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V 11-35 Karmic Obstructions begin from One’s Memories 业障是由记忆开始

Disclaimer: The translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation. The Buddha-Dharma is profound. No matter how you convey it, it won’t be completely perfect. Because the Buddha-Dharma is an experience, it’s an awakening 【佛法深奥无比,怎么写,都不会是究竟圆满。佛法是一种悟】. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

接下来讲解脱。菩萨说“解脱非难,难在定慧”。 解脱并非很难,难在哪里?难在怎么样让自己定下心, 才会产生智慧。现在坐在下面的人,90%都定下来了, 还有人心不定,如果定不下来就没有智慧。

The next topic is about liberation. The Bodhisattvas said, “To liberate is not difficult, the difficulty lies in concentration and wisdom.” To liberate is not difficult, where does the difficulty lie? It lies in how to make oneself concentrate and calm one’s mind; only then would they develop wisdom. Around 90% of people here can concentrate, while the rest aren’t able to. If one can’t concentrate, then they lack wisdom.

假设我们的业障是由记忆力开始的,你们从来没有 听到过吧?师父讲给你们听。业障实际上是由记忆力开 始的,你记住某件不开心的事情,就会恨、担忧、烦 恼,就会产生业障。你要去除业障,是不是就要把自己 记忆中恨了谁,做错的事情,很后悔、很难过的,曾经 做过的愚痴的、贪心的事情,先从脑子中洗掉?你要把 不好的思维、记忆洗掉。

Let’s assume that karmic obstructions begin from one’s memories, you probably never heard of such assumption before, right? But it is true. When you recall something unpleasant, you’ll develop hatred, depression, afflictions, all of this form karmic obstructions. If you want to eliminate the karmic obstructions, isn’t it true that one must get rid of all the bad memories of the people you hate, your wrongdoings, your regrets, and the other mistakes that you made due to your foolishness or greed? You must cleanse away your negative thoughts and memories.

因为记忆非常厉害,一个人的 记忆是控制不住的。你想想看是不是这样?我们不想记 的,到时候跳出来了;不想讲这个人了,过一会儿你恨 的这个人在你脑海中跳出来了。反过来讲,你想记的事 情一点都记不住了。记忆不是属于你控制的。你想消业 障,就要先消除记忆中不好的思维,要懂得,不好的记 忆一直留在心中,就是留有业障。

Because one’s memory mental faculty is too great, it’s hard to control. Don’t you agree that it is so? When we don’t want to remember about something, that incident will immediately appear in your mind. You don’t want to talk about a person, but after a while, that person you hate appears in your thoughts. While for the things you want to remember, you can’t recall it. The memory mental faculty is something that you have control over. If you want to eliminate karmic obstacles, you must first eliminate all the negative thoughts in your memory. You must know that if you keep retaining unpleasant and negative memories in your mind, you are retaining karmic obstacles.

人的毛病真的很多,要记的事情记不起来,不想记 的事情整天忘不掉。一旦存入记忆,洗都洗不掉。一个 人只要看到某件事情,就像电脑板一样存储进去,所以 不要看不好的东西就是这个道理,看了之后脑子里进去 了,去都去不掉。眼耳鼻舌身意,眼睛看到的、耳朵听 到的、鼻子闻到的、舌头感觉到的、身体接触到的、意 念想到的,一碰到就直接进入记忆当中。比方说人家给 你吃一样东西,刚刚碰到舌头,马上记忆中“这个好 吃,我吃过的”。很多人小时候吃过的东西,眼睛看到 那个样子,他就想出来小时候吃过的,一看见它,记忆 中就转,马上想到这东西很好吃,是不是你的记忆留 存?

People have many shortcomings. They can’t remember the things that they should remember while they can’t forget about the things that they don’t want to remember. Once something has entered into your memories, you can’t remove it even if you wanted to. As long as you have seen something, it will be saved inside your brain like saving a file on a computer. That’s the reason why Master asks you to refrain from looking at things that you shouldn’t look at. Once you see it, it gets saved inside your brain and you can’t un-look it. Of the six faculties (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, overall body and mind), once any of these faculties have been stimulated, the trigger for that stimulation will enter straight into your memory mental faculty. For example, when somebody gives you something to eat when that food stimulates your tongue’s taste buds, you will immediately remember whether you’ve eaten it before. When people see food that they had eaten before when they were young, and they see, many would recall the memories of the stimulation that the food gave them before. Doesn’t it mean that the stimulation had been saved inside your memory mental faculty?

