V 2-36 Journey to the Hell of Ice Pillars 遊冰柱地獄;閻王殿聽審淫亂、墮胎、殺生害命四罪靈

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On the 14th of January 2019, my spirit was sent to the underworld courts in [Country]. The Yama of [Country] passed a scroll to me. I read it and saw that it was approved by Guan Yin Bodhisattva and Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva for me to journey down to the hell of ice pillars.

The hell of ice pillars is one of the lesser hells of the Eight Cold Hells. It specialises in punishing sinned spirits who had committed deeds of sexual misconduct, abortions and deeds of killing.


Looking down from above, this hell looked like the glaciers in Kyrgyzstan. It was surrounded by glaciers as far as the eye could see. Thick piles of snow covered the mountain tops, and the air was very chilly. I think that it must be less than minus 20 degrees Celsius. I flew towards the entrance of a cavern, where there was a sign called ‘Hell of Ice Pillars’. Countless sinned spirits were frozen inside the ice pillars. They were all naked, and horror showed on their faces. At the base of the ice pillars, executioners were guarding it. While there were large quantities of natural air that flowed into the cavern, in every hour, the executioners will retreat from the cavern and light a fire outside. The searing flames would then enter into the cavern and melt the ice pillars, and the sinned spirits that were inside would then be immediately scorched into a blackened crisp. When the flames subsided, the frigid outside air will return into the cavern and freeze the sinned spirits into an ice pillar again.




After I visited the hell of ice pillars, my spirit was enveloped in a golden light and entered through a portal, where I arrived in the court of Yama in [Country] to attend the hearing of some sinned spirits from the hell of ice pillars.

There were four sinned spirits kneeling before the senior Yama, who looked powerful.

The senior Yama said, “[Name], you may speak first.”


The male sinned spirit A said, “My name is [Name], I’m the male sinned spirit who was involved in the hearing of the 5th of January 2019, and who had broken my vow of abstaining from sexual relations and committed sexual misconduct. In September, I died due to an accident, and I was sentenced to the hell of excrement, and was constantly bitten by the insects inside and felt stinging pain. Inside the pool of excrement, I resented the female sinned spirit [Y] who played with my feelings back in my school days, and I also resented myself for being foolishly sentimental. I’m sorry to [Name] (who is the male sinned spirit’s fiancée and who also cultivated Guan Yin Citta), I pray for your forgiveness, I loved you. Due to the affinity of the past life, I met [Y] again and couldn’t control my feelings for her. I knew that she already has her own family, but I couldn’t refrain myself from getting close to her. Then out of a series of strange circumstances, we both had committed unforgivable sins numerous times. Then in December, the executioners came to the human realm to claim the debts I had accumulated.


After my hearing ended, Yama sentenced me to the hell of ice pillars. Every day, I must suffer from the pains of being set ablaze and frozen inside a pillar of ice. It’s to punish me for forcing her to have sexual relations with me even though she realised it was wrong and wanted to cut off her relationship with me. I’m wrong. Guan Yin Bodhisattva, I’m shameless, please forgive me! Please learn from my mistake and listen to my advice, you must keep your distance with the opposite sex. Feelings are not something you can casually play with. You don’t know when your affinity will be triggered and would cause you to sow the seeds of your demise and descent to hell.”


The senior Yama said, “You already had a wife (in the courts, a fiancée is considered to be one’s official wife) yet you still commit adultery. Not only does it damage your body, but also your mind. This unwholesome affinity will continue in your future life. Since you already learned Buddhism, you should have controlled yourself and kept your distance. I also advise that all Guan Yin Citta cultivators who made vows to abstain from sexual relations, regardless of whatever reason that made you break the vow, the laws of heaven and earth still considers it a grave offence. It is a deed of significant verbal misconduct in front of the Buddha. One must not take the vows they made lightly. This year, the courts will severely punish all those who violated the disciplinary rules of the Buddha Dharma, those who broke their vows, those who profit using the name of the Buddha and those who slander and defame the Buddha. I hope that our honoured guest will put all of this down in a book for the future generations to be aware.”


