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V 3-19 Wholesome and Unwholesome Karmic Retribution is attracted by Oneself 善恶果报,唯人自招

Disclaimer: The translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation. The Buddha-Dharma is profound. No matter how you convey it, it won’t be completely perfect. Because the Buddha-Dharma is an experience, it’s an awakening 【佛法深奥无比,怎么写,都不会是究竟圆满。佛法是一种悟】. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

学佛,要越学越精进;修心,要越修心越明;做 人,要越做越像人;境界,要越修越像菩萨。你们一定 要围绕着这些去做,而且越修境界越高。修到一定程 度,各种各样的境界都会显前,要能稳住自己、要能克 制自己不被境界所转,精进修行。

One must become more diligent as one learns and practise Buddhism. One must become wiser as one cultivates their mind. One must become more ethical as they grow older. One’s level of spirituality must become more like a Bodhisattva’s. Your actions must revolve around these principles, and you must keep cultivating so that your level of spirituality becomes higher. Once you have cultivated to a certain level, different kinds of scenes will manifest itself. You must remain steady and not allow yourself to be influenced by the external environment and continue to cultivate diligently.

什么是福气?一个人的福是修来的,一个人要懂得 知福,要懂得惜福。什么叫知福?其实每个人本身都是 有福气的,而你怎么样使它延续下去呢?同样,每个人 的身上都具有他本身的福气。那么为什么你会有福气? 而他没有呢?每个人的福气是根据他的修为所产生的结 果。就像土地一样,你在土地里种什么它就长什么。你 种下不好的因,它长出来的就是不好的果。如果你种下 去的是一颗好的西瓜籽,它长出来的就是一棵好西瓜 苗,将来结的就是一个好西瓜;如果你种下去的是一颗 不好的西瓜籽,它将来结的一定是一个不好的西瓜。所 以土地是不会变的,也就是说人的本身的福气都是有 的。

What are worldly blessings? Worldly blessings come from one’s cultivation. One must know how to acknowledge and cherish their blessings. What does it mean to acknowledge blessings? In reality, every person inherently possesses worldly blessings, but it’s how one can keep it continuing. Under the same principle, why does it seem that you have worldly blessings while others don’t? Everybody’s worldly blessings are but a result that’s dependent on their level of cultivation. Just like the earth, it will grow whatever dependent on what you had planted. If you sowed unwholesome karmic causes, it would grow unwholesome karmic consequences. If you planted a good watermelon seed, it would sprout a good watermelon seedling, and in the future, it will grow good watermelons. If you planted a bad watermelon seed, it would grow some bad watermelons in the future. So the earth doesn’t change. In other words, everybody inherently possesses worldly blessings.

那么为什么有的人有福气?而有的人没有福气呢? 是因为他的业障太大,把他自己的福气遮盖住了。为什 么有些人有福气呢?是因为他一直不停地在做善事、做 功德、做好事,所以他的福气就会一直延续下去。不要 怪人家有没有福气,实际上祸福都是自己造成的。

So why do some people seem to lack worldly blessings? It’s because their karmic obstacles are too significant and have covered up their worldly blessings. Why do some people seem to possess worldly blessings? It’s because their ceaselessly commit wholesome and meritorious deeds, and hence their worldly blessings continue to bloom. You mustn’t blame about a lack of worldly blessings, as in fact, it’s created by oneself.

师父今天给大家从几个方面来讲善恶种子的成熟。 每一个人心中都有善的种子,也有恶的种子。善的种子 和恶的种子,犹如人体的细胞一样,有好的、也有坏的 (癌细胞),它在人身体里取决于一个平衡点。因为善 恶种子的成熟加快了它的缘。比如你在恶的种子上不停 地浇水、施肥,这个恶的种子就长得很快。就像你身上 有癌细胞,如果你整天抽烟、喝酒、做坏事,你的癌细 胞就比正常人的恶得快。如果你在坏的种子上面不停地 浇水施肥,那你得到的就是恶报;如果你在善良的种子 上面不停浇水施肥,那你得到的就是善报。对不对?恶 的种子和善良的种子是要看播种的人。

