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JHH V 1-7 Hells of Biting Cold (Hell of Snow Mountains, Hell of Icicles, Hell of Iron Mountains)

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Disclaimer: My translations are not official nor endorsed by 2OR, so please just treat it as a ‘fan-based’ translation. Please enjoy, and I hope it serves as a good filler until the official English version comes out.

Guan Yin Citta Journey to Heaven and Hell V1-7




On the 30th of September 2018, after I finished paying respects to the Buddha, the portrait of Guan Yin Bodhisattva radiated a brilliant light. Not long after, the Bodhisattva transmitted a thought message me, “I will take you to observe the scenes of hell so that the sentient beings of the human realm would know what the karmic effect will be by understanding the karmic cause. Do not do those filthy acts. Sexual desires give birth to unwholesomeness. Nowadays, men and women are gradually becoming depraved in their pursuit of satisfying their lust, and in the future, they will be reborn in the lower realms. It would be too late for regrets.”



Hells of biting cold (Hell of snow mountains) – it’s used to punish men and women who committed deeds of sexual misconduct, those who derailed in their relationships and those who were promiscuous.

Snow danced in the sky while the air was extremely chilly (the temperature felt like it was in the minus degrees) and the icy-cold wind bellowed and howled. Here, there were two or three massive snow mountains distributed in this hell. A very thick pile of snow had accumulated on the ground, and in the distance, I saw an executioner who was holding a whip following a group of sinned spirits. The men and women had their hands and feet cuffed with iron chains, and they were naked. There was another executor at the front of the group who forcefully dragged them to move forward. When a tired sinned spirit was unwilling to walk any further, the executioner at the back will use their whip to lash them. This hell was very cold, cold enough to make your skin split. All the sinned spirits were trembling profusely; their lips were cracked from the cold. The height of the settled snow on the ground had reached to the level of their knee, so it was very difficult for them to walk through the blistering cold. Also, the snow mountain was very big; the sinned spirits had to walk a very long distance before they reached a bridge. There was a guard stationed at the entrance of the bridge. When their punishment is over, the sinned spirits will be let out from this hell.


If the term of the punishment weren’t over for the sinned spirit, they would be taken away by the executioner, and forced to continue walking through the snow mountain until their time is over. At the front of the bridge, the guard transmitted a thought message to me, “The female sinned spirit in the front had an affair and derailed many times. That male sinned spirit was promiscuous before he married and had sexual relationships with a handful of people. The other female sinned spirit took advantage of her charms and acted promiscuously with other men, not showing concern with her body. When they died, they were all transferred to this hell. The more severe cases of sexual misconduct would be transferred to the other great hells (hell of excrement, hell of embrace, hell of iron beds). The modern-day men and women no longer have a sense of shame. They think that it’s trendy and they are the values to strive for in the modern age. I can’t even imagine how many more sinned spirits would be transferred here in the future. The people in the human realm are too reckless.”



Hells of biting cold (Hell of icicles) – it’s used to punish women who committed deeds of sexual misconduct, those who derailed in their relationships and those who were promiscuous.

The air here was also extremely chilly and piercing. Inside a large cavern, there were icicles formed growing upwards from the ground, the length of it was around 3-5 cm, and there were a countless number of it dispersed everywhere around the cavern. I saw many female sinned spirits who were kneeling on the ground while their faces were twisted in pain and their hands tied behind their backs. An executioner said to me, “This is the hell of icicles, it’s primarily used to punish sinned spirits who acted promiscuously in the human realm.” Then it ordered a female sinned spirit to stand up. When I saw her, it made me jump in fright. The lower body of the female sinned spirit was completely covered in blood, and her knees were inflicted with many opened wounds. The place where she knelt was actually on top of the icicles. So when she knelt as punishment, her entire lower body and knees was pierced by the numerous jagged icicles. No wonder her face looked like she was in immense pain. All of the female sinned spirits here acted promiscuously (fond of doing one-night stands or regularly go to nightclubs to get drunk and behaving promiscuously). After they die, they will be transferred here for punishment until they have served the full term of their sentence, where they will be released.



Hell of Iron Mountains – it’s used to punish women who committed deeds of sexual misconduct and performed abortions, and men who acted promiscuously or instigated other women to perform abortions.

The environment here was very dark; many enormous iron mountains were erected in this hell. I heard the cries of infants from afar, and when I got closer to the source, the sight made me jump. The sky was filled with a countless number of baby spirits floating around; all of them were filled with resentment. You could tell that the practice of abortion is common in the human realm. The mountains were also covered in many iron trees, while many tiny iron spikes covered the ground. The iron trees also had many sharp spikes grown out of it. I saw an executioner pursuing a group of sinned spirits while continually lashing at them with the whip it’s holding and forcing them up the iron mountain. The sinned spirits were wailing as the bottom of their feet were pierced by the sharp spikes and covered in blood. There were also some sinned spirits who couldn’t stand anymore due to the pain and tried to hold on to a tree for support, only to be pierced by the spikes that were grown out of the tree, so their hands became bloodied. Just like that, they were forced up the mountain a step at a time and then forced back down the mountain. It was unbearable to watch.



The executioners were uncivil towards the sinned spirits. If they didn’t move, they would immediately lash them violently. Like so, they had to run up and down the iron mountain until they have served the full term of their sentence, and then they could leave this hell. Why is the punishment for abortion so great (especially those who had the intention to abort)? That’s because the spirit of the baby has no other choice but to occupy their mother’s body after they are aborted, which leads to the suffering of their parents (they would suffer gynaecological diseases, depression and shortening of their lifespan). When their mother dies, they will each go their separate ways according to their karmic conditions. Some parents are reincarnated in the human realm, the animal realm or the hell realm, while these baby spirits have nobody to help them spiritually ascend. So they are transferred to the hell of iron mountains, where they’re left to roam around and cry until the courts of the underworld have finally arranged them to reincarnate. That’s why the punishment towards those who commit sexual misconduct and abortions are so strict. If these sinned spirits recited the Buddha’s name and sincerely repented while they were still alive, although the negative karma that they had created would not be completely eliminated, after they have completed the full term of their sentence, they would be able to reincarnate into a human. A majority of the sinned spirits here would reincarnate in the animal realm when their time is up.

May I ask Master whether these scenes of hell are real?


Master’s reply:

They are all real. When Master sees people nowadays where men and women behave like animals, I become very upset. You really must inform them. In the past, there was a movie called ‘Mistress Xiang Lin’ that was about a woman who married three times who in the end, suffered a great tragedy and died. That’s all true; sexual misconduct is like playing with fire. Sexual misconduct is the worst of all unwholesome deeds. When you’re being chased inside your dream, don’t you feel scared? When you’re being tortured inside your dream, does it hurt? After you die, your consciousness will be in a dream-like state, and if you are transferred to hell, it will be very painful. If you’re still not willing to reform your ways after learning Buddhism, you’re really asking for it.

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