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V 3-34 Tolerate the Intolerable. Cultivate the Mind that’s difficult to cultivate 忍难忍之人,修难修之心

Disclaimer: The translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation. The Buddha-Dharma is profound. No matter how you convey it, it won’t be completely perfect. Because the Buddha-Dharma is an experience, it’s an awakening 【佛法深奥无比,怎么写,都不会是究竟圆满。佛法是一种悟】. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

要记住:要经常做无我想。就是没有自己。每做一 件事情,“哦,不是我做的,是同事做的,很感恩 他。”“哦,这件事情,我没做,都是大家帮忙的。” 无我,就是没有我自己。经常想想:我又没做什么,我 有何德何能啊?我很渺小。从飞机上往下看,人比蚂蚁 还要小呢,汽车就像蚂蚁一样。菩萨看我们打架骂人的 时候,就像我们看蚂蚁打仗一样。

Take note; one must regularly have non-egotistical thoughts. In other words, don’t think about yourself. Every time you achieve something, think of thoughts like, “The credit is my mine alone, it’s thanks to the people who supported me.” Non-egotistical is to be selfless. “I haven’t really done much; I’m not that capable. I’m insignificant.” When you look down in the aeroplane, the people and the cars below look like ants. When the Bodhisattvas see us arguing at each other, it is akin to them as watching ants fight.

另外师父给你们讲, 夫妻生活都要节制,那些都是畜生做的事情,不能常做 的。人常做畜生事,人就会变成畜生了。常言道:人常 做畜生事,就常做畜生思。经常做畜生做的事情,你的 脑子就会是畜生的思维,你的思维就变成了偏思维,而 不是正思维。看看那些好色的人对人家小女孩那样子。 如果是偏思维,你的档次马上就下去了,就被人家看不 起了。人要懂得自尊自爱。

Master also wants to point out that couples must show restraint with each other. They must not have sexual intercourse too often, as that’s the conduct of an animal. There’s a saying that goes like this, ‘If humans regularly behave like an animal, then they will frequently think like an animal’. So if one regularly behaves like an animal, their thoughts would regularly deviate. Just look at the expressions of lustful people. If you see people like them, any respect that you had for them would be gone. People must learn to respect themselves.

学佛要懂道理,出去脸要庄严。就像观音堂一样, 庄严佛净土。你们看看观世音菩萨庄严不庄严?让你看 了是肃然起敬。看看那些老头子看见女孩子的样子,色 眯眯的,丢尽了自己的脸。学佛的人绝对不可以这样。 女人也是的,看人一定要庄重,眼睛不能花,眼睛不能 偏,实实在在的。看人都有讲究的,叫礼貌看人。因为 你的眼睛人家看得见你在看他什么地方。

One must be sensible when practising Buddhism; they must look dignified. Just like the Guan Yin Temple, which has a solemn environment. Doesn’t Guan Yin Bodhisattva look solemn? When you see Her, you naturally show respect earnestly. When you see old men looking at young women with lustful eyes, doesn’t it look unsightly? Buddhists absolutely must not behave this way. The same goes for women. When they look at others, they must look dignified. Their eyes must not look like it wants to attract the other person. There is an etiquette for when people make eye contact with each other. It’s because other people can see what your eyes are looking at.

你眼睛看哪个 地方,就说明你这个人是没有修养的人。你的眼睛不能 乱看的。眼睛是心灵的窗户,你的眼睛如果看人家那种 不该看的地方,对方马上就知道你是个下流人了。学佛 是什么?是学庄严啊,是学自己的修养,是学面子,是 学仁义礼智信。有没有面子是自己做出来的,不是装出 来的。要好好学啊,你们差得远呢。

When your eyes look at places where it shouldn’t look, it indicates that you are uncultured. That’s why it mustn’t recklessly look around. The eyes are the window to one’s soul. What’s the aim of learning Buddhism? It’s to learn to become dignified and learning moral qualities like benevolence, righteousness, etiquette, wisdom and trust. Whether you are someone respectful depends on how you behave, not how you pretend to be. You must properly learn, you are still too far from Master’s standards.