The female sinned spirit B said, “My name is [Name], I come from [Country]. When I was young, my family was very poor, and I was taken by a human smuggling syndicate and sold to a spa resort to be a bar girl. Then when I grew older, I became a madam for the resort and was responsible for training young, beautiful girls to entertain their customers to receive commission and rewards. If any girls in the resort were accidentally pregnant, I would take them to the hospital to get it aborted. When I was over forty years old, I was diagnosed with cancer. It was the terminal stage of breast cancer. Before I died, I was treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy and suffered immense agony and torture before I breathed my last.


After I died, I was sentenced to the hell of ice pillars. Every day, the executioners would ignite a blazing flame to melt the ice pillars so that we sinned spirits recover our consciousness and could feel the scorching heat. Then in an instant, a gust of freezing air will re-enter the cavern and freeze us into ice pillars again. This kind of torture is unbearable and terrifying, and we couldn’t escape when we’re frozen. I wish I could die permanently! Yama, I am also a victim! I was sold into prostitution!



The senior Yama said, “When you were 34, somebody tried to persuade you to change career and don’t continue with prostitution, but why did you refuse to realise the error of your ways? You also ruined many ignorant young girls from rural areas to commit the sins of sexual misconduct and the deeds of abortion. Although I do take pity of the hardships of your fate, the laws are indifferent; you must still reap what you sow!”

The female sinned spirit C said, “My name is [Name], I’m from [City]. My family depends on the sea to sustain their livelihood and owns a few fishing boars. Everything, they would go out to sea to catch a supply of seafood and sell it to the seafood restaurants close to the sea. After my husband died from illness, it was very hard for a single woman like me; I also lacked any academic qualifications. So I married a companion was who was responsible for going out to sea. At age 58, I caught a strange disease, and became inflamed and covered in pimples that contained pus. And amid the excruciating pain, I died. Afterwards, I was sentenced to be punished in the hell of ice pillars. Yama said that because when we were out at sea, we would like just large quantities of ice to freeze the sea creatures to death, that’s why I was sentenced to that hell to experience the same kind of pain and punish me for my deeds of killing.” (The female sinned spirit wept).




弟子 2019-01-14

Male sinned spirit D said, “I came from [Country], my name is [Name]. When I was alive, I opened an adult shop that sold sex toys, erotic goods, pornographic materials and CDs. Because I was in this industry, I was exposed to large quantities of pornographic content. Also, I liked going out to nightclubs to have a drink and have casual sex. Before I died, I contracted prostate cancer and HIV, and when I died, I wasn’t even 36 years old yet. After I died, I was taken by the executioners to the hell of ice pillars. When my consciousness returned to me, I found myself frozen inside an ice pillar and undergoing my punishment. I didn’t know that I shouldn’t be opening an adult shop. I thought it was lawful. I also abided by the law, and I pay my taxes. So I was wrong! I didn’t know…” (The male sinned spirit cried).

The senior Yama said, “Although the living realm might accept some industries as lawful, in reality, it had violated the laws of the underworld. It’s just that the people of the living do not understand nor aware of the disciplinary rules of the underworld and the karmic retribution of hell. It’s due to Guan Yin Bodhisattva’s mercy and pity to those who suffer in hell that our honoured guest is sent to journey into the hells to observe and write down the testimonials of the sinned spirits and share it with the living so that they can learn from your lessons and take it as a warning. And with this sharing, you would also accumulate some merit-virtues that will allow you to reincarnate in the human realm instead of the animal realm. Now go with the executioners and return to the hell of ice pillars and continue your punishment.”

I’m grateful Master.

14th of January 2019.


Master’s reply:

That’s why never force others to sell sex or sex-related things. Otherwise, when you die, you might feel drowsy and unconscious for a brief time, and then when your consciousness returns, you discover that you’re already in hell. You must be careful. About the people who gave their testimonials, if you go check, then you should be able to discover it. In the past, many people had written about their experience in hell. One said that somebody had an affair, and when they were climbing back down using the pipes, he fell and died. Then somebody went and checked and truly, there was something like that happened. There are some things that although you haven’t seen it, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. You must be a good child. Never be a bad person. The law of heaven is that unwholesomeness will encounter unwholesome retribution or consequence. You must understand.

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