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V 11-6 Giving Wishes is Giving Energy 祝福就是力量

Disclaimer: The translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation. The Buddha-Dharma is profound. No matter how you convey it, it won’t be completely perfect. Because the Buddha-Dharma is an experience, it’s an awakening 【佛法深奥无比,怎么写,都不会是究竟圆满。佛法是一种悟】. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

一般母亲到了中年之后,她们的身体相当不好,为 什么?因为母亲对孩子牵挂的念力过头了。母亲年轻时 的脑电波已经释放得太多了,所以到了中年以后,母亲 的身体会变差,这些跟父母的心血、念力有关系。为什 么说祝福和祈祷都是有能量的外施作用?有能量的人帮 你们加持,实际上就是祷告,就是祝福。如果师父今天 说祝福你,祝你身体好,那比一般人的祝福要好很多。 要记住,我们在祝福别人的时候,你的能量在外施、外 泄,同样,被祝福的人身上会产生一种接收的作用,所 以,你们不能乱讲话,意念都不能乱动。很多人心想: “我恨死他了,恨不得他生病啊。”好了,这个人真的 生病了,因为你的念力太大了,让对方生病了。如果对 方也有很大的力量,你再怎么骂他,他是不会受到你的 气场的影响的。

Typically, when mothers get into their late 30s or early 40s, their health deteriorates. Why is that? It’s because they worry about their child too much, and they released too much of their brain waves when they were young. So when they are in their middle ages, their health deteriorates. It’s all related to their painstaking concern towards their children and the energy used up in their thoughts. Why do we say that when we wish somebody well, it’s an external projection of energy? When a person with a lot of energy prays for you or wishes you well, in reality, it’s a blessing. If Master wishes you the best of health, then his wish is much stronger than the average person. Take note, when we wish others well, we are giving them energy. At the same time, the person who wishes would also receive a reactionary effect. That’s why you mustn’t speak recklessly not think recklessly. Many people have thoughts like, “I hate him so much; I wish he would get ill.” Alright, then that person may become ill because your power of intent was too strong, and caused them to fall ill. But if the target possesses a lot of energy, then no matter how much you badmouth them, they would remain unaffected by your energy field.

为什么宗教一直都存在?原因就是它有一股神奇的 力量存在。我们相信啊,我们相信了之后,我们真的会 好,对不对?所以,宗教兴盛不衰,是不会衰亡的。流行歌曲唱几年就没有了,可是宗教几千年都不会衰亡, 这么多的国家,没有一个国家是没有宗教的,越是发达 的国家,宗教越是兴旺,其原因就是宗教有神奇的力 量,只是长期以来人们不知道形成这种超能量的真正原 因。

Why is it that religion has constantly existed in this world? The reason is that it possesses a miraculous power. When we have faith in something, we really do get better. Is that right? That’s why religion continues to flourish and never wanes. Pop songs are popular for a few years and then disappear, but religion has continued to flourish over the past millennia. There isn’t a single country without religion. The more developed the country is, the more prosperous the religions are there. One of the main reason is that religion possesses miraculous power. It’s just that people don’t realise how this power came to be.

师父讲给大家听,如果你去诅咒别人,就会消耗掉 自己身上很大的能量,这就是我们学佛人讲的,当你骂 别人的时候,你会“火烧功德林”,你念经的人去骂别 人,去诅咒别人,那你的能量就消耗得特别大。举个简 单例子,你用火焰喷射器让火把人家烧到,你是不是要 憋足了劲把自己的火推出来啊?是不是要很多气啊?好 消息就是说,如果你去祝福别人,或者为别人祈祷,就 会增加自己的能量,所以说好话会增加自己的能量。

If you curse somebody, you would be consuming a lot of energy. This is the so-called ‘Burning of one’s forest of merit-virtues’ phrase that Buddhists say when you scold at others. If you’re somebody who recites sutras, and you go and scold or curse somebody, then you would be consuming a lot of more your energy. For example, if you are carrying a flamethrower and shooting the flames at others, don’t you have to use a lot of energy to grip and hold the flamethrower in place so that it won’t knockback? The good news is that if you go and wish others well, or pray for others, it will increase your energy. That’s why saying good things will increase your energy.

为什么?因为说出去的好话,人家得到好的感应,人家马 上就会对你有一种好的回报,这样的话,你就会增强自 身的能量。所以,越是说好话,你越能够自己身体好, 越能够繁荣昌盛。经常说人家好话的人,实际上他自己 身体好,他自己天天开心。所以,看见病人最好天天说 他好:“你今天气色蛮好的,你一天比一天好起来了, 我看你有希望了,很好。”整天就这么讲,你自己也会 好起来,别人也会受到你的感染。

Why is that? That’s because when you say good things to others, they will receive a positive sensation. They would then immediately reciprocate you in some shape or form, and that would increase your energy. That’s why the more good things you say to others, the better your health is or, the more prosperous you become. In reality, it’s because they are happy every day. That’s why when you’re visiting a sick patient, it’s best that you compliment them that they’re looking better every day and there’s hope for them that they will fully recover. If you keep saying that, you will also get better and it will affect others.