要经常做无我想。出生前、后,有没有我?想想 看:你现在出生了,你是谁啊?你出来的时候你知道你 是谁?到了五、六岁的时候,有点感觉了,我在这个家 庭里。等到死的时候呢,你又是谁啊?你今天的名字叫 某某某,等你死掉了这个名字还有吗?有,在坟堆上。 此生没了,就像到此一游一样,这么短短的一生就没 了。你们天天在干什么?所以做一天,就要认为自己是 一无所有的--我来到人间是一无所有,我走的时候也是 一无所有。我不为名去争,我不为利去争,钱对于我来 讲没有什么吸引力,利对于我来讲也没有什么吸引力。

One must regularly have selfless thoughts. “Before I was born and after I die, do I exist?” Think about it, when you were born, do you know who you were? When you were 5 to 6 years old, you begin to sense that you’re part of the family you’re in. Then after you die, who will you be? You may have your identity now, but after you die, do you still have your identity? Yes, it’s marked on your gravestone. Your life is like a short holiday to a foreign land. What are you doing every day? That’s why every day, take a moment to think that you have nothing, and when you leave this world, you will leave with nothing. This way, you won’t fight for fame or gains, as your desires will gradually fade.

我连自己都没有,我有什么名利可争?少争名争利,这 个人就活得自在。少一点欲望,这个人就活得潇洒自如。什么叫“自如”?就是自己如原来一样。所有的财 物,就算是你拥有也是你暂时的拥有,也是暂时托你保 管的。比如自己还没有死之前,这个房子写的是自己的 名字,等自己一走,这个房子是不是归孩子了?那这房 子还是你的吗?没了。是你拥有还是孩子拥有啊?你能 拥有一切吗?你能拥有永远吗?

If you don’t have an ego, what is there worth fighting for? If you don’t feel like you want to compete, and if you don’t have many desires, then your live feeling liberated. This feeling of liberation is how you should originally feel. You may feel like you own everything that you possess, but in reality, ownership is temporary. For example, before you pass away, your house is under your name, but when you die, then your house will be under your children’s name. So is this house still yours? No. Could you really own something forever?

不要再想不通了。你们坐在这里的人都要好好地认 真地想一想,师父天天这么苦口婆心地跟你们讲是为了 什么?你们到现在还要自己想自己的事情,很可怜。所以暂时的拥有后又归别人拥有了,这不是真正的拥有。 所以要学会忍辱。人的一生中有挫折、诽谤、打击…… 面对这一切,我们要学会忍辱。忍辱是什么?忍辱的境界非常高,忍辱是菩萨的境界。

Don’t be so stubborn. You must properly give it some thought. What has Master repeatedly and earnestly urged you to do? Even now, you’re stilling thinking about your personal things; it’s very pitiful. What’s yours temporarily will belong to somebody else in the future. That is not true possession. That’s why one must learn to forbear. Every person in life will face hardships, slander and other forms of attack; you must learn to face and forbear it all. What is forbearance? The level of spirituality in forbearance is very high, like a Bodhisattva’s.

一个能够忍耐的人,就 是一个很有修养的人。别人跟你吵架你不吵,你就是有 修养。不管男人、女人,被人家骂了后跳起来了,这个 人就是没有修养。被人家讲了后浑身动了,这也是个修 得不好的人。举个例子:人家说“你很有钱啊”,你脸 马上显出自己很有钱的样子,这也是没有修养。说她漂 亮,马上就坐不住了,又涂脂抹粉,又是一个没有修养 的人。师父经常跟你们说“如如不动”。一个有境界的 人,你讲他和不讲他,对他来讲没有什么影响。

A person who can forbear is a very cultured person. If somebody scolds at you and you don’t argue back, it means that you’re cultured. Regardless whether you’re a male or female, if you get triggered easily and become aggressive, it means that you’re not cultured. For example, when somebody says, “You’re really rich,” and you quickly act proud and arrogant, it means you’re uncultured. If somebody says, “You look beautiful,” and you quickly get all excited and check yourself in the mirror, it also means you’re uncultured. Master regularly tells others to be indifferent. A person who has a high level of spirituality is indifferent to anything they see and hear.

