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V 11-7 Pointless Worries make One lose Courage 无谓的担心 会失去勇气

Disclaimer: My translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation based on my understanding of his teachings. The Buddha-Dharma is profound. No matter how you convey it, it won’t be completely perfect. Because the Buddha-Dharma is an experience, it’s an awakening 【佛法深奥无比,怎么写,都不会是究竟圆满。佛法是一种悟】. I am not an enlightened being like Master Lu, but I will treat his teachings with my utmost respect and do my best to convey and translate it to the best of my (limited) abilities for my friends and people who can’t read Chinese. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

老子说“为学日益,为道日损”,“损”字实际上就是名利的 损失,就是说,为了学佛,我们虽然每天在损失很多的 名和利,其实我们的心是受益的,所以我们要抛弃额外的贪欲,我们要抛弃名利,我们并没有因为损而失去, 而是转化给了另外的载体。师父给你们解释一下,因为 我们把一些名利抛弃之后,实际上,我们是转化成了另 外一个载体,而这个载体会使你的心变得越来越富有, 因为我不贪名利,所以,我不会被这些名利所累。

Laozi once said, “In pursuit of knowledge, something is acquired every day. In pursuit of the Way, something is forfeited every day.” This ‘forfeit’ refers to the forfeit of fame and fortune. In other words, for the sake of learning and practising Buddhism, although we have forfeited a lot of potentials to acquire fame and fortune, in reality, our mind has benefited. That’s why we must abandon our excess desires; we must abandon our fame and fortune. We haven’t lost anything from forfeiting these things, but it has just been transformed into another kind of substance. Here, Master explains. Because after we have abandoned fame and fortune, it has transformed into another kind of substance, and this substance is something that will make your mind even more enriched. Because you no longer desire fame and fortune, that’s why you no longer feel mentally strained by these things.

你们去看,要死的人房子越多、家产越多,越是不放心,因为怕孩子以后争家产、打官司。所以,当一个 人把名利抛弃的时候,他失去的是贪欲和物质,而他得 到的是身心纯洁的升华和更加强大的能量场。中国人 说,有所失,必有所得,我今天失去了名利,但是一定 会得到别的东西,比如灵魂的升华。人最主要的问题是 被外物所累,就是为名为利疲惫不堪。今天让你做会 长,明天把你撤下来了,你心痛、难过,感觉没有面 子,这些都让你身心疲惫,用现代话讲,你的身体于养 生不利,养生之道就是不要为名利所累。

Take a look, the more assets and properties that a person who’s about to die has, the more worried they become. It’s because they’re afraid that their children would fight over their assets and get into a legal battle with each other. That’s why, when a person has abandoned their fame and fortune, what they’re lost are desires and material goods, but what they gain is purity and peace of the mind and body, and an even greater aura. There’s a Chinese saying that when something is lost, there must be something gained. “Today, although I have lost fame and fortune, I’ll gain something, for example, an increase in level of spirituality.” The main problem that people nowadays have is that they are mentally strained by the external environment and things. They have mentally overburdened themselves in their pursuit of fame and fortune. Today, you might have been promoted to become the chairman, but the day after, you might be demoted. You become upset, and you feel embarrassed, all of these emotions will give you a lot of mental stress that also affects you physically. In other words, your body is not properly nourished according to nature. To nourish yourself properly, you mustn’t succumb to fame and fortune.

对生命而言,你的贪欲多了,你的生命就缩短了。 现在时间过得很快啊,时光像流水一样,五年、十年就 这么没有了。你们浪费的时间还能要得回来吗?没有 了,结束了。你们脸上长出来的皱纹还能够再去掉吗? 靠天天按摩能抹掉吗?因为你为名为利,因为你背名背 利背得太多了,你的生命缩短了,你的生命的质量下降 了,所以,我们学佛人要不为外物所累,名利都是空 的。今天给你做这个好吗?好。明天给你做那个,好 吗?好。就是这样的,没有了就没有了。所以对生命而 言,如果你不为名不为利,你的生命就延长了,你的生 命的质量就提高了,保护自己的能量也增加了。

From the perspective of life, the more desires you, the shorter your life is. Nowadays, time flies very quickly. It flows just like running water, in five years or ten years, everything is gone. Can you get back the time that you’ve wasted? You can’t; it’s over. Could you remove the wrinkles that have appeared all over your face? Could you remove it if you go and visit a masseur every day? Because you pursued fame and fortune all your life, you have shouldered too many responsibilities, that’s why your life was shortened, and your quality of life has declined. That’s why as Buddhists, we mustn’t let external material goods burden ourselves, all fame and fortune are empty. If I give you a position you want, is that great? Yes. What if I gave you another position in the following day? Yes. Like this, things appear and disappear. That’s why from the perspective of life, if you no longer live for the sake of fame and fortune, then your life will extend, and your quality of life will improve. And the energy field that you possess to maintain yourself will also increase.

人最可怜的地方就是患得患失,得到、失去都会担 心,患得患失的心态对你的身体最不利。过去很多人精 神分裂,在单位里看见老板今天对自己不好,一天都想 不通,不开心、难过,实际上老板对谁都是这样,但是 他就这样想。其实你不要去管人家,你只要觉得自己内 心没有做错,你为什么要自卑呢?你有这种感觉实际上 是因为你对自己所做的事情的积极性和内在的勇气不 够。师父经常跟人家讲,如果你怀疑对方有男人或者女 人,实际上你是对自己本身的信心不足。师父希望你们 的心态要好,好好学佛修心。

The most pitiful aspect of people is that they are easily swayed by considerations of gains and losses. They are worried no matter if they gain or lose. This kind of attitude is unfavourable to one’s physical health. Many people who have schizophrenia are very sensitive. If their employer didn’t treat them well that day in the office, then they will be upset for the entire day, thinking and repeating what had happened in their mind. But in reality, the employer treats everybody the same, but the person takes it personally. There’s no need to care about how others treat you. As long as you feel that you’ve done nothing wrong, why should you feel inferior? The reason why you feel this way is because you’re not courageous enough and you have an extreme view of yourself and conduct. Master frequently tell others that if you suspect your partner has an extramarital or an affair, the reason why you’re suspicious is that you are not confident enough. Master hopes that your state of mind remains healthy, and you can continue to practise Buddhism and cultivate your mind.

Guan Yin Citta Buddhism in Plain Terms V11-7

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