所以眼睛看见的、鼻子闻的,只要接触到了,记忆 中擦也擦不掉。所以菩萨让我们少听、少看、少想。当 一个人看到黄色录像之后,脑子里想把那些肮脏的东西 去掉,不是马上能去掉的,再看到异性的时候,这些东 西就出来了,你就是一个思维很肮脏的人了,这就是让 你们不要看不好的录像的原因。一个很好的人,跟你关 系非常好,人家说“他在说你坏话”,你不听,你还是 跟这个朋友很好,你听了之后,再看到他的时候,你会 心里产生芥蒂,“他怎么会对我这样啊?我对他这么 好,他为什么这么恨我?”

That’s why as long as you have seen something, or have smelled something, or have been in contact with something, that thing will remain in your memories, unable to be removed. That’s why the Bodhisattvas advise us to refrain from listening, looking and thinking. After a person watches pornography, all the defiled scenes won’t be erased so quickly. So, when they look at the opposite gender, those scenes would reappear inside the person’s mind. It would mean that you are a person with defiled thoughts, and the reason is that you watched something that you shouldn’t have watched. Or let’s say that you have a friend who is a very good person and has a good relationship with you. And let’s assume that somebody told you that your friend is badmouthing you behind your back. If you didn’t hear it, then your relationship with your friend would remain good. But after you heard it and you meet with your friend; your mind will develop an unpleasant feeling. You would have thoughts like, “Why did he/she badmouth me? I treat him so well, so why does he/she hate me?”

所以,不要听、不要看、少 想,身体也不要碰那些不干净的东西。你今天身体碰过 不干净的东西,只要想起来那些不干净的事情,就会很 恶心。举个简单例子,你在马路上踩到一堆狗屎,可能 回家洗洗,一个星期后忘记了,但是碰到朋友说“人家 告诉我你踩了狗屎”,“哎呀,很恶心的”,是不是马 上记忆中又出来了?所以不要碰、不要看、不要听不好 的东西。聪明人不要听、不要讲,就是有智慧。

That’s why one must refrain from listening, looking, and thinking too much. Don’t let your body be in contact with impure things. If you do, then when you recall those incidents, then it will be disgusting. Here’s a simple example, let’s say one day on the road, you accidentally stepped on dog faeces. You cleaned your shoes when you returned home, and a week later, you’ve forgotten about it. Then you met with a friend, and he said, “I heard that you stepped on dog faeces, how disgusting.” Then wouldn’t that image return to your mind? That’s why you mustn’t have contact, nor watch, nor listen to any unwholesome things. The wise don’t casually listen or speak; that’s why they are considered wise.

一个人的意念不能太执著。“我认为怎样,我一定 要去做……”淡淡显香,很多人的汤做得好吃,很淡, 不咸;茶清香,很淡的;做人也是,恰到好处。人的一 生,有时候在生命中不听不烦,越听越烦。一个人想修 心修得好,天天在烦恼中能修成菩萨吗?

A person’s thoughts mustn’t be too obsessive, “I think it should be like that; I must do it.” Light and fragrant is the best. There are many soups that have a light taste and not too salty. The fragrance of tea is appreciated when it’s light, the same goes for people, and the advantages are many. There are many things in life that the more we hear about it, the more frustrated we become, and when we don’t hear about it, we don’t get stressed. If you encounter afflictions and problems every day, how could you cultivate to become a Bodhisattva?

只能身心大 定,“我无所谓,我对人间一切都无所谓,钱财名利对 我都是无所谓的。我不去听,我不烦;我不去贪,我不 烦”,那你“身心大定,便生智慧”。“智慧既生,解 脱亦易”,解脱很容易的人都是因为有智慧。今天师父 仔细给你们讲,不该看的不要看,网上很多东西,看了 之后,在你的八识田中印进去了,以后碰到这些相同的 环境,你就会有这些意识产生出来。

So, if a person wants to cultivate their mind well, they must be able to concentrate in body and mind. “I’m indifferent; I’m indifferent to everything in the human realm. I’m indifferent to wealth and fame. I’m not going to listen so that I won’t be afflicted. I’m not going to desire anything so that I won’t be afflicted.” Then you could concentrate in both body and mind and develop wisdom. When wisdom manifests, it’s easy to liberate. The reason why liberation is easy is because of wisdom. Master will expound to you all again; you mustn’t watch videos that shouldn’t be watched. There are many things on the internet; after you watched it, it will be imprinted into your eighth consciousness. Afterwards, whenever you encounter a scene similar to what you watched, the corresponding mental stimulation and thoughts will form.