大家要记住,无生法忍。什么叫“无生”?就是说 我连要忍耐的这颗心都没有。“法忍”就是法界的忍 耐。因为我根本不要去忍耐,因为我根本没有感觉我要 忍耐,我都没有生出这颗要忍耐的心,我有什么要忍耐 的?如果有人骂师父的话,师父说“我不生气”。别人 讲我,我感觉只不过是他的观点,对我有什么影响呢? 我为什么要生他的气呢?给大家讲一个笑话。有一个人 很牛,到别人公司里去,人家问他:“你是谁呀?”他 目不斜视地说:“我是谁你都不知道?”结果别人说他 是一个精神病,连他是谁都不知道。

Take note of the term ‘Non-Birth Forbearance of Dharma’. What does ‘Non-Birth’ mean? It means that even the thought of forbearing must not occur or ‘born’. ‘Forbearance of Dharma’ is the forbearance of the Dharma realms. Because one doesn’t feel the need to forbear, they don’t think that they need to forbear. For example, when somebody scolds at Master, Master would think, “There’s no reason to get angry. When others criticise me, they’re only talking about their viewpoints, what effect would that have on me? Why should I be angry with them?” Master has a joke. One day, an arrogant guy walked into a company. The receptionist asked him, “Who are you?”. The guy gazed at the side and said, “What, you don’t know who I am?” As a result, others in the office said that he must have got a problem with his head; he doesn’t even know who he is.

自以为自己很有 名,实际上他什么名都没有了。人的毛病就出在太自以为是了。“我过去从来没有做错事情,我过去一直领导 人家的,我过去怎么样、怎么样……”喂,你的过去就 是过去。你要记住,这是一个过去式。你已经是没有 了,你再把过去名词拿过来用,你就是没有。没有的东 西你再拿出来,你就是一个没有理智和智慧的人。

He thought that he’s very famous, but in reality, nobody knows who he is. A common shortcoming of people is that many of them think that they’re infallible. “I’ve never made any mistakes in the past.” “I’ve always been leading others in the past,” etc. The past is the past, remember that. You have nothing now, so there’s no point to bring up the past continually. It just indicates that you’re not rational and is lacking in wisdom.

学佛学偏了就是精神病。如果魔在身上,人就变成 精神病。以为自己不得了看了很多书,看了很多佛法 书,讲出来一套一套的,还要拿菩萨的东西去攻击人 家。佛教是不会攻击人家的。任何人拿佛教去攻击人 家,实际上他已经是偏了。所以要学会无生法忍。我虽 然要忍耐,但是我连要忍耐的心都不生出来。根本认为 没有生出的忍耐称为法忍。根本没有感觉要忍耐,才可 能是无生。就是说,我没有感觉我要忍耐。

If you learn Buddhism and become deviated, then you’ll become a fanatic. You think that you are great as you’ve read so many Buddhist classics and can articulate it well. And you use the Bodhisattva’s words of wisdom to attack others. Buddhism never teaches anyone to go on the offensive. Whoever uses Buddhism to attack others have already shown signs of deviation. That’s why one must learn about ‘Non-Birth Forbearance of Dharma’. In other words, although you’ll forbear, you don’t even develop thoughts about forbearing because you don’t feel that you need to forbear.

很多人感觉 自己要忍耐:“生气啊,不行,我一定要忍耐。我是学 佛人,我必须要忍耐。你骂我好了,你打我好了,我就 是要忍耐。”实际上这不是最高境界。你有本事,他骂 你的时候你没有觉得他在骂你,他是在给你提高你境界 的一个阶梯,就是一种增上缘,增加你上进的源泉。他 给了你这个境界就让你进步更快。他骂你,你就听着, 有则改之,无则加勉。因为在马路上还没有人来骂你 呢。在家里他骂你,你就把他当成一种境界来看。

Many people feel that they need to forbear. They have thoughts like, “I’m getting angry, it’s no good. I must forbear it because I’m a Buddhist.” In reality, this isn’t the highest level of spirituality. If you’re capable, when somebody is scolding at you, you don’t feel as though they’re scolding at you, but instead helping you ascend to a higher level of spirituality by creating predominant conditions. They’re actually helping you improve quicker. When they’re scolding and criticising you, listen attentively. If you did make a mistake, then make sure to correct it. If you didn’t, then put up a mental barrier against it.

这种忍耐实际上已经是一种法忍了,就是说没有忍 耐的意思在里面。师父每次做完开示之后,很多人会 说,师父今天又在讲我了。每个人都以为师父在讲他。 实际上师父讲的就是现象,师父没有想讲你们。当你们 往自己身上套的时候,你们坐着就很难过了。经常有徒 弟过来问师父:“师父今天又在讲我,对不对?”这就 是自己往洞里钻。所以自己都没有了,哪来的生气啊?

