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V 3-31 Transform your Level of Spirituality starting from Forbearance 由忍辱开始转境界

Disclaimer: The translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation. The Buddha-Dharma is profound. No matter how you convey it, it won’t be completely perfect. Because the Buddha-Dharma is an experience, it’s an awakening 【佛法深奥无比,怎么写,都不会是究竟圆满。佛法是一种悟】. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

忍耐分三类。第一类是人为的加害要能忍受。对别人的造谣,要忍耐人家对你的加害、侮辱。人家说你不 好了,咬咬牙,不要去相信,不要去承受。承受别人对 你的加害,实际上是对不起你自己。明明这个人讲的是 侮辱你的话、对你不好的话,你把它听进去了,你不是 在加害自己吗?你们年轻人要记住,小夫妻吵架骂几 句,不要听到耳朵里去。有什么好听的?师父再三跟你 们说,听进去就是烦恼。这么好的佛法,这么好的人间 智慧语言,你们为什么不用到生活当中啊?就算你们是 活学了也不能活用。

There are three kinds of forbearance. The first is forbearance when you are harmed intentionally. This could be when somebody spreads rumours about you or humiliates you behind your back. When somebody defames you, you grit your teeth and not willing to believe or accept it. When you accept other people’s hurt towards you, in reality, you are acting unjustly towards yourself. It’s clear that the person who is humiliating you and mistreating you want you to suffer by hearing the things they said. And you just accepted everything they said, so aren’t you hurting yourself? To those who are young, take note, when you young couples are doing petty squabbles with each other, don’t take it to heart. What’s there good to listen? Master had reminded you many times when you listen and take the things the other person said to heart, afflictions will develop. Such great Buddha-Dharma and words of wisdom, why don’t you practise it in your daily lives? Even though you have learnt so much yet, you still can’t practise it properly.

忍耐之后得清净心,容易得定。因为你忍耐之后, 你就定下来了。比如说夫妻吵架,一忍耐心就定下来 了。因为你不跟他吵,他再怎样讲你你不想,你是定 的。他是在跳。不能忍耐就会跳起来,跳起来了就会有 后果。修道能成,靠的是忍耐。能忍耐就能得到最大的 福报。师父讲个小福报给你们听:公共汽车上人挤人, 一位男士踩了人家女士一脚,应该是被人家骂吧。女士 不停地数落男士,男士连连说“对不起”,女士还是不 依不饶。这时旁边的乘客说话了:“你这人怎么这样, 人家都说对不起了,你还是不饶人。”大家都说女士不 好,男士就是得到福报了。本来是他错的事情,现在他 得到福报了。所以我们得理要让人,得理不让人的人是 不得人心的。有道理更要谦让人家,没有道理也要让人 家。

After one forbear, they will gain a pure mind, and it’s easier for them to concentrate. For example, if you and your partner have an argument with each other, if you forbear with it, then everything will quickly settle. It’s because you no longer argue with them, and you don’t think about what they’ve said, then you will attain concentration, while they’re still raging. If you can’t forbear, then you’ll be raging, and then there will be consequences from your actions. Whether your cultivation can be successful depends on your ability to forbear. Those who can forbear will gain the greatest worldly blessings. Master expounds about a small worldly blessing for you to hear. Inside a crowded bus, everybody was squeezed against each other. A man accidentally stepped on a woman’s foot, so he should deserve to be scolded right? The woman then got angry and reprimanded him continuously. The man kept apologising, but the woman did not back down. Then, one of the other passengers made a comment, “How could you still be like that, the man has already apologised, but you’re still not letting him go.” Everybody on the bus criticised the lady. So this man gained a worldly blessing. He was originally at fault, but now he got everybody’s support. That’s why one must be reasonable and willing to make concessions. Otherwise, you won’t gain the support of others. If you have the moral high ground, you must be more willing to make concessions. If you’re not, you still have to make concessions.