Today, Master will discuss the various aspects that promote the maturity of wholesome and unwholesome karmic seeds. Everybody’s mind contains wholesome and unwholesome karmic seeds, just like how a person’s body contains both good and bad cells, where they coexist. The rate of which the karmic seeds mature depends on their karmic affinity. For example, if you continually water and fertilise the unwholesome karmic seeds, then they will grow rapidly. Likened to how cancerous cells become worse faster if you smoke, drink alcohol and do unwholesome things daily. If you keep watering and fertilising the unwholesome karmic seeds, then what you get are unwholesome consequences. If you keep watering and fertilising the wholesome karmic seeds, then what you get are wholesome consequences. Is that correct? It all depends on the person who sows the karmic seeds.

如果你不做坏 事,你恶的种子就不会动的,就像冬眠一样。举个简单 例子:如果我这个人在钱上最过不了关,那么我就不去 看钱、不去碰钱,它就冬眠了,你这个恶的种子就不会 发芽了。如果这个人最好色,就不要去看女人(或男 人),尽量不要去看不要去接触,如果看了心里一动, 你这个恶的种子就等于你在给它浇水施肥了。大家明白 吗?大家一定要把自己身上的习气去掉,也就是说不要 增长恶缘,多播种善缘。这点很重要的。和尚为什么要 到山上去修呢?就是为了避开一些人间的烦恼,不要看 到人间的凡人。

If you don’t commit unwholesome deeds, then your unwholesome karmic seeds won’t be activated, and they’re in a state of hibernation. Here’s to illustrate it, if you are somebody who’s excited about money, then if you don’t look at it or touch it, then your thought about money hibernates, and it won’t develop. If you are somebody who’s lustful, then don’t look at other women or men, and avoid contact with them as much as possible. If you become aroused after contact, then it’s likened to you watering and fertilising this unwholesome karmic seed. Do you understand? You must eliminate your deep-rooted bad habits. In other words, don’t allow your unwholesome karmic affinities to develop, and keep expanding your wholesome karmic affinities. This is very important. Why do monks like to go up the mountains to cultivate? It’s to avoid some afflictions of the Human realm and avoid contact with secular people.

所以许多庙里把凡人又称为“烦人”。 你们想一想,一个很好的庙大家都在里面天天修心念 经、晨钟暮鼓,就是因为这些凡人到了庙里之后传话、 说三道四,今天说这个法师讲什么什么了,明天讲那个 法师讲什么什么了,讲来讲去最后把人家的庙搞得乌七 八糟的。实际上这就是一种业障。为什么要到山上去修 心呢?就是怕这些“烦人”烦呢,从早上烦到晚上,到 了晚上才能得一点点清静,睡到床上的时候才感到菩萨 在身边。所以要记住:有缘的种子要等到缘分的到来才 会发芽。如果是好的种子,等到它缘分到来的时候,它 才会成熟。

There are many monks who view secular people as being synonymous with afflicted people. Think about it; a temple is a place where the monks recite sutras daily and maintain a strict regiment. But when secular people arrive at the temples, they spread rumours and gossip around until finally, the temple becomes a mess. This is also a kind of karmic obstruction. Why do people go up the mountains to cultivate their mind? It’s because they fear these ‘afflicted people’ from bothering them. They are bothered from morning to night, and it’s only late at night when they can finally get some peace. It’s when they’re lying in their bed that they could feel the Bodhisattvas by their side. That’s why you must remember, karmic seeds also require the right karmic affinity to mature.