This kind of forbearance is a kind of forbearance of Dharma. In other words, it’s a forbearance without forbearance. Every time Master finishes his Dharma speech; many listeners wonder whether he was talking about them. Every person thought that Master was talking about them, but in reality, Master was just talking about a phenomenon and was not talking about anyone specifically. When you take things personally, you’ll feel upset as you’re listening. Frequently, the disciples ask Master, “Master, you were talking about me, am I right?” That’s what it means to take things personally. That’s why if one doesn’t have an ego; how would one get angry?

我不生气,因为我都没了。很多人的毛病就是“我不能 够忍耐了,我受不了了。”这个“我”真的很害人啊。 把“我”忘记吧!忘却自己,就是自己境界的提高。因 为没有了你自己,你就不会生气了,你就不会发脾气 了,你就不会贪瞋痴。自古以来,多少人死掉都是为了 一个面子。现在很多人参加摩托车比赛,今天出去参加 比赛他就知道自己也许回不来了,他连命都不要,但他 就是为了挣这个面子。

You don’t get angry because you don’t have an ego. Many people’s shortcoming is that they think, “I can’t endure it anymore. I can’t take it.” The ‘I’ is the one that ruins a person. Forget about the ‘I’. If you forget about yourself, then your level of spirituality will increase. Because you don’t have an ego, you won’t get angry, and you won’t develop greed, hatred and foolishness. From the past to the present, many people die for the sake of saving their appearances. Currently, many people participate in motorbike racing competitions. They know full well of the risks involved where they may lose their life, but they still participate anyway for the sake of appearances.

师父让你们学佛就是放下自己,不要有面子。师父 今天讲这个不好,讲那个不好,就是让你们学会忍耐。 学到后来要无生法忍。阻碍境界提升是一堵墙。从某种 意义上来讲,师父就是想把你们的这堵墙挖掉,因为你 们的这堵墙把智慧挡住了。所以你就觉得痛了。要学会 忍耐啊。要记住:不还击、不还口骂他,这也是忍耐。 有两种是最难忍的:一种是夫妻。因为夫妻两个人的冤 结是好几世积累下来的,等到夫妻两个人吵架的时候, 那种气啊真是让人受不了。这个气是最难忍耐的。

Master teaches you Buddhism so that you can let go of yourself and you can make do without keeping appearances. Master criticises others so that they learn to forbear it. When they succeed in this exercise, then they will be in a state of ‘Non-Birth Forbearance of Dharma’. Any obstructions to the increase of the level of spirituality are like a wall. From a certain point of view, Master is trying to break that wall because it’s blocking up your wisdom. That’s why you feel pain. You must learn to forbear it. Take note, don’t attack others, nor fight back. That’s also forbearance. The following two things are the hardest to forbear. One is our partner, and that’s because the negative karmic affinity between a married couple is so deep as it has been accumulating over several lifetimes. So when the married couple argues, that kind of aura is unbearable and hard to forbear with.

如果你能把夫妻的气忍耐住,你这个人就不容易了。夫妻忍 耐是难忍中最难忍的东西。还有一种是单位里的关系。 单位里的忍耐实际上就是人和人相处的忍耐,也是很 难。环境的变化让你心里起变化。在家里是夫妻关系 难,在单位或者公共场所和人接触是更难了。什么地方 的人都会吵架,什么地方的人都会骂人,并不是说语言 的问题,而是说你的外环境实际上是你累世的孽障生成 的果。

If you could forbear with your partner’s anger, it already shows that you’re not an ordinary person. Forbearance between a married couple is the hardest to do. Another thing that’s hard to forbear is the relationship between co-workers. Any change in the environment will induce a change in your mind. People can argue in any place, and anyone from any background could go and scold others. It’s not an issue with one’s articulation, but in fact, your external environment is the consequence and maturation od your negative karma.

师父给你们讲的是人生的哲理、人生的佛法。所 以知道了这两个最难忍的,回到家就开始忍了。老公讲 我,没关系。最难忍的我也忍了。要克制自己,克制到 最后没有了。我连气都不生了。我就是这样的。“师 父,你原谅我吧,我做错了。我对不起观世音菩萨。” 那么好了,什么事情都没有了。否则你一想不通,人生 气啊,你难过不难过?