在这个世界上,人们的信仰很多,世界上所有的宗 教,虽然说信仰不同,但是它们都有一个共同点,那就 是要人的诚、信、善。不管什么宗教都要你诚心,拜 佛、拜上帝,都要你诚心。第二,要信。西方教说,你 只要信了,你就得救了;佛法讲,有信心,你才能精 进,你才能成功。还有善,就是善良一点。

In this world, people have many different beliefs and faith. Of all the religions in this world, although the sets of beliefs vary, they all have something in common. That is it requires that its followers must be sincere, faithful and kind-hearted. Regardless of which religion you believe, whether you pray to the Buddha or to your God, it requires your utmost sincerity. Secondly, you must have faith. In western religions, they say that you will be saved as long as you have faith. In Buddhism, it says that as long as you have faith, you will be diligent, and you will succeed. Also, you have to be kinder.

我们待人接物也是这样,诚就是对人要诚实,信就是对人要讲信 誉,善就是要与人为善,多帮助别人,你的自我心理调 节能力就会越来越强。你们去看,能够帮助别人的人, 他的心理调节能力都是很强的,他自己能够站在咨询处去帮别人解说,他自己一定能够想通,如果解说不出来 的话,那么这个人自己根本没有想通。

It’s the same concept whenever deal with other people. We should be sincere towards them, and we should be trustworthy. We should also be kind and proactively help others. That way, your mental self-adjustment would get stronger. Go and observe, those who proactively help others usually have a strong ability in readjusting their mental state. They are quick to think from the other person’s position and perspective and try to resolve their problems. So it means they have greater mental clarity. If they can’t resolve any problems, then it means that they simply lack mental clarity.

信仰要虔诚,要身心合一,你的念头才会干净。如 果你对自己的信仰都怀疑,你一定得不到菩萨的护佑。 如果一个人做人诚实守信,经常帮助别人,你说他会不 会获得好的祝福和赞誉?一旦有难,很多人帮你祈福, 这时就会形成一股强大的力量,来增加你自身的能量。 大家都来帮你祈福,大家都来帮你念经,你自身的能量 场增强了,你是不是很快就能够好起来?举个简单例 子,如果你们这里有人生病,所有的人一起帮他念经, 他很快就能够好起来,如果他能感动师父,让师父也帮 他念经,你说这个人好起来快吗?道理就是这么简单。

One must be sincere with their faiths, and their body and mind should be as one. That way, one’s thoughts would be pure. If you have doubts with your faith, then you definitely won’t receive the Bodhisattvas’ blessings. If a person is sincere, trustworthy, and regularly go and help others, wouldn’t they be praised? If they get into any problems, many people will pray for them. At that moment, it will form a very strong energy field that will energise you. Then won’t you get better quicker? For example, if anybody here fell ill, and all the fellow Buddhists here help the person recite sutras, then they will recover quickly. If they could also stir the feelings of Master to recite sutras for them, wouldn’t this person recover? The principle is that simple.

但是,如果这个人平时来到观音堂板着脸,看见人 家不理不睬,贡高我慢,没人喜欢他,有一天他生病 了,“哦,他生病了”,人家听过了也就算了。如果他 是一个好人的话,人家马上会说:“他生病了?我们要 帮帮他。”自然就出来了,那这些都是靠你自己平时做 人啊,你做人不好,谁会帮你祈祷?所以,从减轻疾病 到免除灾难,很多人就是靠大家在帮他祈祷、帮他念经 念出来的效果。

But if that person usually keeps a stern face at the Guan Yin Temple, ignores other people, acts arrogantly and nobody likes him, and that person suddenly falls ill, others would not go and proactively help him. If that person is good, then others would say, “Did he fall ill? Let’s go and help him.” They will help the person naturally. Everything depends on how you behave. If you’re not a good person, who would pray for you? That’s why from lightening one’s sickness to eliminating one’s calamities, many people depend on the prayers of others or their sutra recitations to achieve this kind of effect.