举个简单的例子:你小时候喜欢偷东西,现 在你一直避开,控制自己不去偷东西。这个恶的种子虽 然在你的身体里,但是它不发芽、不长大,就像没有一 样。如果你纠集到一帮坏朋友,他们都很喜欢偷东西, 那么你小时候的坏习惯在他们的身上得到了磁场,这个 恶缘就成熟了,你就会和他们一起去偷东西了。所以我 们不要做坏事,不要去碰那些不好的缘分,如贪、瞋、 痴、去偷、去抢等等。如果我们能去抵制它的话,还有 一个很好的优点,就是加速善缘的成熟。

Here’s an example, if you liked to steal when you were young, but now you no longer have the habit of doing so, then even though this unwholesome karmic seed still exists within you, but it will never grow and mature, and it will be as if it doesn’t exist. But if you made friends with people who like to steal, then the bad habit that you had when you were young resonates with them, and this unwholesome affinity will be created. You would then steal along with them. That’s why we mustn’t commit unwholesome deeds, and we mustn’t get in contact with unwholesome affinities that triggers your greed, hatred, delusion, or your desire to steal etc. If you could resist it, then there’s also the added benefit of accelerating the maturation of your wholesome affinities.

因为你们没有 恶的缘,你的善缘就会越来越快的成熟。为什么有的人 求观世音菩萨的时候不灵呢?因为他身上有很多的恶缘 没有消掉,所以他求菩萨就不灵;如果他的恶缘越来越 少了,他在观世音菩萨面前磕头,一求就灵了。就说明 他是一个很干净的人,菩萨一看就会帮助了,对不对? 反之,如果你善缘很少,没有做很多好事、善事,没有 去做功德,是不是加速了恶缘的形成呢?比如医生说让 你晚上早睡,白天应该怎么样怎么样的,你不听医生的 话,而且晚上睡得很晚,那你这个坏习惯时间一长是不 是加速了你身体的健康变坏?

Because you don’t have any unwholesome affinities, it means that your wholesome affinities will mature at a faster rate. Why is it that some people don’t have their prayers fulfilled after praying to Guan Yin Bodhisattva? It’s because a majority of unwholesome karmic affinities had still not yet been eliminated, that’s why their prayers were not efficacious. If their unwholesome karmic affinities are reduced a lot, then when they kowtow and pray to Guan Yin Bodhisattva, then their prayers are fulfilled. It indicates that the person is very pure, and so the Bodhisattvas can give aid to them, isn’t that so? On the contrary, if the person lacks wholesome affinities, and they don’t commit many wholesome and meritorious deeds, then doesn’t it hasten the formation of unwholesome affinities? For example, if the doctor asks you that you must go to bed early at night, but you don’t take heed of the doctor’s advice and go to bed very late at night, then as time does on, doesn’t it make worsen your health quicker?

师父虽然不懂什么医学, 但是师父是在给你们讲道理听。就像有些产品它就是激 活你身上的一些细胞,激活你身上那些原始的细胞,而 这些细胞应该是等到你要用的时候才用的,讲不好听的 就是等于仓库里的一些储存和积蓄,你不该用的时候你 提早拿出来用了,有时作用会适得其反。举个简单的例 子:吸鸦片就是这样。人为什么吸了鸦片之后跑到台上 去会精神倍增呢?为什么会在台上像发疯一样的又唱又 跳的呢?因为他们一个人在台上怕没有激情,他们要像 发疯一样的才能唤起那么多人对他的精神,同样让那么 多的人也像他一样发疯,这叫感染力,他依靠着这些毒 品使他兴奋,而毒品的效果一过去,人马上就像瘫掉一 样。因为他用了自身的能量体和他的储存、积蓄。

Although Master wasn’t taught medical science, he is just sharing some basic principles. Just like how there are some products that trigger some cells in your body while they should remain dormant and wait until the time it’s properly utilised. For example, you have some grains saved up in your store, but you decide to use them earlier than when it should be used. In this circumstance, it would lead to an adverse consequence. Another example is the use of opium. Why is it that after someone takes opium, they could walk on stage and become full of vigour and madly sing and dance on stage? It’s because they’re afraid that if it’s just them, they can’t spread the excitement, and so they want to attract as many people to become as excited as them. They depend on the drug to get them high, and when the high is over, they immediately collapse from exhaustion. It’s because they’ve used up all their saved up energy.