Master expounds to you the philosophy and the Buddha-Dharma of life. Now that you know that these two things are the hardest to forbear, when you return home, start practising forbearance. If your husband criticises you, it’s ok. Forbear what’s hardest to forbear, and suppress yourself. Once you suppressed until the end, then it’s gone, even your feeling of anger doesn’t develop. Master is like that. “Master, please forgive me, I was wrong. I’m sorry Guan Yin Bodhisattva.” Since you realise your faults, then it’s ok, it’s over. Otherwise, if you can’t think clearly and begin to get angry, won’t you get really upset?

师父是菩萨,师父能原谅你们的。这个原谅实际上 是从你们身上得到反馈啊。如果你们让师父原谅,师父 就会原谅你们。你们不让师父原谅,你们还继续骄傲, 那么对不起,下次你不要来了。这不是你们自己造成的 吗?要记住没有自我。领导、同事,还有种族之间,这 都是很难忍耐的。如果你没有了自我,你才能修成无生 法忍。

Master is a Bodhisattva; he can forgive you all. In reality, this forgiveness is just a response to your actions. If you let Master forgive you, he will. If you don’t and continue to act arrogantly, then sorry, don’t come back. Isn’t this your own doing? You must remember to let go of your ego. The relationship between leaders, co-workers and race is something hard to forbear. If you don’t have an ego, then you can cultivate ‘Non-Birth Forbearance of Dharma’.

看见人家皮肤黑的,你生分别心,就是心中的一 种不平、一种嫉妒心。人家白人也没有看不起我们黄种 人啊,那我们为什么要看不起黑人呢?这就是人啊,人 是没有境界的,人是动物。人是高级动物,那还是动物 啊。所以要在人间修成菩萨的境界。在大学里讲师就是 讲师,不是教授的级别,即使是高级讲师,那也还是个 讲师。因为你的水平就是讲师的,而到不了教授的水 平。

When you see the other person is black, and you start to develop prejudice, it indicates that your mind isn’t equanimous. There are Caucasians who look down on Asians since we don’t like it, why do we look down on people of African descent? That’s because we’re human. Humans don’t have any kind of spirituality; they’re just a superior kind of animal. That’s why one must cultivate to a Bodhisattva’s level of spirituality in the Human Realm. In universities, lecturers are just lecturers; they are not on the same level as professors. Even if they’re a high-ranking lecturer, they are still lecturers. That’s because their standard is a lecturer, and not at the same standard as professors.

然后要记住:过去不可得,现在不可得,未来不可 得。无所得心啊。什么叫“无所得心”?我的心没有 了,我的人也没有了。我的心已经不为所有的外环境所 影响,我的心就像没有一样,这是更高的境界啊。比如 说人家都在排队买一样特价的东西,“无所得心”的人 就是,我的心没有去想,我没有心去做这件事情,得与 不得无所谓。

Remember this, the past can’t be grasped, the present can’t be grasped, and the future can’t be grasped. Let my mind go, so you also go. When your mind isn’t influenced by the external environment, then it’s as though your mind is empty. That’s an even higher level of spirituality. For example, let’s assume everybody is queuing for some goods on sale. A person whose mind is empty wouldn’t think nor wish to do something. Whether they gain or not doesn’t matter.

我没有欲望的心,我没有瞋恨心,我没有 愚痴的心。要没有贪瞋痴这种心,而留下的是良心。师 父告诉你们,无我的境界证得无我。就是说,你已经没 有你自己了。你的境界到了,你真的就没有你自己了。 “我不生气了,我想通了,因为我没有什么了不起的。 你们讲我就讲吧,你们不让我做我就不做了。”你对别 人无欲妄,你的心中就没有欲妄了。

“I don’t have desires. I don’t have hatred. I don’t have foolishness.” So all that’s left is one’s conscience. Master expounds, a selfless level of spirituality will attain selflessness. In other words, you don’t have an ego. “I won’t get angry because my thoughts are clear. I am not anybody amazing, if you want to badmouth me, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t let me do something then I won’t do it.” When you don’t desire anything out of another person, then you won’t have any desires in your mind.

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