有一个年轻人过去从没想过自杀,但是就喜欢网上 看自杀的信息,割脉、吃药自杀的很多。有一天他真的 有忧郁症的时候,真的照着这样做了。如果他不看,他 就想不出用什么方法。所以不该看的绝对不要看,不该 听的绝对不要听,一听这个人讲话,很快就变得相信他 了。还有一种就是我们经常说的,不该接触的人不要接 触他,接触之后一定会传染给你的。

Many young people have never thought of committing suicide before, but they like to browse online and watch content associated with committing suicides, like cutting their wrists and taking drugs. One day, when they do suffer from depression, they may mimic what they read. If they didn’t watch, then they wouldn’t have thought of these methods. That’s why one must refrain from watching inappropriate content, and refrain from listening to inappropriate things. When you listen to somebody, you’ll soon believe and trust what they say. There’s also another kind which Master frequently expounds, that is not to be in contact with people you shouldn’t get in contact with. Otherwise, you would soon be affected by that person.

一个人吸毒的,虽 然现在不吸了,你只要跟他交朋友,终有一天你会吸 毒;一个人喝酒的,现在不喝了,你和他交朋友,总有 一天你会喝酒;这个人是个坏人,你和他接触时间长 了,你一定会变成一个自私的坏人。嘴巴不要贪吃,不 要乱讲话,女人也好,男人也好,都要守住自己的嘴 巴。病从口入,哪个病不是吃出来的?祸从口出,哪句 话不是嘴巴里讲出来的?讲出去的话收不回来,所以守 住自己的口很重要。很多人说自己想瘦一点,嘴巴就要 守住,不能狂吃东西,否则怎么瘦呢?

For a person to take drugs, although they might not be currently taking drugs, if the person hangs out with others who do, then eventually the person will take drugs. For a person to become an alcoholic, although they might not be an alcoholic currently, if they regularly hand out with people who drink, the person may eventually become an alcoholic. That person is a bad guy; if you remain in contact with the person for too long, you will eventually become a selfish and bad person. One must not eat excessively nor recklessly speak whether you’re a man or woman, you must be able to control your mouth. ‘Illnesses enters through the mouth’, which illness doesn’t come from eating things you shouldn’t eat? ‘Calamity comes out from the mouth’, what calamity doesn’t begin from reckless speech? You can’t retract what you spoke, that’s why it’s very important to control your mouth. Many people complain that they want to become slim. So, they must control their mouth and not eat excessively. Otherwise, how could they slim down?

要把心中的“贼”赶跑,六个“贼”——眼耳鼻舌 身意。菩萨说人的身体有漏,就是从这六个方面漏掉 的。眼睛看到的,气场跑掉了。鼻子闻到了,鼻子漏气 了。嘴巴讲话,气漏出去了。耳朵也是个孔,凡是人身 上的孔都会漏。意念也会漏,脑子中的意念怎么会漏 的?气场。身上有多少毛孔,一不守住,气场全部跑 掉。要把六个“贼”赶走,才不住色声香味触法。意思 就是我才不会对人间一些东西产生感情,对声音也不会 产生感情,对香、味也不会产生感情,对触摸也不会产 生感情。

You must expel the thieves in your mind. The six thieves are the six faculties (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, overall body and mind). The Bodhisattvas say that people’s body have outflows, and the outflows come from the six faculties. When the eyes look, your aura leaks from the eyes. When the nose smells, the aura leaks from the nose, when you talk, aura leaks from your mouth. The ears have an ear hole, and wherever there are holes, that’s where one’s aura can leak out from. Even your mind can cause outflows, how? By expending your aura. The body has countless tiny holes; if you aren’t cautious, then your aura can leak out from it. You must expel the six thieves; then you won’t become distracted by the forms, sounds, fragrance, taste, touch and Ways. The meaning is that you won’t be attracted to the things that stimulate your senses in the human realm.