犹如 师父在开法会的时候,师父给人家讲解得很开心,讲得 很有劲,等到大会一结束,人就想坐下来休息了。这是 为什么呢?因为当你思想集中的时候,实际上你动用了 你自己的储存。你们能明白师父讲这些话是什么意思 吗?因为人善种和恶种都有,你要把恶种灭掉、不要去 动它;而把善良的种子要不停地用水去浇灌,你才能让 善良的种子越长越大,才能克制自己的恶习和恶种。脑 子里善良的东西越多,恶念就会越少。

Likened to how when Master conducts his Dharma Conventions, he is joyous and talks with vigour. But when it ends, he would be exhausted and needs to rest. Why is that so? It’s because you are focused and alert; in reality, you are using your reserved energy. Do you understand? Because everybody possesses both wholesome and unwholesome karmic seeds, so you must bring the unwholesome seeds into a state of cessation, and not stimulate it. While simultaneously you ceaselessly stimulate your wholesome seeds, so that it can grow and develop. Only by doing so would you be able to control your bad habits and unwholesome seeds. By taking more time to think about wholesome thoughts, the less time there is to think about unwholesome thoughts.

同样,脑子里恶 念越多,善良的东西就越少。有些营养品就是刺激你的 某个部位,让你把它刺激起来,但是可以刺激一些好的 细胞,也可以刺激一些不好的细胞,这样反而造成了你 的生理不平衡,会生出各种各样的怪病来。所以人最要 紧的是要调节自己的平衡。人最要紧的就是要有心理的 平衡点,而这个平衡点就在你的心里。学佛就是学平 衡。想得通就是平衡,你想不通就是心里不平衡,对不 对?

On the contrary, if there are more unwholesome things in your mind, the less wholesome things you have. There are some supplements that could stimulate an area of your body, but it would stimulate both good and bad cells in that area, and so it might create some hormonal imbalance in your body and develop some strange illnesses. That’s why it’s important to adjust yourself so that there is balance. It’s very important to attain mental balance. Learning Buddhism is to learn how to attain balance, to be able to think things through is a balance. If you are stubborn about something, then it creates a mental imbalance, is that correct?

师父给大家讲善恶种子的成熟还在因果。因为种子 在的话,因果一定在,也就是你身体上有恶种、善种, 有恶因和善因。能明白吗?如果给善种子的水分和养料 多,那么这善种子就会长得快。如果你给恶种子的水分 和养料多,那么恶种子就会越长越大,越长越大之后就 变成了灾难。因为恶果长到一定的时候,它一定会形成 一个灾难。比如你开始时是生气,生气之后心里就不平 衡了,就会产生愤怒,产生愤怒之后慢慢地就变成仇 恨,变成仇恨之后就慢慢地变成报复,变成报复之后就 必须要有行为,这个时候就是造成你的灾难。

Master will now discuss how the maturity of wholesome and unwholesome karmic seeds are also dependent on karma. That’s because the karmic seeds are a product of karma. Do you understand? If you keep feeding the wholesome seeds with nutrients, then it will grow faster. If you keep feeding the unwholesome seeds with nutrients instead, then it will grow fast and ultimately become a calamity. That’s because when the karmic fruits have grown to a certain state, it will definitely form a calamity. For example, when you have just begun to get angry, your anger will create mental imbalance, and you begin to form resentment. Then this resentment will gradually develop into an urge to take revenge, which will trigger an action. Then when this action has taken place, it will form into a calamity.

这就是为 什么世界上有那么多国家天天打仗,永远打仗,因为他 仇恨的种子一直种在他这个国家里,他们的孩子从小生 出来就知道仇恨。我们学佛就是不要把恶因激活,让它 维持,这样对人体造成的危害是极少的。如果一个人身 体上一点点不好的细胞都没有,这个人就没有免疫力。 就像我们在澳洲时间呆得久了,去其它国家旅游后就容 易伤风感冒。那么像非洲国家卫生条件很差,生活的时 间长了,他们为什么不容易生病呢?