第二,忍耐要能忍自然的变化。自然的变化是什 么?气候的变化,天冷了、天热了不能忍耐,这也是没 修好。和尚、尼姑打坐时没有谁觉得冷了会起身穿衣服 的。你们行吗?还要忍耐口渴、嘴干,还要忍耐自然灾 害。自然灾害来了,房子没了,有人忍耐不了就自杀 了。有一个人家对面是一个工厂,机器从早上八点开到 晚上五点,噪音很大,实在不能忍耐就自杀了。这就是 不能忍耐的结果。

Secondly, you must be able to forbear with natural changes like the weather, or how hot or cold it becomes. If you can’t forbear, then it means you haven’t cultivated well. When monks and nuns meditate, they won’t get up and wear more clothes when it gets colder. Could you do that? You must also forbear with getting thirsty or a parched mouth, and forbear with natural disasters. When natural disasters come, and suddenly your house disappears, those who can’t forbear will commit suicide. There was somebody who lived opposite to a factory. The machinery would start operating at 8 am and finish at 5 pm, and it was very noisy. The person couldn’t forbear with it anymore and committed suicide. That's a result of not being able to forbear.

人要经受各种各样的忍耐。现在你们 徒弟坐在这里,老老实实、规规矩矩,师父看着很好, 你们是在听佛法啊。如果一会儿口渴了,一会儿又有别 的事情,这个就是不能忍耐。你们知道和尚的耐心是怎 样修炼的吗?你们看过少林寺吧,挑着水站着不能动, 这些都是对你肉体忍耐的修炼。还有精神的忍耐。实际 上那些法师、大和尚骂你、讲你,不是凶啊,他是让你 能够接受一种自然环境的变化,是给你一种境界,让你 能够忍耐之后你才能够定得下来。

People must forbear with different kinds of things. When you are sitting orderly, Master would be happy as you show that you are listening to the Buddha-Dharma seriously. If, after a brief moment, you feel thirsty or have some other things that occupy your mind, it indicates a lack of forbearance. Do you know how monks train their patience? Just look at Shaolin Temple, they carry two buckets of water and don’t move. These are also training for their muscles and their ability to resist, and also training for their mind. In reality, when senior monks scold you or criticise you, they’re not actually aggressive. They just want you to experience a kind of natural change in your environment, and experience a kind of state of mind. It’s so that you can concentrate after you forbear with it.

人不能忍耐才会生气。人家欺负你、侮辱你、欺骗 你,咬咬牙忍耐一下就有定力了。你坐不住,生气了, 一检查,身体出毛病了。要记住:咬住牙,自然环境的 热冷、外界环境我都要能忍耐,你骂我也要能忍耐。很 多年轻人为什么在家里吵架?就是因为不能忍耐。当有 人骂你时,你把她暂时当成疯子都没有关系的。这样你 暂时不会生气,然后再用佛法去化解。师父的意思是 说,不要把外界的环境弄到自己内心当中来。现在不管 对谁都要这样,不要讲。你用真心来修,你可以把世界 上所有的烦恼都忘却。如果你把假的世界当成真的了, 你才不能忘却。在这个人间你能够圆满吗?从小到现 在,你们有哪件事情是圆圆满满的?在人间你永远会有 遗憾留给人间。

You get angry because you lack forbearance. When other bully you, humiliate you and cheat you, if you could grit your teeth and forbear with it, it means you have the power to concentrate. But you can’t settle down and became angry. Then when you had a health check, you found out that you got a lot of problems. Take note: tolerate it all. The natural warming and cooling in temperature, and no matter how stressful the external conditions are, you must forbear it. Even if somebody scolds you, you must forbear it. Why do many young people argue at home? It’s because they lack patience. When somebody scolds at you, you could temporarily view them as somebody with mental illness. That way, you wouldn’t get angry at them and would be calm enough to use methods taught by the Buddha-Dharma to resolve it. What Master means is that, don’t take whatever happens in the outside world to heart. Regardless who’s in the right, you would remain the same. You aspire to be someone who cultivates sincerely and can forget all the afflictions of this world. If you treat this false world as real, how could you forget it all? How could you become complete? From when you were young till now, what have you done that felt completely satisfactory? In the Human Realm, there is always something to regret.