师父对老人家特别好,经常去养老院给老人喂饭。 那些老人是西方教的,每个星期他们有一个祈祷名单, 他们自觉自愿地请上帝祈祷某某某好,他们把师父的名 字每次都放在前面报出来。如果你们做人能够做到人家 背后帮你祈祷,你这个人就成功了。你们现在有几个人 能够让别人在背后为你们祈祷祝福啊?如果你们谁有信心,觉得人家会对你很好、会为你祈祷的,你们站起来 给大家看看,看有几个人愿意帮助你?师父要是有一点 什么事情,全世界佛友都会帮师父放生,那是怎么来 的?就是因为师父对人家好啊。你连笑都不愿意笑,好 话都不愿意跟人家讲,谁愿意理你啊?现代社会的毛病 就是每个人都活在自私当中,我们学佛人要懂得付出 啊。

Master treats the elderly especially well. He frequently visits nursing homes to help feed the residents there. The old people there are all Christians. They have a list of people they pray to there, and every week, they would voluntarily and willingly pray to God to bless the wellbeing of the people on that list. Master’s name is at the forefront of that list. If you could get others to pray for you behind your back voluntarily, then you have succeeded. How many of you could get others to pray for you voluntarily? If any of you are confident that somebody will treat you very well and pray for you, then stand up and let others see. See how many people are willing to help you? If Master encounters any kind of problem, the fellow Buddhists across the world will help Master perform life liberations. How did it come about? It’s because Master treated them well. If you aren’t even willing to smile or say good things to others, who would care about you? The problem with the people in this modern society is that everybody is living within their selfishness. Us Buddhist practitioners must learn how to give.

师父告诉你们,因为每个人都有不可避免的生老病 死、灾难和疾病,如果我们得不到这种能量的保护,我 们的生活会更惨。很多人就是很倒霉,自己身体不好, 孩子又被车撞了,老公正好脑瘫,自己还中风,这种事 情难道没有过吗?好比屋漏逢大雨,所以,平安健康要 靠菩萨保佑。

As everybody can’t avoid the problems that arise from life, old-age, illness and death, and sudden calamities, if we don’t receive the protection of this kind of energy, our wellbeing would get a lot worse. Many people are very unfortunate. You hear them saying that their health is bad, or their child died from a car accident, or their husband has suffered a stroke and now got cerebral palsy. Can you say that you’ve never heard others talk about that? That’s why one’s peace and health depends on the blessings of the Bodhisattvas.

从这个角度来讲,一个有钱人如果经常施舍,多做 善事,恩泽于民,大家就会喜欢你、祝福你,你就会越 来越好,越来越富有;如果一个人非常自私,有钱也不 肯帮助别人,那么大家、周围的邻居都会诅咒你,你的 财运和身体被不好的气场经常骂,你就会越来越衰败。 只要仔细观察,我们就会看到很多的事情,例如,很多 的暴发户从不或者极少做善事,他们投机取巧,用不正当的手段赚钱,他们衰败得很快,你们去看看,暴发户 的钱不会很长。像李嘉诚这样的人,自己从卖塑料制品 开始,成功后致力于慈善公益事业,一步一步走到今 天,到现在还不衰败。再想想看,当年有多少暴发户, 现在都没有了。在澳洲有一个暴发户,他在西澳买了很 多的土地,土地当时正好是最便宜的时候,他造了很多房子,赚了很多钱,现在已经变成了一个破烂不堪的穷 人。

From that perspective, if a wealthy person regularly gives alms, regularly do wholesome deeds, ‘what’s taken from the people is used in the interests of the people’, then they would be liked, and others will pray for the person. The wealthy person would get even better and become wealthier. If that person was very selfish and unwilling to use their money to help others, then people will curse them. Their wealth and health would be affected by this negative energy field, and they would be in a state of decline. If you observe in detail, you would be able to distinguish many things. For example, if you observe those upstarts who never do or rarely performs wholesome deeds and they earned their money via speculation or improper methods, then they would not be able to keep their wealth for long. Like Mr Li Ka Shing, he started from manufacturing plastics. When he succeeded, he put in a lot of work into philanthropic activities up till this day. Even now, he hasn’t been in a state of decline. Now think about the other upstarts who made a lot of money in the same period, they have now disappeared. In Australia, there was an upstart who purchased a lot of lands when it was at the lowest market price. He built a lot of properties and made a lot of money. But now, he has become an impoverished person.

为什么有些人会变得越来越富有,而有些人会变得 越来越贫穷?因为如果大家都说你好,你会越来越好, 大家都骂你,你会越来越差。国外有些知名的大企业, 为什么能够长久不衰?因为他们把很多利润都用在了公共事业上,很多大公司、大老板把钱都用在了慈善事业 上。师父就认识一个老板,他只要在家乡看见有人家里 没钱买棺材,把尸体抛在马路上,他就帮人家买棺材, 到目前为止,已经帮人家买了两百多口棺材,他花钱给 别人买棺材,就是积阴德。

Why do people become richer or poorer? It’s because when everybody praises the individual, they will get better. If everybody scolds the individual, they will get worse. Why do some big international corporations stay standing and remain strong for many years? It’s because many of their profits are diverted to develop public utilities. The heads of many big corporations would use the money for charitable activities. Master knows an entrepreneur who would help the impoverished people in his hometown buy a coffin for their deceased family member. Up till now, he had bought over two hundred coffins for others. He is accumulating yin-virtues.

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