingly. Just like taking the teaching methods at universities as an example, are the current teaching methods the same as the teaching methods in the past? But it doesn't mean that the subject has changed.

“尊师重道,依教奉行”讲的是依你的导师,依佛 法所基定的原则来修心。原则都不能变,而变的只不过 是它的方法而已。原则是什么?是共同来驱除贪瞋痴。 修什么?修成开悟、修成极乐世界、修成四圣道、修成佛道、修成大觉。学什么?学妙法。如果法门只有一个 的话,菩萨为什么在佛经里讲八万四千法门呢?那为什 么又叫“不二法门”呢?指的是你已经学习了某一个法 门,就不要再去左看右看,这叫不二法门。并不是说整个的佛法、佛教只有这么一个法门。听得懂吗?

'Honour the teacher and respect their teachings'. What it means is to cultivate your mind according to the teachings and principles of the Buddha-Dharma that your teacher teaches you. The principles don't change, but what changes is just the method. What are the principles? It's to eliminate greed, hatred and delusion. What are you cultivating? You're cultivating to become awakened, to transcend to the Four Sagely Realms, to cultivate the Way of the Buddha and to attain perfect enlightenment. What are you learning? You're learning wondrous methods. If there's only one cultivational method (Dharma Door), why did the Bodhisattvas mention about 84,000 Dharma Doors in the Buddhist sutras? So why is there a Dharma Door called 'No second Dharma Door'? What it points out is that once you are learning from a Dharma Door, then don't left and right and seek out other Dharma Doors. But it doesn't sum up the whole Buddha-Dharma, it's just one of the Dharma Doors of Buddhism. Do you understand?

比如你 今天坐火车到北京,就好好坐火车。你今天坐马车到北 京去,就好好坐马车。你今天上了飞机了,不要说我还 是想坐火车,到了天津下来再换火车。很多人坐火车做 得累了,“哎呀,我早知道还是坐飞机吧。”这个就比 较麻烦了。其实目的都是一个到北京,只是去的方法不 同而已。这就是为什么学佛要专一,要讲究一个妙法。

For example, if you choose to go to Beijing by train, then properly sit in your seat on the train. If you choose to go to Beijing by a horse-drawn carriage, then properly sit inside. If you have gone inside a plane, and then think to yourself that you want to travel by train instead, so you got off the nearest stop and changed to travel by train, then it will feel tiresome. You might complain to yourself, "If I knew that this was the case, I would've just continued to travel on the plane." It would be troublesome. In reality, the destination is still to arrive in Beijing, but the method of travel is different. That's why we must be single-minded when practising Buddhism, and diligently research and study a single Dharma Door.

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Marcus Wong
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