This is the reason why many countries are still embroiled in endless war. That’s because the karmic seeds of resentment and revenge are deeply engrained into the nation, so every child born in that nation also learns and knows of this resentment. We learn Buddhism so that we don’t stimulate these unwholesome karmic seeds, and keep it maintained in a dormant state so that the damage it causes is minimalised. If a person’s body doesn’t even have a single bad cell, then it means that the person’s immune system is weak. Just like how if we stayed in Australia for too long, we would be susceptible to catching a cold when we travel to other countries. Or how although the sanitary conditions in African countries are poor, the people there do not get ill easily.

因为我们太干净 了,就没有免疫力了,所以在人体当中可以产生一些不 好的细胞,就是恶因(只要你是人它一定会有的),但 是你一定要把善因盖过恶因,这样你才能产生真正的平 衡点。举个简单的例子:你们都会烧菜,如果你们烧一 道糖醋菜,如果你们不放盐它甜的味道就特别怪。你们 烧糖醋的东西必须放盐,然后再放糖、再放醋,那个时 候它的味道就跟你单单放糖醋的味道是不一样的。

When you are too pure, then your immune system becomes poor. That’s why the body should contain some bad cells, in other words, unwholesome seeds (as long as you are human, you will definitely have some), but your wholesome seeds must be stronger than your unwholesome seeds, and this way, you could establish a true equilibrium. Here’s a simple example to illustrate this, when you’re cooking a sweet and sour dish, if you don’t add salt, then the sweet flavour becomes weird. If you cook a sweet and sour dish, you must add salt, and then some sugar and some vinegar. Then the flavour that it has is different than if you only added sugar and vinegar to it.

就像 一个人的手臂一样,伸出去必须要拉回来。你拉回来的 目的是为了伸出去,如果不拉回来你是伸不出去的,对 不对?你今天有恶的因,你把它抵制了,你善良的东西 就出去了;如果你不把恶的东西拉回来,正的东西就出 不去。恶的东西要控制、要改正,并不是教你们把它搞 的很大,不是让你们浇水和施肥的,而是要制止它、抵 制克制它。恶种恶果,善种善果,所以恶果善果就是 “祸福无门”四个字。祸福是怎么来的呢?

Just like a person’s arm, when you have stretched it out, you must be able to pull it back. The reason for you pull it back is so that you can stretch it out again. If you can’t pull it back, then you can’t stretch it out again, is that right? If you have an unwholesome cause, and you have controlled it, then your wholesomeness will manifest. If you don’t pull back on your unwholesomeness, then your wholesomeness won’t show. Unwholesome things must be controlled and corrected, and not to be let loose or be continually stimulated. Unwholesome causes will bring unwholesome consequences, and wholesome causes will bring wholesome consequences. That’s why there’s a saying that there is no entrance to calamity nor blessing. How does it manifest?

是因为你 “唯人自招”。祸是你自己招来的,福气也是你自己招 来的。你今天的不好是你自己招来的,你今天的好也是 你自己修来的。你今天的痛苦是你自己长时间种的恶 因。你长时间地不好,你长时间的恨人家就造成了你的 心脏出毛病,最后造成你的死亡。所以我们学佛要懂得 因果。“因果”两个字师父给你们讲上一辈子也讲不 完。因果是人生最大的一个课题,也是佛菩萨交给我们 的一个最大的责任。因为你在人间,你必须要让每一个 人都懂得因果定律。师父现在到处弘法,实际上就是告 诉大家“因果”两个字。

It’s attracted by oneself. You’re the one that’s attracting calamity and blessings. If something bad happens to you, it’s because you attracted it. If something good happens to you, it’s because you cultivated it. Today’s suffering is due to the unwholesome seeds you have cultivated for a very long time. Because you held onto a grudge for a very long time and that’s why it induced heart disease, and as a result, it caused your death. That’s why one must know about cause and consequences when learning Buddhism. In regards to ‘karma’, Master could spend a lifetime talking about it, and there’s still more. Karma is the most important topic in life, and it is also the greatest responsibility that Buddha and Bodhisattvas have taught us. Because you’re still in the Human Realm, every one of you must know about the law of causality. Master roams around the world propagating, in reality, is to tell everybody about karma.

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