在人道这个道里本身就没有圆满的事情。为什么 呢?举个例子:“大会圆满结束”实际上这是个短暂的 圆满,对你整个人生来说你还是不圆满啊。明白了吗? 有些人在演讲台上向几万人大挥手,讲出来头头是道, 回到家被老婆抽耳光,能算圆满吗?师父告诉你们,人 生没有圆满。圆满是走的时候,那才真叫圆满。因为在 人道这个地方我划句号了,我走了,我上天了。师父给 你们讲过很多,师父不能经常生气的。明白了吗?你们 也不能经常生气啊。经常生气的话,你们以后去的地方 会不好。

In the Human Realm, there’s not a single thing that is completely perfect. Why is that? For example, when we say that the meeting has ended satisfactorily, in reality, that is only temporary. When we put it relative to your whole life, you are still not satisfied. Do you understand? Some public speakers speak grandly and commanding respect and admiration of tens of thousands of listeners. But when they return home, their wives scold and beat them. Would they feel completely satisfied with their lives? Master expounds that life isn’t perfect. The feeling of being complete only comes when one passes away. It’s because your time in the Human Realm is finally over. “I’m leaving now, and I’m going to Heaven.” Master has mentioned many times that he can’t regularly get angry. You must also not regularly get angry. If you do, you would be reborn in an unpleasant place.

师父很珍惜感情。师父有时发发牢骚,跟徒弟讲 讲。看到你们实在太差了,师父也是心里闷气,讲光了 也就算了。师父经常想自己对不起很多人,因为师父没 有救他们。师父经常回忆起过去的一些同学、朋友,他 们明明很有佛根的,但是那个时候师父还没有这么大的 神力,师父还没有观世音菩萨上身。如果他们现在跟师 父在一起的话,就完全不一样了,师父一定会救他们 的。一个人要有良心、要懂道理、要舍得付出。这个世 界永远没有不散的筵席。

Master cherishes relationships deeply. He occasionally shows his discontentment and points out some disciples’ flaws. When he sees that you are cultivating badly, he feels as if something’s bottled up inside him. So after he points out all the issues, then he’ll forget about it. He regularly feels sorry towards many people because he’s unable to save them. He regularly reminisces about his past classmates and friends. They clearly had some foundations in Buddhism, but at the time, Master didn’t have his current supranormal powers, and he wasn’t linked with Guan Yin Bodhisattva yet. If they were still in contact with Master, then it would be completely different, he would definitely be able to save them. A person must have morals, be sensible, and be willing to put in the effort. All good things will eventually come to an end in this world.

第三,修心、修佛也要忍耐。任何时候成功都不 晚,只要好好修。你们坐在这儿是不是在听啊?难过 吗?想站起来动一动,不能动,这叫不叫忍耐?坐的时 间长了,想不想喝水?有时听师父讲一句话时自己憋不 住了,是不是自己也想讲一讲?师父讲徒弟讲错的也有 啊,你看徒弟会不会生气。就算师父讲错了,你这么一 拜,心中就算没有这件事情也要想到:“是的,我要当 心啊。”

Thirdly, one must be patient in their cultivation and practise of Buddhism. It is never too late to succeed, but one must cultivate properly. Are you listening attentively? Do you feel uncomfortable? You want to stand up and have a stretch, but you don’t, isn’t that forbearance? When you sit for too long, do you feel thirsty? When Master makes some kind of statement, do you feel like you want to add your remarks to it? Sometimes Master might criticise a disciple wrongly. Do and see whether they are angry. Even if Master was wrong, when you pay your respects, even if you didn’t think about it, you should still be thinking, “Yes, I’ll be more careful.”

这才叫有修啊。动不动就跟人家讲道理,动不 动就顶嘴,动不动就说人家讲错了,这就是没修。你们 修心就是要把自己身上的毛病修掉啊。有什么可以解释 的?这个人间全是虚空,是阴阳五行假合而成,什么都 过得去。就算师父今天讲你讲错了,你就学忍辱。师父 会去讲电台所有的听众吗?师父不会讲,师父也不愿意 去讲,因为他们很多人还没有修。

That’s how you cultivate. If you casually argue back and defend yourself when you get triggered, then it means your cultivation is lacking. The whole point of cultivation is to reform all your shortcomings and bad habits. What’s there to explain? Everything in this world is empty; it’s temporarily formed by the energies of the universe. Everything will pass. Even if Master was wrong when criticising you, you should use it to train your forbearance. Would Master criticise all the listeners in his radio programme? He won’t, and he’s unwilling to do because many of his listeners are not cultivators.