色是眼睛看见的有色世界,“真好看”;声 音,有些人你没见到人,听到她的声音很嗲,或者“这 个人声音真有磁性,我就喜欢听他的声音”——广播电 台都是听声音的,就会对他产生好感了;香,一闻到这 个人身上的香水就开心;味道,一尝到这个味道就止不 住,不停地要吃;接触,“这孩子我真喜欢”,抱抱 她,越抱越舍不得,很多人养了小狗天天要抱,后来就 抱着小狗睡觉了;法,就是自己对这个事物的感受。这 六贼,你只要守住,它就不会跑到你家里来偷东西,就 是跑到你身体来偷东西。

Form relates to the forms, objects and colour you see with your eyes. For example, your eyes are attracted to things that you regard as beautiful. Sound relates to the sounds and voices that you hear. Although you don’t see the person, you might be attracted to their voice, which could come from the radio, over the phone or on a music cd. You might think that the voice sounds cute if it’s a girl’s, or it could sound very masculine if it’s a guy and you like it. Then you develop a favourable impression of the person. What about fragrance? When you smell the perfume on somebody, you become happy. What about taste? When you taste something delicious, you can’t control your desire of wanting to eat it. What about contact? When you see a cute child and hug them, then you become more reluctant to separate from them. Many people hug their pet dogs and cars, then eventually they even sleep with them. Ways relate to your mental impression and feeling of things. As long as you can keep these six thieves at bay, then they won’t come to your body and steal your energy.

“五蕴自明”。心里高级的、蕴藏在内心的佛性, 自己就会让你很明白道理了。“五蕴”就是色受想行 识。色,看见的东西,色是物质,看得到颜色的东西都 是物质。受是心的觉受,心里的感受。想就是思想,想 念,想事情念头。行,就是在你头脑里的行蕴。人的行 为有两种:一种是动态的,一种是静态的。静态的就是 我脑子里想,身体没有行为;动态的就是脑子里想了之 后已经付诸行动了。

‘Self-mindfulness of the five aggregates’. People who have tapped into their exquisite Buddha-nature from deep within will eventually understand the principles. The ‘five aggregates’ refers to the form, sensations, perceptions, conditioning factors and consciousness. Form is the things we can see; form is material. The colours we see are classified under form. Sensation is the feelings you mentally have. Perception is your thoughts and intentions. Conditioning factors are the mental images you have when mentally going something. There are two kinds of actions, one is external, and the other is internal. The internal actions are the actions you do inside your mind, but it’s not reflected on the physical body. External actions are the things you physically do after having thought about it.

识,就是意识,分为多层次的意 识,潜意识和深层意识。我今天看到这个人,人家说他 不好,虽然这个事情不好,但是我看到他这个人本质还 不错,虽然他做错事情,但是他一定会改的,他也做了 很多好事,这就是你深层的意识。人家都在说他坏,在 骂他,你嘴巴没有骂他,脑子里知道,他做错了,但是 他是个好孩子,本质还不错。

And finally, consciousness. There are many levels of consciousness, subconsciousness. Here’s a simple illustration, you went to meet a guy. There are rumours of him being bad, but when you see him, you find that his innate character is quite good. Although he may have committed wrongdoings in the past, he is already in the process of reforming and have done many good deeds. That would be your deeper consciousness in motion. Other people said that he is bad, and constantly scold at him, but you don’t. In your mind, you think that even though he did bad things before, but he’s still a good person, and his innate character is good.

Guan Yin Citta Buddhism in Plain Terms Volume 11 Chapter 35

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Jade师兄您好,谢谢你的鼓励。我也很开心知道我的翻译对您有帮助。没有了, 我还是很多缺点,我的善心不如其它很发心的同修们。我只是觉得那么久还没有一个正式的英文版的白话佛法和佛子天地游有点可惜。反正感恩观音菩萨的慈悲,我有这个能力和时间,所以不如做一些翻译工作去帮一些有缘的佛友看和用来度他们一些有缘的人看。我也感恩您对我的鼓励和支持。



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