V 11-26 Don’t be captivated by whatever you Encounter, and your true Bodhi-body manifests 事来无所受 即真菩提

Disclaimer: My translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation based on my understanding of his teachings. The Buddha-Dharma is profound. No matter how you convey it, it won’t be completely perfect. Because the Buddha-Dharma is an experience, it’s an awakening 【佛法深奥无比,怎么写,都不会是究竟圆满。佛法是一种悟】. I am not an enlightened being like Master Lu, but I will treat his teachings with my utmost respect and do my best to convey and translate it to the best of my (limited) abilities for my friends and people who can’t read Chinese. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

一个人,一切众生,不知生死是苦、物质是虚假, 而更起惑造业。因为人不懂,以为这些东西都是自己 的,迷惑了,他就开始造业了。我要多贪污一点钱,以 为我可以永远拥有它,最后全部没有了。这个世界就是 这样的,这就是不明白啊。你们根本不知道,所以你们 就会流转三界,永远在三界当中轮回。

People and all other sentient beings are ignorant of the suffering of life and death, and the illusionary states of the material. Also, they readily create negative karma. It’s because they don’t understand, they think that everything they possess belongs to them. Once they are bewitched, they start to create negative karma. “I want to embezzle more money,” they think that they can keep it forever, but in the end, it gets confiscated and disappear. Our world is like that; all of this stems from ignorance. Because you are ignorant, that’s why you are trapped inside samsara, transmigrating ceaselessly within the realms inside it.

你这辈子做人, 下辈子做鬼,搞来搞去的。所以佛菩萨说,涅槃就是让 众生离生死之苦,而得寂灭之乐。也就是说,当一个人 完全知道自己是不会死的,他就快乐了。现在师父就是 告诉你们,你们永远不会死,因为你们的这个肉体死 了,你们的灵魂还活着,那你就不会痛苦了,否则想着 “我死了,怎么办?”

In this life, you’re a human, in the next, you’re a ghost and then reincarnate into other different forms. That’s why the Buddha and Bodhisattvas said, “To achieve nirvana is to liberate from the suffering of life and death, and you will attain the bliss of cessation.” In other words, when a person completely understands that they won’t die, they become happy. Master tells you that you will never die. Only your physical body will die, but your spirit will continue to live. If you think this way, you won’t be in pain. Otherwise, you would keep thinking to yourself about what will happen after you die.

用现代白话来讲,死亡就相当于一个人“移民” 了,换了一个地方居住。打个比方,一个人本来生在农 村,在农村长大,最后考上大学了,有一个机会到城里 去发展。当你要离开农村的时候,你会很舍不得农村的 爸爸妈妈、同学,还有那些跟你一起长大的孩子们,这 个时候,你会抱着他们哭的。离开几年之后,你在大城 市还会想他们吗?你还会难过吗?

In other words, death is akin to a person immigrating, where the person is just migrating to another place to stay. For example, you were born in a village in the outskirts and raised there. Then you managed to get admitted to a university and got the chance to start a career in the city. When you’re about to leave the village, you would sorely miss your parents, classmates and any other people you grew up with. At that time, you would hug them all and weep. But after you have left the village and lived in the city for many years, do you still miss them? Are you still upset?

师父讲给你们听,你 们刚刚离开人间的时候,你们会想人间的亲戚、朋友、 孩子,但是时间一长,如果你们在天上的话,你们就不 会总是去想地球上的那些事情了,慢慢地就灭掉了。所 以,人是不会死的,只不过换个地方、换个环境。但是 你首先要懂得一点,你要想摆脱痛苦,你必须要相信这 个事实。到现在很多人还不相信呢,他们觉得人死了就 是死了。但相信的人不会死。西方教也经常说“永 生”,就是永远地生存在这个世界上,实际上,是生存 在三维空间和四维空间当中。

Master tells you that when you have just left the human realm, you would still miss some of your relatives, friends and children. But after many years apart, if you have ascended to heaven, then you wouldn’t keep thinking about the time you spent on Earth. Everything will gradually cease. That’s why we will never die; it’s just a change of location and environment. But you must first understand a principle; if you want to liberate yourself from suffering, you must believe and accept this reality. Even now, there are still many people who don’t believe it. Many still think that when they die, that’s the end of it. But those who believe it will have relief. Western religions talk about ‘everlasting life’; they mention that everlasting life is about forever existing in this world. In reality, this existence is within the space of the third and fourth dimension.

我们今天不堕入六道之中,我们在三界之中流转, 实际上,已得无生无灭的初期境界。就是说,我们今天 只要在三善道当中转来转去,你已经很好了,已经得到 不生不灭的初期境界。“不生不灭”是什么呢?就是你 以后可以脱离六道。明白了吗?

Today, by practising Buddhism, we will no longer transmigrate within the six realms, but only within the three wholesome realms. By doing so, we have already achieved the initial spiritual stage of ‘No birth, no cessation’. That’s already considered very good. What is the stage of ‘No birth, no cessation’? It means the complete liberation from samsara, and the initial stage means that you have already begun the path towards achieving it. Do you understand?

师父跟大家讲两句话:“事来无所受,即真菩提 身。”任何事情来了,你不要去接受它。今天人家来气 我,我不生气;今天人家来害我,我不被他所害;今天 人家来骂我,我不接受他的骂;今天不管发生什么事 情,我还是原来的我:那么你就成功了。所以要学会忍 辱。

Master has something else to say to you, “Don’t be captivated by whatever you encounter, and your true Bodhi-body manifests.” Whenever you encounter something, don’t be captivated by it. If somebody provokes you, don’t get angry. If somebody tries to ruin you, don't get ruined by them. If somebody scolds at you, remain indifferent to it. No matter what has happened to you, you are still the original you. If you can maintain this frame of mind, then you have succeeded. That’s why you must practise forbearance.

人间本来就具有万事万物,因为人间有人,并且有 人以外的东西。就是说人除了正常的理性之外,人还要 有人性,并靠人性转化出喜怒哀乐。这也要看你怎么 转,转出善的喜,不要发怒,不要悲哀,不要烦恼。懂 得这一点,你就可以在万事万物上变成无是非。一个人 在世界上怎么会无是非的呢?

The human realm originally is a place filled with a myriad of phenomena. Not only is it filled with people but also many other things. In other words, not only does rationality exist, but also the different aspects of personalities and the transformation of it through joy, anger, sorry and happiness. That also depends on how you change, like whether you can change your mood into sincere joy, refrain from being angry and sorrowful, and not get stressed. Once you understand this principle, you could attain an indifferent state of mind devoid of concern of what’s right or wrong in this complicated world. How do you attain this indifferent state of mind?

因为你的心中没有认为这 个事情是对的,你就不会认为别人是错的。就是因为你 认为自己是对的,那么你就觉得别人是错的。是非是 非,因为你的心中有分别心,所以才会产生是非。今天 我认为这件事情是对的,那么你一定会觉得有哪些不对 的。实际上,世界上的一切都是缘分,缘分来了,好好 去把它培养好,好好地珍惜,希望大家好好地学佛修 心。

Because your mind no longer views what you see as right, then you won’t think that others are wrong when they have a different perspective. It is because you think that you are right, that’s why you think that others are wrong. Right and wrong, bias, and prejudice. It’s because your mind has developed bias, that’s why you give rise to the concept of right and wrong. When you think something is right, you might ask what the problem is, right? In reality, everything in this world is created from karmic affinities. When the karmic affinity appears, you should properly cultivate it and cherish it. Master hopes that everybody can continue to practise Buddhism and cultivate their mind diligently.

Guan Yin Citta Buddhism in Plain Terms V11-26

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