大家来了就是想好好修,修到一定的程度可以使家 里好,家里好了你不是也好了吗?修心苦啊,也要忍 辱。很多老公说“你不要去了,听什么东西啊?有什么 用啊?”他造口业了,你要不要忍辱?忍辱就是要忍全 方面的辱。比如修佛中碰到的困难,人家讲你、骂 你……人家讲你不好,你都要忍耐。你心中知道我有道理,有观世音菩萨救我,我已经得到益处了,我好了。

Everybody who is here wants to cultivate properly. After cultivating to a certain level, it would cause their family to be well. If your family is well, don’t you also benefit from it? Even if cultivation is hard, you must forbear with it. Many husbands say to their wives, “Don’t go, what are you heck are you listening? What use is there?” When they commit verbal sins, should you forbear it? Forbearance is to forbear the humiliation you face in all aspects. For example, when one faces some hardship during their cultivation, and others are slandering and scolding at you, you must forbear. In your mind, you have thoughts like, “I know I’m right. I already have the blessings of Guan Yin Bodhisattva and have reaped the rewards. I’m already quite well off.”

人家讲坏话你也不要顶撞,你要忍耐。你们有些人,先 生还没开悟,太太还没开悟,这就叫果。因为你们的因 种得不好,因为自己的言语举止不像一个修心修佛的 人,让他就不相信你们会修得好。别人会从你们身上就 看出,原来学佛就是这个样子啊。很多人吵架时会讲: “你是学佛的,还念经呢,你整天骂我。”很多男人修 心,老婆会说“你不要这样,你是修心的啊。”老公一 听,对啊,我不能够这样,因为我是学佛人。

When others badmouth you, don’t argue back, that’s also forbearance. There are some people whose husband or wife have not awakened, that’s a karmic consequence. It’s because your karmic cause wasn’t right. Like your typical daily behaviour and conduct are unlike a Buddhist’s, and so you can’t convince them that you are cultivating well. You don’t lead by example. Instead, you left them a bad impression. “Oh, so Buddhist practitioners behave as such.” When people argue, they might say, “You’re a Buddhist, and you recite sutras, yet you scold me all day.” For male practitioners, their wives might say, “Don’t be like that; you’re a cultivator.” When the husband heard it, they might think, “That’s right, I can’t behave like that. I’m already a Buddhist.”

人要自律,要好好修。修心要忍耐。如果在你没有得到法喜之前,你很迷茫、你很痛苦。什么叫法喜?比 如说求一件事情,身体好了、精神好了、工作找到了, 这就叫法喜。就像你开车一样,我今天想开到堪培拉 去,但我找不到方向。修心也是这样,我为什么念经不 灵啊?是修心还不到位。如同找不到方向了?但是如果 你能够忍耐,把这条路找到了,上了去堪培拉的高速公 路,你还会有障碍吗?

One must have self-discipline. You must properly cultivate. Cultivation is to forbear. Before you gain Dharma bliss, you would feel lost and a lot of pain. What is Dharma bliss? For example, when you pray for something and the prayer was heard, like your health improved, your mental state improved, you found a job etc., you feel a sense of joy, and that’s Dharma bliss. Just like when you want to drive to Canberra with your car, but you got lost. Cultivation is the same. Why are your sutra recitations inefficacious? It’s because your cultivation is still lacking, just like when you feel lost. But if you could forbear, and persist in finding the right route and you finally got on to the highway straight to Canberra, would you still be hindered?

在还没有找到这条大路之前是最 痛苦的。所以在你们修心刚开始的时候,又没有自信 心,不知道行不行、试试看,就是还没有找到道路。念 经、烧香不灵,因为你没有自信心,你就永远找不到这 条光明大道,你就永远不能顺着这条光明大道在没有障 碍地往前进。师父讲的这些比喻都有道理啊。修心就是 这样,先苦后甜。要付出啊。能够忍辱的人才能够学佛 成功。不能忍耐的人不能精进。

The period before you found the right route is the most painful. That’s why when you just began your cultivation, you still lacked faith. You don’t know if it will work, so you’re just giving it a try. In that period, you still haven’t found the right path. Your sutra recitations and your incense offerings were inefficacious because you were still doubtful and so you weren’t in the right state of mind. If you continued as such, you would never find the path to the glorious way, and you would never be able to advance unhindered. Cultivation is like so. No pain, no gain. You must put in the effort. Those who are talented and can forbear will gain success in their cultivation in Buddhism. Those who can’t forbear won’t be diligent.

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